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سيرة ذاتية روائية 1935 1956لم يتعلم محمد شكري القراءة والكتابة حتى العشرين من عمره فكانت حداثته انجرافاً في عالم البؤس حيث العنف وحده قوت المبدعين اليوميهروب من أب يكره أولاده فقد قتل ? My little brother never had a chance to sin All he did was live his illness The old man who had helped to bury him had told me Your brother is with the angels Has he become an angel perhaps? And I what shall I become? A devil most likely They say the little ones are angels and the big ones are devils and it's too late for me to be an angelPaul Bowles didn't translate Mohamed Choukri's book in the literal sense Bowles doesn't know the classical Arabic that For Bread Alone was written in Choukri and Bowles communicated through collouial Maghrebi Spanish and French to get at the meaning and create something out of all of those different words in different tongues Or the same tongues like if you stick it in your cheek or bite down on it or lizard threaten those assholes who fucked you over According to the introduction by Bowles his translation was exact if not literal I think it's getting at the meaning like getting up after a fatal wound and not noticing that you're bleeding until someone says Hey you're bleeding Look down Motherfucker So I am The bleeding one stalks off to rub their head in some chick's bosom sympathy is nice No it's not What do they want from me? He could gasp from the smothering or kick a lot of dirt and hope it gets in the offender's eyes some can't breathe from the bit that gets in your own mouthChoukri's father murder his ill brother They could hear the snapping off his neck from his bedroom that he could not have ever left The mother's favorite son The echo says it should have been you Poverty from the wrong side of the people line Their family are Riffians in Morocco Not one of us They stare and they murmur and you're first in line if someone needs to point fingers someone always needs to point fingers it seems That wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the home life His dad is a psychopath The kind of psychopath that demands devotion just because he's your father He doesn't work he doesn't help at home he doesn't do anything I felt a lot this voice inside of Choukri echoing back when he has to stand in front of this life that would tie you to it as if you were its dog If you ever see some poor dog tied to some fence in its own yard and the owner didn't even have the decency to give it some room to move around in? And it's Florida and the dog is a husky? And you can see it in the dog's eyes that it would bite anyone that came near it? For Bread Alone is eating itself hunger take what you can steal and tell yourself you stole what they'll give you and try not to think too much about what they want in return and momentary distraction from that is every dayChoukri was illiterate until he was twenty Paul Bowles wrote in his introduction that Choukri bought with his holes of society misery the ability to remember everything as it had happened I got into a bit of an argument with my sister about this when I told her about the theory I stupidly used Truman Capote as an example because she doesn't know who Choukri is My sister considers her own memory to be like the famous total conversational recall that Capote has Uh oh I think she thought I was talking about her I say no fucking way about her total recall anyway because why would she repeat so many things to me? In her opinion I have lower than the lowest rat's memory she's said as much many times She started foaming about photographic memory I don't think that's true either Anyway I agree somewhat with Bowles that Choukri might remember everything because he was illiterate He didn't separate things like rites of passage My own idea to take it a bit further is that he didn't sort into what was important and disregard the rest because he wasn't writing anything down I used Capote as someone who doesn't have a preconceived idea of what is the normal thing to see in a scene and disregard what isn't expected Then again that may not be true because For Bread Alone is still a memoir for all that I feel that anger of how things should be the how dare you spit on me than the closing lines which begin this review about angels or devils The brother is too reaching to write into the mighty sword when there were so many other cuts I don't believe that the injustice he felt had anything to do with deserved in regards to himself no matter what he feared the mother said in her heart Angels or devils bah humbug He had no ualms about stealing because he felt owed right? He noticed the prostitutes and criminals he knew and their mutual hey look I may be bleeding after all It shouldn't be this way Wait am I no better than they are? The blowjob money in his hand whispers Did that mean they took from him?The brother was fucking hard So was taking care of his baby sister and then she had to take care of her little brother I lost count of which babies didn't make it There were several He still had to drag his butt home and do for her when he would rather get high in the cafe where he worked morning to past midnight and swallow down that his father stole his paychecks Life sucks injustices rather than a plot or even a death plot moral of the story I say It's only a story in what you tell yourself My feeling is that Choukri told himself all of the time that he was getting fucked over and he resented that as well he shouldChoukri says that he would have rather been a prisoner in Tetuan than free in Oran I don't know if I believe that it wasn't because of the beautiful young boy he attempted to force himself on that reminds me of a Paul Bowles story actually