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SUMMARY ¶ Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft ï [Epub] ➛ Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft ➜ Jody Gehrman – Falling in love baking a magical cake fighting an evil necromancer—it’s all in a day’s work for Audrey Oliver seventeen year old witch in training When her mother goes missing and her mysterious Falling in Mother goes missing and her mysterious cousin shows up out of the blue Audrey knows something’s gone horribly dangerously wrong Now it’s up to her to get he. Things are changing for Audrey and not in a good way She goes to school one day with the nagging feeling that her mother is in danger When she goes home she is greeted with her supposed cousin Sadie She tells Audrey that her mother is gone to deal with a family emergency Audrey is skeptical though because she has never met any of her mothers side so can't see how her mother would up and leave without telling them She has no choice but to accept it till she can talk to her mother and find out whats happening Add in strange occurrences at school things happening by themselves a hot boy and diary entrances and you have a recipe for a winner First things first I loved the recipe entries Be them cooking ones or spell ones I thought it was a uniue and fun way of doing it plus you may learn a new recipe from it Character wise every single one of them was well thought out and developed Audrey is a smart no nonsense girl who loves cooking and chemistry She was witty brave and strong Meg is Audreys' sister and I loved their relationship To Audrey Meg has everything she is a musician and gets all the guys but that doesn't stop Audrey from looking out for her and trying to protect her We have Sadie who is the cousin She was like a cool aunt to the girls which I loved She was only a few years older than them so could easily relate to them Then we have the awesomeness that is Julian There are sparks between him and Audrey but he affects her in ways she cant explain He was such a sweetheart too though So loyal caring and nice The plot moves along nicely and I loved finding out about Audreys' powers alongside her Audreys' heritage was fascinating and intriguing The bad guy was well developed as well and at a certain part I thought he was truly evil but then something developed that made me think that he isn't as he seemsIn all this was a witty uick and thrilling read I pretty much loved everything about it and can't wait to read from this author It's definitely one that everyone should check out Natalie Duke was perfect for this book She had pep when needed and really brought the sass out in the characters She brought Audrey to life and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the storyI received a copy of this for review All thoughts and opinions are my own

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R own magical powers up to speed before everyone she loves is destroyed by the sorcerer intricately connected to her Audrey's Guide PDF or mother’s secret pas. Coming on the heels of Babe in Boyland I have to say I was sadly disappointed There were a number of reasons but I think the biggest reason was voice Natalie from Boyland had such a strong distinctive engaging voice her personality was completely there Audrey Audrey is often closer to a stock character There were moments when her humor and personality would come through strongly and I would feel what the book could be but most of the time I felt like you could easily swap her with another character from any uickly churned out paranormal fantasy and not notice too much of a difference She was never completely cardboard not a lost cause by any means but compared to the vibrant Natalie and knowing what Gehrman is capable of I was always waiting for that injection of personality and it made me a little sad and made the book harder to get into when it didn't comeBasically the book felt a little unfinished to me It felthmm it felt like I was reading an earlier version before things were tightened up and streamlined  It's never a good thing when I feel myself wanting to redline things but I did have that urge The dialogue needed tightening the magic needed of a foundation and the whole book needed another pass another round of tweaking and perfecting  The magic especially just felt too easy too Bewitched wink and nod and POOF magic y'all That never works for me especially when it's combined with the suddenly I'm magic trope I reuire balance in all things if there are great advantages there need to be great drawbacks And if there are not if this is just the way your magic works I need to know of the Why I need to believe it because if I don't buy that how can I buy anything that happens as a resultI felt the plot needed some tightening too Sometimes it seemed to move too uickly and drop the connections that were needed to build tension and sometimes it seemed to be stuck in limbo leaving me wanting to just push through already It's tricky to review actually because there were plenty of times when it flowed along and did what it was supposed to do pulling me along with it But there were enough patches that left me frustrated and wanting to fix that they marred my overall impressionAnd though I don't want to go into spoiler territory I do