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Ghostman kindle ´ eBook 9780552169165 Free ☆ [KINDLE] ❂ Ghostman Author Roger Hobbs – I make things disappear It’s what I do This time I'm tidying up the loose ends after a casino heist gone bad The loose ends being a million cash But I only have 48 hours and there’s a guy out ther I make things disappeE who wants my head in a bagHe'll have to find me first They don’t call me the Ghostman for nothin Jack is a Ghostman a criminal hired by other criminals to fool people and clean up messes A fixera cleaner a man who gets things done He lives completely off the grid No one knows his real name He lives for the action and the thrill He is a master of disguises and nuances In Atlantic City a heist is about to go down Two criminals are going to steal 1200000 in freshly minted bills from an ard car delivery to a casino The robbery goes off smoothly when all hell breaks loose another gunman opens fire on the robbers killing one and wounding the other The money disappearsMarcus a jugmarker the criminal mastermind who hired the robbers wants the money because he was going to use it against Wolf another criminal from Atlantic City Apparently the money is in a package with an explosive die pack There is only a limited time to find the money before its useless He gets in touch with Jack and convinces him to fix the situation get the money back Jack owes him because he screwed up Marcus' Malaysian robbery 5 years beforeWhen Jack arrives in Atlantic City he is confronted by the FBI must play detective and figure out the planning of the crime from a criminal's perspective Meanwhile the Wolf is also on the scene and wants Jack to find the money so he can use it against Marcus As Jack takes steps to find the money Wolf takes violent steps to force him to work for himMeanwhile the FBI is also following Jack around Hobbs effortlessly switches back and forth between chapters dedicated to the clean up in Atlantic City and the screwup in Malaysia He shows high end heists from all perspectivesJack is a complex character violent smart a killer with few scruples Although Wolf may think he is working for Marcus in fact Jack is a thrill seeker at heart who lives for the hunt and the excitementCan he find the money before the FBI captures him or Wolf kills himIts a smooth ride very stylistic with a knowing and sly protagonistIt hits all the right buttons

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I make things disappear It’s what I do This time I'm tidying up the loose ends after a casino heis The main character from Ghostman makes some toast I went into the kitchen and put two pieces of sliced sourdough bread into the toaster You can use any type of bread to make toast but I prefer sourdough Other professional toast makers use whole grain or even raisin bread but I like the taste and consistency of sourdough when toasted properly Only a fool or an amateur would use white Wonder BreadI was using a Proctor Silex 22605 Cool Wall 2 Slice Toaster with white plastic sides and chrome top I put the bread in the slots and pressed down the handle which activated the contacts and applied power to the circuit board 120 volts of power ran through the contacts to the nichrome wires at temperatures exceeding 300 degrees to toast the bread When the capacitor reached a certain voltage it cut the power to the electromagnet inside and allowed the spring to pop the toast up If you don’t know what you’re doing it’s easy to burn the bread or not have it toasted enough but I had practiced with the Proctor Silex enough to have the settings memorized Some may use fancier toasters capable of holding four slices and a real showboat might have one of those fancy bagel toasters The Proctor Silex had always gotten the job done for meSo that’s the deal with this book You’re going to learn a whole lot of shit about every single piece of hardware or procedure involved whether you want to or not But since I’m a junkie for heist novels I still liked itJack is a ‘ghostman’ a professional armed robber who lives off the grid and is a master of disguise After a hit on the money delivery from an ard car to an Atlantic City casino goes horribly wrong the guy who planned the job Marcus calls Jack in to track down the missing cash and heisters Jack ordinarily wouldn’t touch something this messy but he owes Marcus a debt for a job that went sideways in Kuala Lumpur Besides he’s bored There was a lot about this debut book from Roger Hobbs that I loved In the early chapters from the ard car robbery through our introduction to Jack it seemed like we may be getting a new version of Parker for the digital age The action and pace are brisk the plot makes for an original page turner filled with all kinds of underworld types and the flashbacks to the botched job in Kuala Lumpur added another layer to it I especially liked that Jack was kind of a slippery character to the reader too He shows himself capable of decisive and cold