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Read ✓ Any Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Companion #6 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Þ [Ebook] ➣ Any Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Companion #6 Author Mercy Celeste – Love and death and Levi BrodyBowen Murphy loves two things football and Dylan Fame changed Bo and Dylan Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage MOBI #234 They grew up They became different men Their love stayed strongWhen tragedy takes the man he loves Bowen Murphy is forced to carry on alone or risk losing football Without football Bo has nothingFate sends Bo a shoulder to lean on or maybe l. Mercy seriously The cardinal rule of romance novels is the couple gets a HEA Six Ways From Sunday the first book in the series had that ending You then subseuently angered readers who loved the book with an unfathomable and against character plot twist to connect the lovers Bo and Dylan to Levi in book two You should have listened to your inner Ghost voice when it said Mollyyou in danger girl when you opted for that story lineSubseuent volumes in the series after Sidelined including Any Given Sunday just have the appearance of a writer struggling to justify and attone to readers for butchering the heart out of the emotionally charged Six Ways From Sunday My personal opinion is as a writer you have shown complete disrespect to your audience with the overly cliched plotting of Bo and Dylan's relationship in an already cliched genre to somehow amend for the poorly received direction you took these charactersI'm giving you two stars for Any Given Sunday instead of one because I admire your persistence at flogging a dead horse I've stuck it out with this series now simply for the eye roll factor although I've reached the point I'm afraid they may stay in a permanent roll I look forward to the next volume because after love triangle affairs and blackmail we're pretty well down to alien abduction to wrap this up

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Love and death and Sunday A PDFEPUB #232 Levi BrodyBowen Murphy loves two things football and Dylan SundayDylan left football and Any Given PDFEPUBBo behind to walk a different pathLife goes on and six years is a long time to be Given Sunday A PDF #8608 without the one you love The stress of war and the lure of. This book was totally Amaze balls I adore this series and every book Mercy writes She writes from the gut with words and characters that I connect with on a visceral level I sink into these stories and become completely absorbed in getting to the end of the book I cried reading this for every moment that Bo Dylan and Levi suffered and struggled through It was filled with complex emotions as two men in love were forced to live and navigate separate lives They were so young when they finally opened up about their feelings and never had a chance for an actual relationship They both got torn apart emotionally when the need for human touch and affection clashed with the love they sustained for each other Every reader that got all freaked out and pissy over Levi and Bo in Sidelined needs to read this When you read Sidelined you have to read between the lines and try to understand what Bo and Dylan went through in those seven years I could sense it uite easily then but I loved getting all these details and backstory It's also sexy as hell The sex is earthy and sensual and a little raunchy at times Once Mercy writes the final book in the series I'll go back and reread them all with this book and Bootleg Diva Confessions of a uarterback Princess by Levi Brody in between them It will be a surfeit of riches for those of us who have fallen in love with these characters If you haven't read them you're missing out

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Any Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Companion #6OveBut Fate has a wicked sense of humor And Bo is left to choose between the love of his life and the one who saved his lifeThe story began in Six Ways from Sunday and continued in Sidelined This is the story that fills in the gapsReaders sensitive to the perceived cheating in the original two books should avoi. Still processing It seems Bo and Dylan don't love each other as much as I tought It seems Bo loves someone else than he loves Dylan and finding that he was alive was disappointing choosing Dylan was of an obligation than love I'm sad now I hope Levi still loves Tracy as much as he seems to love