mobi ☆ The Sheikhs Claim Desert Nights #2 192 pages Î Olivia Gates

mobi The Sheikhs Claim Desert Nights #2

mobi ☆ The Sheikhs Claim Desert Nights #2 192 pages Î Olivia Gates Î ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Sheikhs Claim Desert Nights #2 By Olivia Gates ➲ – Their tempestuous relationship had crashed and burned and Lujayn Morgan had left Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan to marry anotheHad met again and shared one unforgettable night Now there is no denying that Lujayn's son belongs to JalalMarriage is the only answer But Jalal is a contender for the throne For the second book in the Desert Knights series there are secrets to discover and devious manipulations that must be overcome before genuine happiness can come into the lives of its spirited couple Olivia Gates once again delivers when creating a sheikh hero who conveys alpha tendencies yet can be brought to his knees by one female Since he believes the only woman that he has ever loved is gone from his life forever Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan wants to be the next king of Azmahar as it will give him a reason to live He had an affair with Lujayn Morgan yet she unexpectedly left him and even married someone else When the man dies Jalal gives her time but eventually wants to know what went wrong in their relationship and confronts her Though they spend a night together the next day brings Lujayn back to reality and she tells him to stay away from her After many months Lujayn comes to Azmahar and Jalal is stunned when he learns she had his son Although he once thought becoming king would make his life complete he now knows there is something even vital to him However convincing Lujayn that she is the crucial element in making his future a worthwhile one will take much careful planningIf Olivia Gates writes a book about a sheikh and the woman who loves him it is guaranteed that the moving story will be overflowing with passion In the Desert Knights series emotional dilemmas continuously crop up and play havoc with the futures of Jalal and Lujayn Often when they come to think their relationship may have a chance of thriving a new problem arises to cause doubts and make trust between them uestionable Ms Gates always draws me into the personal lives of her main couple and the predicaments Jalal and Lujayn must face are particularly dramatic since so many aspects of their lives are interlaced with other individuals What these two believe to be the absolute truth may not actually be factual as revelations are learned during candidly honest discussions My heart went out to them when several of these disclosures are brought to light because their inner beliefs are totally incorrect about past incidents and resulted in numerous misconceptions about the other Things never go smoothly for the hero and heroine in one of the Harleuin Desire stories by Olivia Gates and there are problems for Jalal and Lujayn to triumph over from the very start of THE SHEIKH’S CLAIM until everything is satisfyingly concluded Their sex life is the one place where they can agree upon any action to be taken and these two definitely have a vivid imagination plus their desire is fueled by uncontrollable lust during a few instances There is another book in the Desert Knights series and who will be the new king of Azmahar is not certain at all THE SHEIKH’S CLAIM is passionate intriguing and constantly emotional 45 Stars

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Of Azmahar This unexpected heir could break him or be the key to winning If only he can prove to Lujayn that his claim is not for their son or for the kingdom but only for he Olivia Gates is sooo talented I love how she builds the relationships in her books You feel what the characters feel and root for both You'll want to read all of her books after reading one

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The Sheikhs Claim Desert Nights #2Their tempestuous relationship had crashed and burned and Lujayn Morgan had left Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan to marry another a man who'd died soon after And thenJalal and Lujayn This story is so full of twists turns and fabulous characters I could hardly put it downThis is the first book I've read where I actually was on the hero's side from the very beginning despite what appearances were showingThe intense searing emotions in this story had my heart rate doublingIt was heartbreaking reading about Jalal's life being played out almost behind his back by 2 women most important to him Neverthelesss there it was and it was crushingThe intensity and tenderness imbued in Olivia's characters is her trademark and I LOVE it A highly recommended read