Choukri denies homosexuality a lot It is something to be avoided time and time again in the book After he has prostituted himself no less I thought about Klaus Kinski's autobiography Kinski Uncut a lot when reading For Bread Alone The bravado was kindred spirit Not just because they spend a whole lot of the books in pursuit of women if you believe them they get ass than any toilet seat in their respective countries and feeling ostracized I'm three starring this despite it being a good book because it is exhausting to go along with something I see through for so long I got the gist after the first dozen women honest The bravado may have been for Paul Bowles's sake I have no way of knowing what the original work is like I had a feeling of trying to impress someone with all of the sex and the bad ass stealing Kinski's book had that too I think I liked better when the frustration about how things had to be poked through than look naked girls Were there really that many willing young women in Morocco back then? Or now? Some chick my sister knows went to Morocco with her then boyfriend She wasn't allowed to meet his family or leave the tourist side because of the provocative way she dresses I guess it could have been a coping method same as anything else It's just tiring for me to read about so long because I'm a sensitive bastard It's lonely being a sensitive bastard when other people are so good at standing on the table tops and ignoring their bruisesChoukri wrote another book about his experiences hanging out with Jean Genet while he was in Tangier there's another about Tennessee Williams That's my pain and poetry speed Never tear your eyes away and you could see every last drop as they rise to the surface I've been pining a bit for Genet these days because so many of the other authors I've been reading are stoically restrained I start to feel like such an unbearable freak when I see how others are able to move about between all of these other bleeding bodies as if they all belong there together He seemed too good at being able to use other people Genet held up dreams to eat like I do and Choukri would consume beauty without tasting it I don't really think Choukri feels that way though But his book comes off that way 'cause of the acting I don't know I kind of feel like Bowles and Choukri did a good thing here and then hid Was the hiding the truth of it or is it just some memoir thing? I wonder if his other books are like this He learned to read and became a poet for some reason right?Why am I so harsh on memoirs? It can't be possible to get it all rightPs Yo mama jokes will get the ever loving shit beat out of you in Morocco Don't do it unless you're really bad ass I double dare yaPss I am not in love with Morocco Paul Bowles is lying if he says that I hear their grounds whispering I hear it shouldn't be that way under breath See the pained expression beneath the funeral shroud It's a prison to run away and mutter about how fucked over you were like when little me hid in hay stacks in Alabama Not in love I'm sure it's lovely but I'm not singing in the chorus of who fits in The lay of the land is a road made from kicking the dirt too many times Pss3 I wonder what all of those reviews written in Arabic say Think they said same as me? There's a lot of two stars

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الخبز الحافيا العرض لسيرته الذاتية نص مؤثر وعمل يحتل موقعاً متميزاً في الأدب العربي المعاصر وليس صدفة أنه نشر بعدة لغات أوروبية كثيرة مثل الإنكليزية أو الإسبانية قبل نشره بلغته الأصلية العربي? i finished this book in one setting you cant really stop reading from shocking event to another the among of honesty in this book is scary Mohamad speaks about things we cant even speak about them to ourselves

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READER Û DOC الخبز الحافي ð ❰Download❯ ➸ الخبز الحافي Author محمد شكري – سيرة ذاتية روائية 1935 1956لم يتعلم محمد شكري القراءة والكتابة حتى العشرين من عمره فكانت حداثته انجرافاً في عالم ?حد أبنائه في لحظة غضب شرود في أزقة مظلمة وخطرة بحثاً عن الطعام القليل أو عن زاوية لينام فيها واكتشاف لدنيا السارقين والمدمنين على السكر تلك هي عناوين حقبة تفتقر إلى الخبز والحنانهذ Since 2008 I have a complicated relationship with Morocco I lived there married and divorced and had a child with someone from there It's a country I know well initially as a tourist but also on a deeper level than an expat as I lived with Moroccans and got to know a lot of the 'real' Morocco I love Morocco just as I love my own country Scotland Both are beautiful both have amazing ualities but neither are perfectThis book is accurate I know some of these characters Obviously not the real ones this happened 60 years ago but men and women just like them The poverty that is depicted in this novel still exists today The misogyny that exists in this novel still exists today The seediness that exists in this novel still exists today The greed that exists in this novel still exists todayI remember a discussion I had with my ex about how Morocco was depicted in a particularly controversial film that came out a few years back He uestioned the filmmaker's choice in making the film saying that it made the country look cheap and disgusting to other countries He didn't deny the truth of the film he saw its accuracy but he had issue with it being shown I imagine he and others would feel the same way about this book It does not display the Morocco of the tourist ads with carpets and souks and medinas It's depiction is harsh visceral and very much real And for me that's the making of this book I loved Choukri's honest very honest portrayal of his younger years and the reality of life in his country It saddens me that not much has changed since then