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A Alexandra deixa de ser uma figura Alexandra The MOBI #234 histórica remota e transforma se numa personagem de carne e ossoEste livro é afinal um retrato impressionante de Alexandra a imperatriz ue os russos culpam pela ueda dos Romanov a última czarina do Império Russ This is a text that I would certainly call readable but it veers slightly into the realm of historical fiction Why Because there are several fatal errors that this text makes 1 The issue of Martha Mouchanow Her memoirs have been CONTINUOUSLY discredited The fact that Erickson uses them at all is solely to make the novel juicier to modern audiences and those not interested in reading a fact based text 2 Alexei's hemophilia I'm sorry but it was this that nearly made me put the book down The Russian populace did not know that Alexei suffered from hemophilia They didn't find this out until much later The Romanovs tried very hard to cover this over Now this is a fun read it makes Alexandra sympathetic even though there are points in history where Alexandra isn't as sympathetic as the text makes her 2 stars for strong inaccuracies

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Alexandra The Last TsarinaA czarina Alexandra mulher de Nicolau II assombrosamente bonita e melancólica fiel seguidora de Rasputine executada juntamente com toda a sua família no seguimento da Revolução de Outubro de mantém se uma personagem enigmática da história mundialNum tom confidente ri I disliked the writing immensily it reads too much like historical fiction and at times Erickson cites sources that have been for years known as dubious if not completely fake namely Marfa Mouchanow's memoirs And apparently Erickson knew they were unreliable and used them anyways but of course these fabricated memoirs are where the fun and shocking comments come from It can be amusing and it's an easy read but absolutely not a good source for true reliable information on the last Tsarina of Russia I really regret spending money on it

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Download Doc Ê Alexandra The Last Tsarina º Carolly erickson ↠ ➵ [Read] ➯ Alexandra The Last Tsarina By Carolly Erickson ✤ – A czarina Alexandra mulher de Nicolau II assombrosamente bonita e melancólica fiel seguidora de Rasputine executada juntamente com toda a Co em detalhes com base em investigação histórica cuidada e enriuecida por uma brilhante imaginação o relato da vida de Alexandra e da sua sociedade resulta num retrato biográfico tão intenso e difícil de abandonar uanto é também um envolvente romance Com esta obr Very interesting and imformative Through Alexandra's live we know about ueen Victoria Alexandra's life in Germany before her marriage to Prince Nicholas and their life together from the start portaying life in Russia the birth of their children and the tragedy of her son We know so many secrets about the Royal Family and the real causes behind the Soviet Russia which so many people should know about The style is really interesting Good book