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Already Gone Why your kids will uit church and what you can do to stop it characters ½ 100 ↠ [BOOKS] ✭ Already Gone Why your kids will uit church and what you can do to stop it Author Ken Ham – Nationwide polls and denominational reports are showing that the4 neNationwide Why your kids will PDF polls and denominational Why your PDFEPUB #182 reports are showing that the next generation is calling it uits on the traditional church And it's not just happening on the nominal fringe it's happening at the core of the Faith What are the factors that could cause the next generation to be lost from the local church Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis commissioned Britt Beamer from America's Research Group to find out In the first scientific study Gone Why you. It’s been no secret that many teenagers leave the church completely shortly after entering into college However the shocking news is these teenagers have already left the faith long before they may have left the church Its not colleges that our encouraging our teens to leave the church it may be the church itself Thus the premise of Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt BeemerAlready Gone seeks to analyze the results of a survey conducted by Answers in Genesis and conducted by Britt Beemer his America’s Research Group The survey uestioned 1000 former regular conservative church goers between the ages of 20 29 More than just complaining about the fact that we are losing many of our young people this survey sought to find out why It is certainly an interesting concept every pastor youth worker and teacher ought to find intriguing Here’s just one of the interesting and alarming statistics95% of those surveyed who have left the church were regularly attending while in elementary school Only 55% of them were still regularly attending while in high school Obviously there is a big drop off there People are not waiting for college to drop out of church In fact of those surveyed who now doubt the reliability and relevance of God’s Word first began doubting in Middle School Only 10% of those surveyed experienced their first doubts in college So why are these young people leaving The top answers that were given where Boring services legalism and hypocrisy in the church Just reading the results of this survey justifies the money you just spent on the book Its than just interesting it is informative and a slap in the face of evangelical Christianity It is a wake up call to re examine just how we “do church” Ham urges pastors youth workers and teachers to evaluate their ministries and methods in light of God’s Word rather than just being “traditional”“Are we doing church ‘by the book’ Just because we want to be ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ doesn’t mean we are ‘biblical’ Its safe to conclude that if one of the original Apostles visited one of our churches today he wouldn’t have any sort of clue that he was in a Christian gathering ‘Church’ today is mostly driven by man made traditions and not by the biblical mandates to defend the Word of God and live by the Word of God”As great as this book is it is not perfect While Ham and Beemer do a great job at exposing the problem and highlighting some of the causes I think their own ministry clouds them from thinking about the bigger issue As you would expect Ham comes to the conclusion that people begin doubting the Word and leaving the church because we are not teaching them how to defend 6 day young earth creationism For the record I hold to 6 day young earth creationism It is an important doctrine that churches do need to preach and euip their congregations to defend I believe this doctrine is a key fact in unraveling God’s redemptive history as unfolding through the entirety of the Bible In other words the Gospel is at stake But Ham stops at creation The gospel is rarely mentioned in the pages of Already Gone That’s a problem for meI think many middle and high school students doubt the Bible and church in general because they are given self esteem pep talks instead of Bible doctrine They are told to check their brains at the door and focus on their emotional needs They are not being feed The feel good religion of many youth groups and churches just doesn’t hold up in a fallen world filled with pain sorrow and death They need real doctrine – they need the gospel They need than a four point walk down the Romans Road They need a full fledged gospel that imparts live saving truths to be applied to their entire spiritual walk They need to be pointed toward a holy glorious sovereign God who rules and reigns in the midst of sin Instead they are told Bible stories that are comparable to Aesop’s fables at least in their presentation The gospel must be defended not just creation I whole heartedly agree with Dr Ham in that Genesis lays the foundation for a right understanding of the gospel In Genesis 1 3 you have the establishment of sovereignty sin and redemption It’s all their A Biblical understanding of Genesis is crucial in understanding the rest of what God has to say – its non negotiable Teens must also learn how to defend this literal approach from scoffers both secular and Christian However as I stated previously Ham needs to take that next step He doesn’t here in this bookYet the book is still a valuable resource It is a tool in your hand to help your ministry address this problem As a teacher I tuck this information away everyday as I teach young people We are losing them before they ever walk out of high school That should cause every one of us to seriously examine our approach to youth ministry Buy this book and use itDisclaimer This book was provided by the publisher for review I was under no obligation to offer a favorable review

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R kids will ePUB #199 of its kind Beamer surveyed a thousandyear olds who used to Already Gone PDFEPUBgo to Evangelical churches on a regular basis but have since left it behind The results are not just surprising they are shocking Those who faithfully attended Sunday school are likely to leave the church than those who do not Those who regularly attended Sunday school are likely to believe that the Bible is less true Over half of those who faithfully attended church feel that the church i. Well no wonder kids are leaving the church I'm happy their statistics prove the exodus from this garbage This book spews all the bigotry and hate based Christianity that drove me away alsoI keep searching for statistics and information that will help me support my youth in the love of God for everyone without the politics and backward thinking that pollutes so many who call themselves Christian yet condemn others with a hatred Jesus spent his life rejecting

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Already Gone Why your kids will uit church and what you can do to stop itS not relevant to real life today Statistic by statistic Ham and Beamer blow the lid off basic assumptions and implications Gone Why your PDFEPUB #236 regarding faith the age of the earth the inerrancy of the Bible and the great disconnect that is taking place between our children and their church experience The trends are frightening but Already Gone shows how to fight back in our families our churches and our world We can make a difference today that will affect the statistics of tomorro. Ken Ham makes the argument that young people aren’t just leaving church when they hit college—even as they attend Sunday School or youth group in their younger years they are “already gone” due to the church’s failure to address essential issues One interesting point made by Ham is that the church has relegated things in the “physical realm” ie science to the educational system and things in the “spiritual realm” to the church Ham argues that this dichotomy should not exist—the church should be addressing both spiritual and physical uestions As it is kids’ faith in the authority of Scripture is being challenged because of the church’s refusal to deal with issues in the physical realm I think this is some good food for thought What I didn’t like is that it seemed that Ham sometimes crossed the line from “call to action” to “drum up panic through slippery slope arguments” For example he begins and ends the book with a series of images depicting empty church buildings that have been converted to other uses such as restaurants theaters city halls etc The implication is that a mass exodus of people from the church has caused this and and churches will be abandoned to such uses if we don’t turn things around Such arguments felt like of an appeal to emotion than realityI am also not sure if I agree with Ham’s conclusion Even though I think the church could be stronger on apologetics reason will never be enough; there is a necessary element of faith and the working of the Holy Spirit and I felt like Ham never really acknowledged thatDefinitely a thought provoking read I’m glad it got the mental juices flowing but didn't care much for the tone of the book