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Lights Camera uince Amigas #2Amigas is officially open for business Alicia uince Amigas MOBI #243 Jamie Carmen and Gaz managed to throw an amazing uince for their new friend Sarita But now that they are sophos AND in the uince planning business things are going to get complicated Luckily one of their own is. The story alternates oftentimes unevenly between the voices of Alicia Carmen and Jamie This bothers me because I think that if the series is going to be called Amigas and refer to Gaz as well then we should hear Gaz's side of the story I'm not a big fashion person and it would be nice to hear from someone who works at the Gap and probably shops there too instead of Vera Wang Prada etc Also the three Amigas tell the story in a choppy manner I think since this book is about Carmen Carmen should have told the majority of the story interspersed with Alicia and Jamie and Gaz Instead the story is evenly split between Alicia and Carmen with Jamie on the side I wasn't a fan Further the villain is this story is utterly ridiculous She is one dimensional and it's obvious right away that something fishy is going on Why the Amigas took so long to realize that I simply don't understandHowever I really liked the rather heavy handed message I could understand what Carmen was going through as she struggled to reconcile all parts of her heritage and celebrate them at her uinceaneara It was nice to learn about the Jewish faith Carmen is not Jewish but she respects Judaism and she does want to learn Hebrew She regrets not having a bat mitzvah and her demanding Abuela Ruben doesn't make her feel any better by telling Carmen that she will be punished for all her sins in the next life because she was raised in the Catholic church and never celebrated her Jewish heritage fully this is a sin her grandmother's eyes I could also understand why no matter how tough the competition got she stayed in it because her parents couldn't afford to throw her a really expensive uince and the competition took a nice load off their shoulders With Carmen feeling torn between two cultures I was better able to appreciate the cultural diversity of the Amigas and Gaz Carmen is Mexican American Jewish and Argentinean Gaz is Puerto Rican and Jamie is Dominican I like that the books focus on the similarities between cultures but I would also love to see the difference between cultures No Spanish country is completely the same as another and that is rarely portrayed in literature All in all I was better able to relate to this story on a personal level It might very well be different for someone else

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Ll jump at the chance But being under the spotlight brings out the true colors of the group and before anyone can even cry action Alicia is fighting with Gaz Carmen is worrying about her vows and Jamie is feeling left out With the cameras rolling will Carmen's party go up in flam. Click to see book in BCPL's online catalog

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Lights Camera uince Amigas #2 Free download Æ 104 ☆ [Reading] ➶ Lights Camera uince Amigas #2 ➬ Veronica Chambers – Amigas is officially open for business Alicia Jamie Carmen and Gaz managed to throw an amazing uince for their new friend Sarita But now that they are sophos AND in the uince plannHaving a uince Carmen is turning fifteen and the rest of the friends are determined to throw her the best party ever But in Miami the heat is always on and so is the drama When the group is asked to take Lights Camera PDF part in a reality show featuring uinceanera parties they a. There is fun but useless chicklit then theres plain useless chicklit this is unfortunately the latter although since its inspired by jennifer lopez im not surprised roll eyes The idea of starring Latin hispanic girls in some sort of reality tv show about party planning businessfell flat SO flat EVERYTHING was cliche other than maybe gaz and alicias relationship which was plain ODD and the whole mean girl aspect fell flatter the plot twist was of a slight bendand overall just no