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James – Gwairsoft.co.uk A brilliant barrister's defense of a charming sociopath goes horribly wrong when the sociopath engages himself to her daughter and the barrister herself is found dead in her chambers Ges himself to her daughter and the barrister herself is found dead in her chambers a tight little EXCERPT Murderers do not usually give their victims notice This is one death which however terrible that last second of appalled realization comes mercifully unburdened with anticipatory terror When on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th September Venetia Aldridge stood up to cross examine the prosecutions chief witness in the case of Regina vs Ashe she had four weeks four hours and fifty minutes left of life After her death the many who had admired her and the few who had liked her searching for a personal response than the stock adjectives of shock and outrage found themselves muttering that it would have pleased Venetia that her last case of murder had been tried at the Bailey scene of her greatest triumphs and in her favorite court But there was truth in the inanity ABOUT THIS BOOK It begins dramatically enough with a trial for murder The distinguished criminal lawyer Venetia Aldridge is defending Garry Ashe on charges of having brutally killed his aunt For Aldridge the trial is mainly a test of her courtroom skills one opportunity to succeed and she does But now murder is in the air The next victim will be Aldridge herself stabbed to death at her desk in her Chambers in the Middle Temple a bloodstained wig on her head Enter Commander Adam Dalgliesh and his team whose struggle to investigate and understand the shocking events cannot halt the spiral into horrors murdersA Certain Justice is PD James at her strongest In her first foray into the strange closed world of the Law Courts and the London legal community she has created a fascinating tale of interwoven passion and terror As each character leaps into unforgettable life as each scene draws us forward into new complexities of plot she proves yet again that no other writer can match her skill in combining the excitement of the classic detective story with the richness of a fine novel In its subtle portrayal of morality and human behavior A Certain Justice will stand alongside Devices and Desires and A Taste for Death as one of PD James's most important accomplished and entertaining worksMY THOUGHTS This is only my second PD James I did not enjoy the first at all and was reluctant to read this But it is faster paced and intriguing than her book I read previously She will not become one of my favourite authors I find her a little predictable and her writing style too formal for my liking Even though I say this is faster paced than my previous read by this author it is still slower than I like 😐😐😐THE AUTHOR P D James byname of Phyllis Dorothy James White Baroness James of Holland Park born August 3 1920 Oxford Oxfordshire England—died November 27 2014 Oxford British mystery novelist best known for her fictional detective Adam Dalgliesh of Scotland YardThe daughter of a middle grade civil servant James grew up in the university town of Cambridge Her formal education however ended at age 16 because of lack of funds and she was thereafter self educated In 1941 she married Ernest CB White a medical student and future physician who returned home from wartime service mentally deranged and spent much of the rest of his life in psychiatric hospitals To support her family which included two children she took work in hospital administration and after her husband’s death in 1964 became a civil servant in the criminal section of the Department of Home Affairs Her first mystery novel Cover Her Face 1962 introduced Dalgliesh and was followed by six mysteries before she retired from government service in 1979 to devote full time to writingDalgliesh James’s master detective who rises from chief inspector in the first novel to chief superintendent and then to commander is a serious introspective person moralistic yet realistic The novels in which he appears are peopled by fully rounded characters who are civilized genteel and motivated The public resonance created by James’s singular characterization and deployment of classic mystery devices led to most of the novels featuring Dalgliesh being filmed for television James who earned the sobriuet “ueen of Crime” penned 14 Dalgliesh novels with the last The Private Patient appearing in 2008James also wrote An Unsuitable Job for a Woman 1972 and The Skull Beneath the Skin 1982 which centre on Cordelia Gray a young private detective The first of these novels was the basis for both a television movie and a short lived series James expanded beyond the mystery genre in The Children of Men 1992; film 2006 which explores a dystopian world in which the human race has become infertile Her final work Death Comes to Pemberley 2011—a seuel to Pride and Prejudice 1813—amplifies the class and relationship tensions between Jane Austen’s characters by situating them in the midst of a murder investigation James’s nonfiction works include The Maul and the Pear Tree 1971 a telling of the Ratcliffe Highway murders of 1811 written with historian TA Critchley and the insightful Talking About Detective Fiction 2009 Her memoir Time to Be in Earnest was published in 2000 She was made OBE in 1983 and was named a life peer in 1991 DISCLOSURE I obtained my copy of A Certain Justice by P D James published by Ballantine Books via Waitomo District Library All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions Please refer to my Goodreadscom profile page or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom for an explanation of my rating system This review and others are also published on my webpage

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World peopled with mincing suspects whom it's Commander Adam Dalgliesh's job to unmask —Tom Leitch PD James certainly knew how to set the stage for her books hooking the reader's interest from the beginning The setting is an integral part of the story; an inanimate character in what are always character driven plotsCommander Adam Dalgliesh of the New Scotland Yard is a central figure but there are many other characters also fully fleshed out from the victim the pool of suspects and Dalgliesh's team of investigatorsI think of James' books as slow burners The plot moves forward slowly but surely the suspense builds but the journey that is the investigation and all the figures in and around it are as important and interesting as the final reveal

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A Certain JusticeA brilliant barrister's defense of a charming sociopath goes horribly wrong when the sociopath enga A thoroughly delightful James one of her best And when I say delightful it means I have already forgotten about the middle aged droopy breasted slut prostitute aunt who insists that her live in nephew not only photograph all her encounters with the mens but make love to her himself Hey it happens In the world of female British crime writers it happens a lot But like I said I've already forgotten this tidbitAs our novel opens attractive divorced successful hard edged unmaternal unsympathetic barrister Venetia Aldridge is defending above nephew on the charge of murdering said aunt She obtains an acuittal and shortly thereafter finds that her 18 year old daughter has become engaged to the sociopathic young man They've just met and it hardly seems coincidental someone is trying to piss Venetia Aldridge off uite a few people's lives would be made easier if Venetia were to pass from this earth and we meet them one by one Soon Venetia meets her maker at the office courtesy of a stiletto sharp letter opener between the ribs Enter the preternaturally lovely Commissioner Adam Dalgliesh a man utterly at home in all situations and his underling Kate Miskin a woman continually pestered by her impoverished urine scented childhood and we are off to the racesAs you will have guessed the title A Certain Justice has a double meaning In one sense certain means established beyond doubt One character will receive certain justice beyond a doubt In another sense a certain means a kind ofsort of A second character will receive a sort of justicenot full justice perhaps just a fraction thereof