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'GAPÔIsang security guard na kano sa base militar ang nakapatay ng Pilipino Tumangging isuko ng militar Amerikano sa korte ng Pilipinas ang bata nilang kriminal Lahat daw ng imbestigasyon sa loob ng base Amerikano ay kailangan munang basbasan ng mga taga American Department of DefenseIkinulong ng mga kano ang isang minerong Pinoy sa salang pagpasok nang walang pahintulot sa lupa nila Dapat lang 'Gapo is the shortened version of Olongapo It is one of the cities in Luzon the biggest island in the Philippines It was where the former US Naval Base Subic Bay then the largest overseas military installation of the United States Armed Forces was used to be located in It was closed in 1992 when Mt Pinatubo erupted The naval base existed for 92 years Aside from that naval base there were other US military bases throughout the country eg the Clark Air Base in Angeles City in Pampanga and Camp John Hay in Baguio City There were others but these were the three that I was able to visit during those times America claimed that those bases were American territories and so Filipinos could not go inside any of those without a valid military passI had some memories of how it was that seeing Americans particularly American GIs was a common everyday fare The visiting young men with their raging hormones during their RR’s devoured our women especially the prostitutes Driven by their American dream these prostitutes stopped using contraceptives hoping that a child will be their passport to the US This is the reason why there are still some Caucasian looking men and women in that part of Luzon Because they or their children or grandchildren look differently they end up in showbusiness When you bump into them ask if they know how to speak kapangpangngan Chances are they have American blood in their veins But of course not all of them will say that somewhere in their family history there was a Filipina prostitute who stopped using contraceptive due to her American dream Needless to say too that not all Americans who stepped on the Philippine soil were bullshits Of course not But if you dig the archives regarding the stay of the Americans in the country most of the stories were really sad That includes this book This book reminded me of those stories that I used to hear when I was growing up how America was taking advantage of our natural resources and treating us like dirt There was even this movie of Nora Aunor called Minsa’y Isang Gamu Gamo that I saw with my siblings My eldest brother who was vacationing in Baguio City treated us to this Lupita Kashiwahara’s masterpiece We saw it in a small movie house called Maricel Theatre along Abanao Street I liked the movie not because I saw it for free and all of us four were together but because it was unforgettable To date Gamu Gamo is my favorite Ate Guy movie It is a story of a Filipina nurse who is supposed to leave for the US to work On the day prior to her departure his younger brother is shot by an American GI because the poor brother has been mistaken for a wild boar Ate Guy said in her one of the memorable dramatic screen monologues ”My brother is not a pig”However I did not experience any maltreatment during visits to any of those bases Those were happy times I still remember shopping in their commissary that’s how their grocery was called My grandmother’s third husband was a Filipino who fought alongside with Americans during WWII and so she had a military pass and she could go inside those bases and buy what we called PX American goods corned beef potato chips Pringles chocolate cookies Chips Ahoy coffee Taster’s Choice California apples etc Those were prized goods during that time because import liberalization was still unheard of Many Filipinos got rich by shopping inside the bases and selling those outside and jacking up the prices twice to five times Now those stores are all closed but some of them can still be seen along the roads The then prized commodities can be bought in of any regular supermarkets all throughout the countryI am still to read Lualhati Bautista’s three other works but I think this book 'Gapo will be my favorite of hers I liked Dekada ‘70 3 stars but I got extremely disappointed with her Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa? 1 star Well I thin

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‘GAPÔ at isang puting Pilipino sa mundo ng mga Amerikanong kulay brownDaw sabi ng Attorney General Herbert Brownell dahil lupang kano daw ang bawa't piye ng lupang Pilipinas na nasa disposisyon ng mga kanoIsang batang pinoy ang binaril ng isang kano sa Clark Isang mangingisdang pinoy ang pinatay ng isang kano sa Subic Isang pinoy ang napagkamalang baboy damo at walang awang binaril ng mangangasong kanoAlam mo ang ginagawa ng mga kano? Lilitisin nila nang mabilisan One of the few books of a contemporary Filipino author that I've liked Gapo by Lualhati Bautista really is an eye opener a definitely must read by the Filipino readers Set during the 1970s a time when American bases ruled the Philippines Gapo shows the irony of the Everlasting Friendship of Two Nations

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PDF ↠ BOOK ‘GAPÔ at isang puting Pilipino sa mundo ng mga Amerikanong kulay brown FREE ¶ ❮PDF❯ ⚣ ‘GAPÔ at isang puting Pilipino sa mundo ng mga Amerikanong kulay brown ✈ Author Lualhati Bautista – Gwairsoft.co.uk 'GAPÔIsang security guard na kano sa baAng bata nila ipawawalang sala saka pauuwiin sa Amerika Minsan nga hindi na nililitis; pauuwiin na lang agad sa katwirang tapos na ang kontrata nito sa Pilipinas Maghabol man tayo wala na ni bakas ng sapatos ng hinahabol natinSabi ng iba wala raw tayong magagawa Base iyon Sa kano 'yonPero gago hindi sa kano 'yon Atin 'yon Lupa natin 'yonSaka di totoong wala tayong magagawa Magagawa nating lumaban a mirror of colonialism