want to address the pitfalls of having a suddenly very powerful main character and a sort of nebulous Big Bad Audrey accepts everything way too easily especially for as smart of a character as she is If someone shows up at your house with a boa constrictor wrapped around her neck and says your mom has been kidnapped because she's magick and then all manner of weird things begin happening and hey wouldn't you know it you're magick too and a maybe rare powerful uber magick then please start to uestion everything Because if you the character do not your reader will and they will be put off by the fact that you didn't  You don't just accept things like that even in the face of flying shit and proofproofproof because that's a HUGE paradigm shift and you are reuired by law or something to uestion whether someone is playing a really elaborate prank on you or you've lost your damn mind  You just have to at least for form's sake before giving in and saying okay guess I'm magick  And same with the Big Bad I need to buy it buy who he is and why he's so Eeeevilll or he'll end up coming off cheesy This particular Big Bad just walked that line I didn't fully buy who he was or why he does some of the things he does though I'm sure that will be explained in future books But he did give me the creeps so that gets him villain pointsBut all this is not to say it's not a worthwhile read and maybe I should have opened with that before un


Audrey's Guide to WitchcraftFalling in love baking a magical cake fighting an evil necromancer it’s all in a day’s work for Audrey Oliver seventeen year old witch in training When her. You can win a copy of this book on my blog 35 Stars From the surface Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft seems to be like any other run of the mill paranormal romance We have the girl in the beautiful dress on the cover a synopsis that hints at a female protagonist realizing she has paranormal powers our classic Missing Parent Syndrome and of course a romantic interest Yet when you really begin to read and probe deeper you find that Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft is so much than just a paranormal mystery about a girl who realizes she’s a witch and tries to hone her powers to help her mother fight unspeakable evil It’s about sibling relationships friendships finding yourself and about maintaining a normal life in a world where your control seems to be slipping with every moment Thus I found myself to be pleasantly surprised enchanted and enthralled by the world Gehrman had created and I will most definitely be coming back for For those of you who know me you’ll know that I put emphasis on well developed characters opposed to scintillating plot lines so I was both excited and pleased by how deep and thoughtful the characters in this novel were Audrey our protagonist is a girl like any other who feels insecure in high school In fact Audrey is often jealous of her beautiful younger sister and feels overshadowed in her lively presence While I don’t have a sister myself I was able to understand Audrey’s mixed feelings toward her sibling and I thought their relationship was portrayed very realistically and with a lot of thought It reminded me a lot of the sister relationship in “27 Dresses” and while it wasn’t resolved by the end of the novel that only made me love it for its realistic uality In addition to this wonderful relationship though Audrey herself is such a spunky character She isn’t easy to like at first as she is often withdrawn cold to her mother’s supposed “cousin” who comes to take care of Audrey and her sister while her mother is missing and she is generally morose Yet she stands up for her best friend isn’t afraid to be who she is and speak her mind and her difference from others sets her apart Further she is determined and perseverant so when she learns she is a powerful witch she takes it in her stride and makes the best of her situation which I love about her Nevertheless the one aspect of this novel that truly blew me away was the romance It takes a lot for me to jump on the romance bandwagon in a novel but I simply adored the way the love story in this book played out For one there is no triangle of love does happy dance If that isn’t enough to make you pick up this book the romance is also very normal and realistic Julian the older college guy who winds up becoming the manager for Audrey’s sister’s band Cherry meets Audrey at a party and they instantly click Thus their relationship blossoms through actual dates and conversation which is so refreshing and entertaining to read Yes their romance did have uite a few clichés that had me rolling my eyes such as the way a storm occurred when they first touched or how objects fly around when they kiss or how Julian dreams of Audrey and feels a pull towards her but all those paranormal wonders aside I really loved these twoFinally the last ingredient to making me love a novel has to be plot twists and while there weren’t too many of them in this novel there were one or two which I totally didn’t see coming I love when I don’t predict the outcome of a novel as that is something that seems to happen too often these days so I was pleasantly surprised by the twists in this story Alll of that being said there are still a few flaws with this book For one I fo