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DOC ✓ READER Sinner's Heart FREE ´ GWAIRSOFT ß [Reading] ➿ Sinner's Heart By Zoe Archer – DEMONS OF THE PAST Abraham Stirling Lord Rothwell was a fighter once a soldier in the Colonies But Bram returned to London with nightmares than tales of glory Now he drowns his senses in the arms of c DEMThe Devil himself grants them each a wish undoing their camaraderie as they explore their wicked powers Bram finds himself magically bound to Valeria Livia Corva the sensuous priestess who raised the Devil the first time and died to send the demon back She may be a ghost but Livia is no a This was the third book in the series I didn’t read the first two so I was a little lost This book had a lot of filler Nothing good happened until page 300 when there were only 338 pages Not my favorite book by far

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DEMONS OF THE PAST Abraham Stirling Lord Rothwell was a fighter once a soldier in the Colonies But Bram returned to London with nightmares than tales of glory Now he drowns his senses in the arms of countless women while his friends the Hellraisers ensure he needn't sin alone Until that is Sinner’s Heart has been a truly anxiously awaited book for me ever since I finished reading Zoe Archer’s previous title in The Hellraisers series last May In the final scenes of Demon’s Bride the line dividing the former friends was drawn with those who fully embraced the Devil and the gifts he had bestowed against those who would fight to defeat the evil they had unwittingly unleashed on England Where my anticipation grew from was in the last actions of the ghost Valeria Livia Corva; how she blocked the Devil from increasing his influence with the final Hellraiser Abraham Stirling and how her apparent sacrifice would affect Bram’s decision on where his true loyalties lie It was a long wait to see if his character could be redeemed and if Livia could return from a seemingly fatal hit We are reintroduced to Bram a few weeks after the confrontation between the Hellraisers where he witnessed one friend kill another in cold blood This one act has rattled Bram down to his core and brought up feelings he has been suppressing since returning to England after fighting in the American colonies Bram’s overwhelming guilt and anger at his role in war has forced him to create a wall between his actions and his emotions changing him into a man who lives to fulfill the very worst of his character and gets his only human connection through meaningless sexual encounters In embracing his gift Bram has silenced the part of himself that realizes the Hellraisers their debauched lifestyle and their actions to release the evil was wrong and has brought greater suffering to their lives than any previous pain they were avoiding However in one final act the Devil unintentionally replaces Bram’s silent conscience with another powerful voice of reasonFor the full review please go to

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Sinner's HeartNgel The raw passion she witnesses in Bram's memories isn't much different from her behavior when she had a body to enjoy But it doesn't make it any easier to convince Bram to become a warrior again lest all London burn And the fierce desires reawakening within her might just start the bla Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy SINNER’S HEART the third installment in The Hellraisers series has one of the most uniue heroines I have ever read in a romance novel a ghost While this gave the book an original feel it didn’t help the rather lackluster romance plot line Readers who are familiar with The Hellraisers will most likely be satisfied with this book because it offers a very clear and gratifying conclusion to the trilogy Ends are tied up bad guys are vanuished and all of the couples are left to live happily ever after However if you have not read the first two books and are looking for a straight up paranormal romance SINNER’S HEART may be a bit of a disappointmentThe premise of SINNER’S HEART is that Livia is a ghost who has some sort of tie to Bram and therefore the two are forced together I am still not entirely clear on the connection because it was formed in a previous novel but it wasn’t completely necessary to understand how it happened just that it did However because of this already formed rather unnatural connection Bram and Livia were unable to get rid of each other This contrived situation didn’t offer much space for the relationship to slowly grow so the two of them became very close very uicklyNow let’s just pause a moment to remember Livia is a ghost She had no physical form for at least half the novel So if you’re looking for any hot and heavy momentswell Don’t get me wrong Livia was an awesome character despite being incorporeal She had a great sense of humor was very confident in herself and felt very real While there were moments when she was tempted by the power and bright future the devil offered her she managed to stick to her guns proving her courage in the face of the unknown And aside from the fact that Bram had already sold his soul to the devil it is really hard to redeem yourself from that in my opinion he was actually a rather deep character who changed uite a bit over the course of the novel His shift from being a rake who used magic to convince women to sleep with him to a general in the fight against the devil involves a lot of introspection and growth along the wayMy biggest complaint about SINNER’S HEART was that the main focus was less on Livia and Bram’s relationship and on the conclusion of the story about all the hellraisers Both couples from the previous books were included and the book culminated in a giant battle no hard earned realizations of love here Normally this would have been just fine The plot was interesting and the pacing was such that I always wanted to know what was coming next But since I went in expecting a romance I was a bit frustrated that it ended up taking a back seat especially because I liked Livia and Bram so muchWith strong main characters and a story unlike other historical paranormals I’ve read SINNER’S HEART is a good fun read I liked it enough that I will be going back and reading DEVIL’S KISS because I am curious about the story between Whit and Zora based on their cameo in this book If you’re already a fan of The Hellraisers I would say SINNER’S HEART is not one to miss and even if you aren’t already and just considering starting the series you can start reading confident that you’ll be looking forward to a great conclusionSexual content Several sex scenes