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reader ß Monuments Men Allied Heroes Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History ↠ Robert M. Edsel Ves scouring Europe to prevent the destruction of thousands of years of cultureFocusing on the eleven month period between D Day and V E Day this fascinating account follows six Monuments Men and their impossible mission to save the world's great art from the Naz This was a frustrating book to read The historical content was fascinating art treasures taken by Nazis from churches and museums in occupied territory for protection or worse such treasures acuired from Jews who were arrested or forced to flee from the front lines of the holocaust The subject of the book was the hunt for those treasures and their safe return to their rightful owners if possible or at least their country of origin With that story to tell The Monuments Men should have been better than it wasUnfortunately Robert M Edsel seemed to want to write a novel on this subject rather than a historical account We are forewarned in his Author's Note that he has taken the liberty of creating dialogue for continuity Too much liberty seems to have been takenOften instead of telling us what happened what was found where by whom what were the clues that led to the discovery what was done upon discovery etc Edsel painted portraits of the characters in his historical fiction He described what these individuals saw felt and thought in detail that only a fiction writer could know He also transcribed conversations throughout which would have been impossible to record without the aid of a courtroom stenographer For continuity I suppose But all that liberty and all that continuity was distracting And it took up so much space that far too few facts about what happened were contained within 426 pages of principal textI did like the book though Because the nuggets of information buried within were so fascinating from Adolf Hitler's grand plans to rebuild his hometown of Linz Austria as a cultural center; to the steps taken by French citizens to delay the transit of looted art and treasure to Germany or to record at least where it all went from the travels of Michelangelo's Bruges Madonna to Jan Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece to a Rembrandt self portrait to the discoveries of enormous depositories of art and treasure stored in castles and mines throughout Germany during the war There is interesting awesome stuff here but I was left wanting More substance less story

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Free doc ó reader Monuments Men Allied Heroes Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History ✓ 9781599951492 ã [PDF / Epub] ★ Monuments Men Allied Heroes Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History Author Robert M. Edsel R At the same time Adolf Hitler Allied Heroes ePUB #9734 was attempting to take over the western world his armies were methodically seeking and hoarding the finest art treasures in Europe The Fuehrer had begun cataloguing the art he planned to collect as well as th It’s odd how you think your opinion of a bunch of murderous assholes couldn’t sink any lower and then you read something like this that makes you realize that they were even worse than you thought Nazis weren’t just xenophobic bullies who institutionalized mass murder they were also thieves They were probably lousy tippers too During World War II a handful of art experts in the Allied military forces took on the challenge of trying to protect the cultural treasures of Europe As the war raged these guys did their best to save historical buildings and art from the general destruction going on around them They also tried to track down and recover what the Nazis had stolen Hitler and his pals took advantage of the war to pull the biggest art heist in history and this included looting the culture of countries they invaded as well as stealing the private collections of people they killed or imprisonedThis is one of those stories that I knew the basics of but hadn’t realized the scale of the crimes committed and I knew nothing about the men who tried to mitigate the damage The Nazis literally stole trainloads worth of art and stashed away so much that it reuired massive logistical efforts just to get it all recorded and returned after the war What’s shocking than that is how few resources were initially dedicated to the preservation effort Eisenhower issued a general order instructing his troops to avoid damaging anything of cultural significance unless there was a military necessity but only a handful of Monuments Men were scattered around Europe and they had no official support staff or supply sources Simply getting transportation was often difficult or impossible One of the men was briefly arrested as a suspected German spy when a zealous MP soldier refused to believe that anyone carrying out such a large and important mission would be wandering around by himselfEven though there weren’t many of them and they had to improvise constantly the Monuments Men did manage to save countless pieces of art including helping to track down huge stolen stockpiles that the Nazis had stashed away in mines and other hidey holes It was dangerous work and a couple of them were killed in action while trying to carry out their missionIt’s an interesting and important story that gave me a new appreciation of some of history’s forgotten heroes so why only 3 stars I dunno This is a weird one I can’t point to anything of significance The writing is fine and the research seems solid There’s enough detail pointed out about the people involved to give you a sense of their character and make you appreciate their struggles I was planning on seeing the movie version but then came the ‘meh’ reviews for it so that killed my interest in the film and may have dampened my enthusiasm for the book There’s nothing particularly wrong with it and I don’t regret learning the story but for some reason it never hit that next level where I couldn’t wait to read while I was in the middle of it

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Monuments Men Allied Heroes Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in HistoryE art he would destroy degenerate works he despisedIn a race against time behind enemy lines often unarmed a special force of American and British museum directors Monuments Men MOBI #234 curators art historians and others called the Momuments Men risked their li In the movie version of this book there is an early scene with all of the big name actors playing the Monuments Men being briefed about their mission to save art from the Nazis during World War II George Clooney reminds them that Hitler was rejected from art school and shows a picture of a painting that Hitler had made One actor says That's not bad Matt Damon retorts It's not goodThe same could be said for this book It's not terrible but it's not good The history is interesting but the writing is grating Edsel relies heavily on cliches and he invented swaths of unnecessary dialogue Few of the characters stood out; they all jumbled together in their stories The book also suffers from trying to cover too much In addition to following a group of men wandering all over Europe trying to track down stolen art Edsel also included military movements and battle scenes In the introduction Edsel admits he cut out an entire section about the group's work in Italy so the book might have been even longer than 512 pages Midway through I considered abandoning it and giving it 2 stars but I pushed on because I was curious about the stolen artwork There is some good research here which is why I bumped up my rating to 3 stars However if you have read any history books by Hampton Sides David McCullough or Nathaniel Philbrick you know what good narrative nonfiction reads like and Monuments Men feels clunky and weak in comparison Recommended only for hardcore history buffs or those who are good at skimming