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The Girl of Ink and StarsForbidden to of Ink PDFEPUB #236 leave her island Isabella Riosse dreams of the faraway lands her father once The Girl ePUB #199 mappedWhen her closest friend disappears into the island’s Forgotten Territories she volunteers to guide th. Thirteen year old Isabella Riosse daughter of a cartographer lives on the island of Joya The songbirds of Joya were supplanted by ravens when the Governor arrived Under his strict rule residents of the coastal town of Gromera are forbidden to travel beyond the forest flanking the village When a string of unsettling events make it necessary to journey beyond the forest in search of answers Isabella joins a team of explorers on an adventure that will test her map making skills and her courage With a young islander as its protagonist a story steeped in legend and a wacky chicken gracing the narrative it’s impossible not to draw a comparison between The Girl of Ink Stars and Disney’s popular 2016 film Moana Unlike Moana who bravely traverses the open waters Isabella Riosse’s adventure keeps her land bound Rather than take to the waters she explores black forests hidden caves and forgotten cities Her adventure is conveyed through straightforward simple writing that’s suitable for the age group of its intended audience More mature readers will delight in the lyrical descriptions of maps and captivating stories of myth and legend On the opposite wall hung the sketchy coast of Amrica and its dragging ocean currents labelled with strange wondrous names The paper was dyed a beautiful deep blue and the currents were picked out in thread against it Da had used a needle thin as a hair for these – gold for Cerulean black for the Triangle white for the Frozen Circle Arinta was a very brave girl She lived at the centre of Joya a thousand years ago when it was free to roam the earth and sailed the ocean like a living ship There was no forested border no Forgotten Territories and songbirds sang in every tree Isabella believes the legends of Joya are factual Her interest in confirming the truth of Joya’s history – namely that the girl warrior Arinta really did save the island from a destructive demon – is strengthened by her father’s profession as the island’s only mapmaker She absorbs his artful profession with the same fervor as dried parchment soaks up ink learning as much as she can about map making and reading the stars Becoming a mapmaker shapes and enriches her character and a beautiful comparison is accordingly drawn between mapping topography on paper and our lives being mapped on our physical bodies We are all of us products of our surroundings Each of us carries the map of our lives on our skin in the way we walk even in the way we grow Isabella’s uality of character is further enhanced by her friendship with the Governor’s daughter Lupe Though both girls are uite different in personality Isabella strives to see the good in her friend and unlike everyone else in Gromera refrains from holding her strident father’s actions against her Their first real disagreement occurs on the cusp of peculiar events disrupting the lives of everyone on Joya and Lupe goes missing before they can make amends Though she’s always longed to chart the Forgotten Territories Isabella’s primary motivation for joining the team of island explorers is to save her best friend Journeying alongside Isabella is her longtime friend Pablo a stable boy with narrow minded beliefs about what young women can accomplish His character acts as the megaphone for the book’s theme of exploring gender roles To join the expedition Isabella must disguise herself as a boy When Pablo discerns her true identity he uestions her ability to join the team ‘I should tell them’ He nodded towards the door I put on my fiercest face ‘You won’t’‘I could’‘You’d go in your ma’s place wouldn’t you’‘It’s not the same thing –’‘It is the same thing same as you taking her place in the fields’He paused a moment ‘Yes But I’m a man’ ‘You’re a boy And so what Girls can go on adventures too’‘Have you ever heard of a girl going on an adventure’ Despite societal expectations for her gender Isabella bravely forges ahead When evidence surfaces that suggests something sinister is poised to devastate the island Isabella could run for safety Instead she defies presumptions about her gender and delves into the darkest parts of the island moving toward danger rather than away from it At this terrifying turn in her adventure Isabella’s knowledge of maps and the stars is important than ever The night was hauntingly clear The stars revealed their places in constellations and the moon’s pull felt physical on my short hair Something was happening to the very air we walked through It was tense alive and threatening the island in the grip of forces shifting imperceptibly beneath my feet As Isabella dives deeper into her adventure violence and gruesome incidences give her story a darker edge though the writing lacks the sophistication for these moments to have significant impact The same could be said for Isabella’s decision to dress not just as a boy but as view spoiler her deceased twin brother hide spoiler

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E search Girl of Ink PDFEPUB #230 As a cartographer’s daughter she’s euipped with elaborate ink maps and knowledge of the stars and is eager to navigate the island’s forgotten heartBut the world beyond the walls is a monster filled. There aren't many things better than reading a book that is just as gorgeous as its cover and thankfully The Girl of Ink and Stars was just that It reminded me of Nim's Island meets Journey to the Centre of the Earth meets Disney and yes this would make a fantastic movie Someone make this happen please and thank you It was action packed from start to finish with twists and turns throughout I throughly enjoyed the relationships both family and friendship and the mythological element was a pleasant surprise I'd definitely recommend this for both children and adults looking for a uick but lovely fantasyadventure middle grade read

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SUMMARY ë The Girl of Ink and Stars ´ [Reading] ➽ The Girl of Ink and Stars ➳ Kiran Millwood Hargrave – Forbidden to leave her island Isabella Riosse dreams of the faraway lands her father once mappedWhen her closest friend disappears into the island’s Forgotten Territories she volunteers to guide the ForbidWasteland – and beneath the dry rivers and smoking mountains a legendary fire demon is stirring from its sleep Soon following her map her heart and an ancient myth Isabella discovers the true end of her journey to save the island itself. A strange ungraspable kind of book It definitely held my interest throughout though a few times I was a little confused Who was Yote What was all that fire demon stuff all about And where did the giant wolves come from However in spite of the bafflement I enjoyed it I particularly liked the cartographer vibe would have liked to see the author make of that I'll keep an eye out for other books by her she's an interesting author