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Maverick's Black Cat characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Í ❰Download❯ ➻ Maverick's Black Cat Author Maggie Casper – Research It was all in the name of research or that's what Catarena keeps telling herself every time she meets Maverick online In exchange for his knowledge of34 the brink of something wonderful But when he tries to heat things up by turning on the camera something goes incredibly wrong and his Kitten runs from himFinding his cyber vixen proves to be a hopeless mission until fate steps in revealing Catarena in the most unlikely of place. I really loved this book I thought it was a great combination of those old Harleuin romance books with the dominating male but with a feisty female and erotica I loved how MaverickMason went all alpha male and already thought of Caterena as his Very KA like with a BDSM theme

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Onship seems to be made in online heavenuntil the webcam turns on unveiling a familiar face to Catarena's startled eyesMason can't get his cyber student out of his mind BlackCat is a dream come true to this dominant man every lesson bringing them closer to Maverick's Black MOBI #2. You never know who you might be talking to while chatting online You could be cybering with a 6'5 Dark Hunter or a loser still living in his momma's basement Or you might be engaging in cyber sex with the rich and handsome owner of your company Catarena signs onto an online BDSM site as BlackCat hoping to gather information on her new book Disgusted by the online posters who keep pestering her with invitations for golden showers BlackCat scurries away and hides in a private chat room that a man named Maverick is hosting They start talking and pretty soon Cat realizes she's found the perfect font of information and Maverick has discovered a new challenging toy Mason has grown bored with his endless bevy of beautiful submissive women He's been a dominant his whole life and sees in his little Kitten a fascinating new challenge that he can't wait to meet headon He lures her in with information and her own awakening desires and fantasies of submission Their online posts only get hotter and erotic and pretty soon it's not enough for either of them Mason sends his Kitten a webcam determined to bring her out into the light She's game until she gets a good look at his face and freaks Her secret fantasy her mysterious Maverick is none other than her boss's boss As in the owner of the Fortune 500 company she works for Mason Broderick is way out of her league and terrified she pulls the plug on their relationship Literally Furious Mason is determined to track down his wayward little Kitten but as luck would have it she falls into his lap while at work Their games of foreplay have come to an end and their passion erupts hehe ontop of his desk Now that their relationship is in the flesh both of them need to learn to open up and trust while falling deeper into their games of dominance and submission Cat is a natural but she still resents Mason's heavyhanded interferance in her life and tries to get him to calm his caveman attitude Mason for the most part doesn't change but he tries to relax his arrogance and dominating personality for her but when a coworker steps over the line at work his protective instincts come roaring out as does his love for his wayward little Kitten This was such a good story I can't recommend this enough The online postings between BlackCat and Maverick were hot as hell and didn't drag on too long either It was basically foreplay and when the two finally do meet in real life it's explosive and to the point While this was definitely all fantasy I mean come on how many rich gorgeous men do you find chatting over the internet these days This was still an excellent well rounded story Maggie Casper and Lena Matthews helped flesh out the story with two extremely likable characters in Bailey and Sebastain Catarena and Mason's friends That these two supporting characters also seem destined towards an HEA only adds to the fun factor While this was a Ds oriented story it doesn't really go further than some mild spankings so it wasn't anything outrageous or over the top There was no menage and there was some fun attention towards the butt area All in all this was an extremely fun story to read and I couldn't stop smiling or laughing or suirming at this extremely likable story

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Maverick's Black CatResearch It was all in the name of research or that's what Catarena keeps telling herself every time she meets Maverick online In exchange for his knowledge of Ds relationships Catarena willingly becomes his apt pupil giving over her mind body and soul to his commands Their relati. What a great book Mild BDSM Alpha male strong heroine and really really hot sex If those things appeal to you get out your gloves and read this bookCatarena is going to do it She's going to write her erotic bookabout BDSM Now she just needs to do a little OK a lot of research since she's never actually done thisjust thought about it alotEnter Maverick He doesn't think about itit's just how he is what he is And he can't believe he's found the perfect woman for himselfin a fetish chat roomI enjoyed the whole book From the first part where they met and interacted sizzle on line to the second part where they met and interacted sizzle in person I would definately buy another book by this pair