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review Murder on Astor Place Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ð ❮Reading❯ ➾ Murder on Astor Place Author Victoria Thompson – The first Gaslight mystery newly repackagedAfter a routine delivery midwife Sarah Brandt visits her patient in a rooming house and discovers that another boarder a young girNd The powerful family fearful of scandal refuses to permit an investigation But with Malloy's help Sarah begins a dangerous uest to bring the killer to justice before death claims another victim. Sarah Brandt a widow ex socialite and midwife was drawn into a murder mystery when she glimpsed a young lady she thought she knew in the wrong place at the wrong time She went head to head with the commoner Sergeant Detective Frank Mallory when he arrived at the scene of the crime Over a period of weeks these two morph into a most unusual 'friendship' if I can use that word loosely He doesn't appreciate her interference and she does not care for his bossiness; yet they help each otherI enjoyed the darker seamier side of New York City in the late 1890's It was such a refreshing change of pace from most stories that I have read recently I really loved Sarah's strength and honesty and her byplay with Frank He wasn't the easiest person to get along with The author did a first rate job of showing the disturbing and sualid side of NYC during this era It was nothing to be proud of Regarding the mystery I thought I had everything figured out midway but Ms Thompson threw in some twists This was NOT what I would consider a cozy mystery and it may turn off some readers The crux of the puzzle was very somber and caused much anguish But I am still giving it five stars because it was intriguing It served the purpose of what a good mystery should be it pulled me in from the beginning and didn't let me go until I finished the book Just be sure and have the second story MURDER ON ST MARK's PLACE ready to read

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He reuest of Sergeant Frank Malloy she searches the girl's room and discovers Murder on PDF or that the victim is from one of the most prominent families in New York and the sister of an old frie. I love this While it provides a vivid picture of the general feeling of class upbringing and poverty in a new New York of 1893 it was beneficial to read this shortly after “Murphy’s Law” by Rhys Bowen Her mysteries depict 1901 While Victoria Thompson conveys the general feeling of the classes upbringing that sharply informs the mentality of this shocking mystery Rhys explains new New York meticulously I was gifted with the advantage of being introduced to Victoria with that knowledge base; having thoroughly been immersed in the immigrant New York settingI could even note differences of those 8 years Victoria’s still corrupt police force which constable Theodore Roosevelt was beginning to change and a major famous subway system not yet built but a need for it was apparent Like Rhys’s work I have had a scattering of Victoria’s books for some time and didn't imagine loving them to a five star degree The mystery is well constructed believably solved the characters establish appreciable originality and are likeable The revelations are shocking for any era and for those who like to be surprised by criminal identities and motives; this will do itThere is action and heart between the protagonist who left her class to have a career and her intelligent Mother who adores her regardless What’s exciting and heartening is that each lady is willing to shift a little ways at least privately from societal conventions and clearly understands what matters and what is right Uniue exciting and emotional I think I had better call this a “standard adult mystery” It surpasses the complexity of “cozy mystery” which is not solely denoted by lightness of tone Victoria’s work is a pleasant surprise and it is a lovely serving of abundance to enjoy Rhys so much at the same time

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Murder on Astor PlaceThe first Gaslight mystery newly repackagedAfter a routine delivery midwife Sarah Brandt visits her patient in a rooming house and discovers that another boarder a young girl has been killed At t. I guessed this series would be a good one for me historical mystery is always my thing and here we have Maisie Dobb's American cousin joking detecting her way around New York instead of London Our main character Sarah Brandt is a daughter of one of New York's top families but is estranged for marrying 'beneath' her and now works as a midwife She has a hankering for detective work and when she meets Frank Molloy a real police detective she gets a chance to try it for real This book sets up the groundwork for the rest of the seriesI enjoyed the setting and the historical facts about life in New York at that time Characters came from all walks of life top to bottom so there were opportunities to see how different everyone's lives were References to people like Teddy Roosevelt were really interestingI am looking forward to reading book 2