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Download ´ Avenger Halflings #3 108 ½ [Read] ➱ Avenger Halflings #3 ➹ Heather Burch – Sometimes the Truth Comes with a PriceNikki knew Damon Vessler would not let his prized creation go easily she simply never imagined the lengths he'd go to get her back into his clutches and turn Nikk Sometimes the Truth ComSometimes the Truth Comes with a PriceNikki knew Damon Vessler would not let his prized creation go easily she simply never imagined the lengths he'd go to get her back into his clutches and turn Nikki's heart toward darknessA Seeker at her heels trained on her blood Nikki flees with. This book really made upset In the beginning when she was running with Raven I was super excited This series was getting better We all thought she was going to end up with Raven so I was super excited because I like Raven SOOOO much better than Mace Then it didn't happen The whole seeker thing was over WAY to uickly NO ONE was able to defeat I what did it take her a 2 minute showdown No Way I got excited again when she ran to get herself captured REAL ACTIONShe got put in a cage brought out to be beat Then she died Willingly NO Then they were rescuing her Raven had his own plan I was excited again then he handed the rescuing Nikki part to Mace He just GAVE UP WHATAnd sure enough Mace rescued her eventually brought her back to life This book sucked ass thisNOT Recommended Then it was back to her Mace The book ends with Raven bleeding from a bullet wound crying over Nikki holding a picture of a human he has never met but my journey has just begun What The HellThat is NO WAY to end the book She was supposed to choose Raven So all this boy trouble with Mace With Mace Kisses Raven with Mace Kisses Raven with Mace With Mace NO

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Xactly how she fits into Vessler's twisted plans Nikki sets off on her own and soon discovers facing hellacious beasts is nothing compared to the decision she will need to make One that could change not only the war and her relationship with Mace and Raven but her future with the Thro. NO NO NO NO My god this book broke my heart Ok so I read the first 2 books in this series and was like yes this is such a good series so far Then I get to the last book and I'm pulling my hair out In the beginning of the book Avenger Nicki's romance obviously seems like she is going to fall for Raven WHO IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MACE All the clue are leading to Raven being Nicki's lover but then OMG SHE ENDS UP WITH MACE Nicki goes off to run away from the seeker with RAVEN They litterLy almost kiss and Nicki is thinking all this stuff how she and Raven are so much alike and you think yea they will definitely end up a couple but no Mace is her so called match when all Mace did was be an overprotective jerk to Nicki So yea And also the seeker fighting part That went by way to fast They were all making a big feel out of how nobody has ever killed it before and how it's super dangerous Then there is a 2 min battle and obviously Nicki won Lame Overall this book was just not for me I don't recommend it

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Avenger Halflings #3Raven alongside her for protection while Mace and the other Avenger Halflings eBook #8608 Halflings fight the battle that has erupted on earth But even as the two boys she loves fight for her she knows the battle will be hers to win Determined to uncover the secrets of her past and e. Since I unfortunately had not had the opportunity to read the first two books in this series Halflings and Guardian I wasn’t really sure at all of what to expect I knew the cover was very interesting but ultimately I didn’t know what was ahead At the beginning I was a little confused – however this is entirely my fault for not reading the books in order like they’re meant to be read However I figured everything out in a satisfactory manner soon enough and flew through the rest of the book; it was very easy to read Heather Burch has a great imagination for so many fascinating scenes and she seems full of creativity too The book moved along uickly but not in a rushed manner and had all kinds of adventures and gripping suspense along with a bit of romance Definitely kept me reading I really enjoyed the characters and came to really like them as the story progressed And then there was a drop off ending – you all know what I mean Sure hoping to read the next book Overall Read the whole series not just this one But it was good Many many thanks to Charleen from Zondervan who was so kind as to send me a lovely hardcover of this book I wasn’t reuired to post a positive review nor was I reimbursed for this review in any way other than the book