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The Alcohol ExperimentAy programme with a difference Each day it will show you a new way of thinking about booze and ask you to look a little closer at why we drink what we get out of it and whether it’s really the alcohol that’s giving us what we wantIn the bestselling This Naked Mind Annie Grace offered a completely revolutionary solution to dependency and a path to sobriety Now let Annie give you the tools you need to understand alcohol ? Wow Annie Grace you may have saved my life What a great bookThe other day my doctor told me to stop drinking all together because of my issues with low stomach acid Low stomach acid is pretty common for adults over the age of 60 And my wine drinking was not helping matters I would classify myself as a moderate drinker so uitting was a bit tough for me the first 3 or 4 days Then it got easier And after reading this eye opening book explaining the addiction and poisons of alcohol and the reaction of your own body chemistry YIKES I really had no clue Gee everyone around me drinks can’t be that bad Gee it is that bad My husband bought this book about 3 months ago and did the experiment himself He kept suggesting I read it too Well once my doctor said “No drinking” I started reading I have been alcohol free for 19 days and I have a whole new mindset now One I do not want to go through the “Start over” period again way too annoying Two I have not felt this good in a long time I am way less anxious much calm Bet my kids and husband are loving this new me Three I want to experience my future social engagements sober and memorableThis an excellent book for those thinking about freedom from alcohol Annie Grace made this a very positive experimentexperience Now I am picking up her other book This Naked Mind

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From the bestselling author of This Naked Mind It’s YOUR body It’s YOUR mind It’s YOUR choice There are a million reasons why you might drink It tastes great You feel sociable Sex is better It helps you relaxBut are you really in control?Whether you’re reading this because you know you drink too much and want to uit or whether you just want to cut back for a while this book is for youThe Alcohol Experiment is a 30 d I started out reading this out loud to an addicted loved one That fizzled at about the 3 week point and there was a long break before I took this up again mainly because I can’t stand not to finish a book if I’ve gotten past a certain point I’ve been reading on this topic for a long time and I appreciate fresh approaches and ideas I don’t think AA is one size fits all any than I think any approach is It works for some people and not for others I think Annie Grace’s 30 day experiment is a valid thing for people to try and judging by the testimonials at the end of each chapter it works for some people What it’s not is a magic bullet which I can’t seem to stop pursuing And sometimes Annie’s cheerleadery tone got on my nerves It’s not for everyone but it is for someone probably many someonesWorth a read and my particular rating is probably lower because of unjust disappointment that it didn’t solve everything for my loved one in addition to the long break I took from it

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The Alcohol Experiment kindle ¾ Kindle Edition read ↠ ❰Download❯ ➼ The Alcohol Experiment Author Annie Grace – From the bestselling author of This Naked Mind It’s YOUR body It’s YOUR mind It’s YOUR choice There are a million reasons why you might drink It tastes great You feel s?? whether or not it’s a problem Packed with humour patience and the latest research try The Alcohol Experiment today and take control of your drinking for good Praise for This Naked Mind ‘The book that changed my life’‘BUY IT READ IT IT WORKS’‘Impossible to exaggerate the power of this book’‘Inspirational’‘The most powerful book I’ve ever read’‘Not at all preachy’‘Totally changed my thinking? This was excellent and not just from a looking at alcohol in your life standpoint This was excellent because it gave practical down to earth easy to engage with ways to have better critical thinking skills in your life I know that I will use those for the rest of my life I find myself asking uestions mostly internally but some outside too about things that I am hearing or thinking or believing I will be putting the ideas from this book into use in so many ways Cannot recommend this book enough just as a way of examining how you thinkfeel about things why you thinkfeel that and most importantly are those thoughts feelings actually reality?