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The Ambition DecisionsA big idea self help book about the decisions that shape women's lives in the vein of Designing Your LifeWhat happens to women's ambition in the years after college The essays The Ambition Kindle which were the catalyst for this book began as a series for the Atlantic a project between two friends who had attended Northwestern University together in the early s What became of all the brilliant hardworking women from their college days they wondered as they shared work and family woes and triumphs over a glass of wine one evening What did life look like for other midca. I am finding this book to be one of the thought provoking books I've read in a long while It's both validating AND inspiring allowing me to feel good about where my ambition has brought me thus far yet also bringing to light where some of my ambition has waned along the way and how I can fix that This book illuminates how you truly can tweak your path to fit your life at any moment and it doesn't have to mean a major life over haul If you've had shifting visions of what you think you ought to be doing in both your career and personal life for fulfillment and wonder if what you are doing is good enough or ambitious enough this book will speak to you

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Reer midlife women The data Schank and Wallace culled from the group of women they interviewed over forty of them in all revealed a surprisingly clear road map with consistencies and pitfalls the authors hadn't expected to find The women fell into one of three categories high achievers those who were scaling back and those who'd opted out But most important no one woman stuck to a single track in the twenty five years since graduation Our culture and the popular media might seek to pin women into boxes but real life is in fact fluid Those common moments of transition cr. This is a book for a very narrow audience it’s for women it’s for privileged women it’s for privileged women who can afford going to a very very very good college — and the authors mention that from the beginning of the book so you’re not misguided hereAns still this was exactly what I needed to read now — not because the book gives you answers but because it brings you the same uestions you’re making And by telling different stories of how a variety of women handled those life challenges how they had made choices how they even don’t know some of the answers yet the book gives you a very valuable treasure of knowing you’re not alone and helps you collecting “data” a very biased data but that you already know for you to build you own answer to those uestionsFor me reading this book was an excellent example of how reading can be a magical match of people and time it was perfect for my needs now but it might now be for other people — or even for the “me” of some years ago when those worries were not present on my life

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Free download É The Ambition Decisions õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê ❴Epub❵ ➟ The Ambition Decisions Author Hana Schank – A big idea self help book about the decisions that shape women's lives in the vein of Designing Your LifeWhat happens to women's ambition in Isis and achievement reaped rich insights and strategies Tackling topics like the changing meaning of ambition the near lethal combination of modern parenting and a work culture and what sexism in the workplace does and doesn't look like the issues here are perennially topical A love letter to a new generation of working women or anyone at a crossroads from women who set out to rule the world and stumbled into various permutations of their best lives The Ambition Decisions pinpoints the variables that push women toward making big decisions and make those decisions easie. Here is my disclaimer I don't like self help books and this felt like one So if you enjoy those types of books you may really enjoy this one For me I felt like this book didn't contain any information that anyone who has graduated from college and lived a life into her 40s doesn't already have There was simply nothing useful to me in this book and I felt like I wasted my time by reading it I would have stopped 50 pages in if it wasn't a book club book