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PDF Ô BOOK Force of Nature FREE ´ [KINDLE] ❂ Force of Nature ❆ Jane Harper – Gwairsoft.co.uk Five women reluctantly pick up their backpacks and start walking along a muddy trackOnly four come out on the other side The hike through the rugged Giralang Ranges is meant to take the office colleag Five women reluctantly pick up theirFive women reluctantly pick up their backpacks and start walking along a muddy trackOnly four come out on the other side The hike through the rugged Giralang Ranges is meant to take the office colleagues out of their air conditioned comfort zone and encourage teamw But now as he stood in front of that forlorn cabin he could almost hear an insistent whisper in his own mind Get away Run 4 12 stars Oh I liked this book a lot I ended up enjoying it even than Harper's The Dry because though both were compelling this one felt less formulaic And way creepyHarper is fantastic at creating a strong sense of place and an atmosphere that creeps under your skin The settings in her two novels are very different but each is extremely important to the feel of the novel In The Dry that was the sticky suffocating heat of the drought in a small rural Australian town In Force of Nature we're taken into the forests of a wilderness retreat where five female colleagues get lost and only four make it back You can feel the claustrophobic closeness of the trees; the paranoid sense that something is watching you from the darkness It's an intense all consuming experience I loved itDetective Aaron Falk returns once again to investigate what happened to Alice the woman who is missing We soon learn that Falk's ties to Alice go beyond the case at hand and her disappearance could be related to the information she was providing him The story digs deep into the pasts and presents of the five women uncovering many skeletons and secrets before the truth finally makes itself known Alternating between the now in which Falk investigates what happened and the then in which tensions rise between the five women there is a breathless race between Falk's discoveries and the unveiling of the story As the novel reaches a climax the chapters become shorter and it is impossible to look away The tensions and dynamics between the five women are fascinating and my mind was spinning all over the place Did Alice become a victim of exposure? A serial killer? A Lord of the Flies style scenario but with adult women? I don't think it matters if you guess the outcome because the getting there is fun regardlessAlongside this we also get of a look inside Falk's life and mind His personal issues make him a detective we care about and the suggestions of a growing romantic connection between him and Carmen have definitely piued my interest I haven't decided yet if Harper is just teasing us though I guess we shall seeI'm so excited to have found a new thriller writer who appears to be than a one trick pony More pleaseBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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Ork and resilience At least that's what the corporate retreat website advertisesFederal Police investigator Aaron Falk has a keen interest in the whereabouts of the missing hiker Alice Russell Because Alice knew secrets about the company she worked for and the peop I loved her thriller The Dry for a first novel it was fantastic Actually would have been fantastic even if it wasn't her first but even so since it was Excited to read this her second and I'll just say that the infamous sopho slump is not in evidence This time Aaron Falk and his partner Carmen are called to the Giralang Range where a woman is missing A team building trip men go one way five men go another all to meet up at the end of three days According to the outfit managing the trip it should have been simple so what went wrong?We follow the investigation with the police the searchers and Falk alternating with daily missives from the women who were on the trip So much going on behind the scenes secrets jealousy grudges but what happened and when? uite suspenseful and terrifying at times Not graphic at all just wonderful writing that shows not just tells Very atmospheric the descriptions of the scenery were very vivid Though this does not have the same personal connection to Falk as her first there is still some introspective musings about his past that this location evokes There are layers upon layers misdirections and everytime something new is discovered there is still waitingHarper does a fantastic job in building her stories they build gradually and at the same time they are understated until the denoument No big gory or shocking scenes just good storytelling done right I enjoy this series immensely and now eagerly await the nextARC from Flatiron booksPublishes February 6 2018

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Force of NatureLe she worked withThe four returning women tell Falk a tale of fear violence and fractured trust during their days in the remote Australian bushland And as Falk delves into the disappearance of Alice he begins to suspect some dangers ran far deeper than anyone knew Jane Harper’s first novel “The Dry” was one of the best debuts I’ve read in a long time And her new novel “Force of Nature” is eually as good Five women depart on a corporate team building exercise in the Australian wilderness and become lost without food water or adeuate shelter Eventually four of the women are found but there is no trace of the fifth As the story switches between the disastrous team adventure and the background of the five women the tension and sense of menace continually ratchets up The descriptions of the harsh and claustrophobic wilderness were so striking that I almost felt like I was lost and desperate for rescue in the cold rain and isolation “Force of Nature” is meticulously plotted and the crime investigation was riveting Through Harper’s brilliant character development one feels that the characters are people you might have met or know Their histories secrets and how family dynamics influence their behavior are carefully revealed and add a depth and richness missing from a lot of crime fiction I consider Harper’s writing top tier literary crime fiction right up there with James Lee Burke Tana French and a handful of other authors So read “Force of Nature” for the crime investigation the fascinating and complex characters the evocative descriptions of the Australian wilderness but make sure you read itThank you to Flatiron Books and NetGalley for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review