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Doc Ü Finding His Way Home ☆ Mia Ross Though she reveals little about her own troubled past As they work together to renovate the chapel Scott begins to earn her trust and soon he's envisioning life with the beautiful Jenna Can the love of a good woman finally make him whole I won this book on Goodreads First Reads Once I started to read this book I could not put it down If you like romances this is the book for you This is a very good romance book Scott Barrett has just been released from jail for a crime that he may or may not have committed He comes back home to atone for his past mistakes and to be with his family However during his absence his grandfather has passed away who was his favorite and closest relative He feels lonely and isolated as some of the people are very suspicious of him because of the past arrest The whole place feels a little different to him with his grandfather being gone and he has trouble forgiving himself for not being there with his grandfather before he passed He meets a girl named Jenna at the cemetery and they hit it off from the start She like him has had a troubled past and she sees the good in him As she gets to know him she reveals to him about herself He likewise sees the lightheartedness in her and the faith she has in God and she helps him to find the right path and a promising future He inherits the old place from his grandfather and her with her artistic ability and he with his family history of carpentry skills and family wood business find a way to work together They start to renovate the old chapel on the property and she helps a young girl find her way into becoming an artist also As they renovate the chapel he begins to earn her trust and she realizes that this is a man who understands her completely and that this might be the place where she belongs versus moving from place to place as she has done all her life In the end they realize that they do love each other and that this is what they both have been looking for and wanting in their lives and that this is where they should be and where they should live forever

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Download Finding His Way Home Epub ✓ 224 pages ✓ Mia ross ↠ [BOOKS] ✯ Finding His Way Home By Mia Ross – INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCEBook 3 Barrett's Mill In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains a family legacy leads to loveProdigal son Scott Barrett is back home in Barrett's Mill INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCEBook 3 Barrett's Mill In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains a family legacy leads to loveProdigal son Scott Barrett is back home in Barrett's Mill with plans to atone for his past mistakes and restore his future B True confession I read this book in one sitting even though I couldn't afford to lose the sleep Sigh I just couldn't bring myself to put it aside and start counting sheep I love the Barrett family love this wonderful community Ross has created Lots of southern charm and brotherly shenanigans But there's sorrow too and anguish over pasts that can't be undone Ross weaves a bright thread of hope through that darkness and brings resolution in the form of redemption and forgiveness That's what made this an unforgettable read for me I really loved Jenna Thinking she's right up there on my favourite heroines list Direct and upbeat and just a little bit fragile the residual fallout from a rough past She was full of surprises I couldn't believe some of the things she said the courageous ways she faced off with Scott Sometimes I held my breath to see how he would take it and then let it out in a whoosh of relief when he reluctantly admire her straightforwardness The give and take between these two was a delight to read Ross delivers an amazing love story liberally laced with realism Awesome read

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Finding His Way HomeUt the uiet Virginia village feels like a different place since his return The old cottage and chapel are crying out for repair much like Scott himself Luckily sensitive artist Jenna Reed offers to help Jenna sees Scott without judgment This is a story of fixing hearts and fixing buildings Scott Barrett is back in his hometown so he can trying to make up for his past mistakes and start fresh His is a situation of being with the wrong crowd and in the wrong place It takes a while for some people to warm up to him again Meanwhile he is repairing an old chapel that he inherited from his grandfather who had passed away Then he meets artist Jenna Reed She doesn't judge him like other people in the town had She has a troubled past of her own Through restoring the church they bond and become friends I love how their relationship just grows and blooms into something I felt I was right there experiencing everything with them This story is so inspiring and intriguing Loved it from start to finish