blooded action When he threatens others and boasts of a nature that seems to delight in bloodshed and misery to avoid boredom you’re not entirely sure how much of that is true It makes him an enigma and that’s a nice way to handle a main guy when we don’t even know his real nameHowever what dragged this one down from 4 to 3 stars was that Roger Hobbs didn’t know when to just say “I made some toast” instead of elaborating on every detail like I spoofed at the beginning of this review From the interview I read with Hobbs here on Goodreads I get the feeling that he got so caught up with his research and invention of criminal procedures that he didn’t know when to stop So we get a whole lot of info dumpingFor example with every gun that makes an appearance in the story we also learn the magazine capacity caliber muzzle velocity etc etc whether it gets fired or not I’d chalk that up as gun porn but Hobbs does it with everything not just firearms So when Jack confronts a shotgun wielding thug we get treated to a graphic description of the type of shells in the weapon and what they would do to a fleeing person Which also begs the uestion how Jack would know what type of ammo was loaded into the gun without some kind of x ray specs For all he knows it could be rock salt or bird shot in there Then minutes later he breaks down all the reasons why a shovel makes a terrible weaponWhen he provides details critical to the story it’s fascinating The idea of booby trapped federal reserve money is great not just because it’s awesome Gee Whiz tech but because it’s an important plot point But Hobbs doesn’t discriminate At one point Jack finds an apartment that has been broken into and the lock on the front door was splintered where it was pried open He notes that the police wouldn’t enter like that so he knows someone else was there but then he goes on to detail all the ways that the police would access an apartment from getting a pass key to using a battering ram Why? It has nothing to do with the story All he had to say was that the police don’t break into places like that We didn’t need a laundry list of how they would do it if necessaryI probably got hung up on these details than I should have because I was so interested in the main story that I resented deviations from it Still I hope that Hobbs continues to refine what he did here and delivers some crime novels in the future because he’s got a lot of very cool ideas and a helluva readable style He just needs to learn not to tell us everything he learned in one bookCross posted at Shelf Inflicted

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GhostmanT gone bad The loose ends being a million cash But I only have 48 hours and there’s a guy out ther Ghostman is a very good debut novel told from the first person POV of the Ghostman whose real name no one really knows though some refer to him as Jack He's a master criminal who lives way way off the grid and specializes in disappearing He only emerges when a job especially interests him Five years earlier Jack was part of a crew that attempted to pull off a huge heist in Kuala Lumpur that was organized by another master criminal named Marcus The caper blew up in spectacular fashion and the score was lost Jack managed to escape and disappear though other members of the team were not so luckyJack blames himself for the fact that the job went south and to the point so does Marcus Now five years down the road Marcus wants payback Marcus has organized a hit on a casino in Atlantic City He sends two men to hit an ard car that is delivering 12 million dollars to the casino But one of the robbers is killed during the holdup and the other escapes with the loot Marcus tracks down the Ghostman and instructs him to recover the money If he does so Marcus will finally consider them evenNaturally the cops and some other bad guys are also searching for the money and all sorts of crosses and double crosses ensue To add insult to injury the 12 mil is shrink wrapped into a bundle that will explode and render the money useless in only a few hours Needless to say the Ghostman has his hands full and we watch intently as he attempts to cope with all the obstacles placed in his way At the same time he gradually reveals the back story of the job in Kuala Lumpur that got him into this mess in the first placeThere's an enormous amount of detail in this book and some of it like the way the money is packaged is pretty intriguing; one wonders how Hobbs managed to learn all this minutia After a while though the detail begins to overwhelm the story itself and starts to be a distraction Also his screw up in Malaysia notwithstanding Jack the Ghostman seems finally to be just a little bit too damned good and you get or at least this reader did to the point where you just can't take him seriously any longerThat said this is still a very entertaining book and Roger Hobbs is clearly a writer to look for It will be interesting to see how he follows Ghostman