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PDF ✓ BOOK Infected Throwaways Ò GWAIRSOFT ´ ❮Reading❯ ➿ Infected Throwaways Author Andrea Speed – Gwairsoft.co.uk Former prostitute and street kid turned private detective Holden Krause is asked to look into the murder of Burn a black market dealer who turns up dead near the infamous homeless encaFormer prostitute and street kid turned private detective Holden Krause is asked to look into the murder of Burn a black market dealer who turns up dead near the infamous homeless encampment known as the Jungle It’s a place Holden is familiar with and his memories of it aren’t entirely bad The settlement has been taken over by sinister peopl 325 starsIt took me 4 days to finish this and based on my reading habit it was uite a long time for less than 300 pages book I admit that I struggled to keep my interest throughout The thing is with a long series that deals with the same set of characters I always want progress Unfortunately I didn't get that in this spin off seriesWith the original Infected series there were things happening with Roan He lost a husband he had new husband he gained new friends his disease progressed to something different and that final one where he moved to Canada But with the past two Mean Streets books let's face it Holden will always be Holden He says it himself he doesn't want to change Everything here is pretty much the same Well status uo in long series like this feels repetitive to me A lot of arguments mentioned here were done before Been there done that bought the t shirtSure I was uite happy that Chai and Dee were starting to be an item Or that Holden and Scott seemed to find a way back together Or even Kevin and Colton probably taking steps to out themselves somehow But that wasn't enoughThe fact that it took Roan to return to Seattle to add 'life' to this book sort of an evidence for me that MAYBE Holden by himself is not enough to carry a series of his ownWith that I think it's time for me to take an indefinite break from this series I may return someday if I discover that there's significant progress But that's not a guarantee shrugs

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E but Holden isn’t afraid to take them on A big part of his PI gig is cover for his dangerous vigilante crusade exacting justice for the people the system ignores the throwaways people just like the ones living in the JungleIt’s getting harder and harder for Holden’s partner Chai Nayar to look the other way while Holden searches out retrib As much as I'm still enjoying these stories and living in this world I definitely miss Roan Which did make this story fun than the first I loved seeing Roan and Dylan coming back into town to help out But it just killed me to see what's going on with the progression of the virus in Roan I have no idea how Ms Speed is going to resolve this especially since we all know she's not afraid to kill off characters So nervousAt the same time as much as I like Holden I still don't love him His vigilante side needs tempering I want to see him start to heal and find peace in himself He has so much anger and pain inside that he doesn't even acknowledge to himself I really hope he can let himself start to really connect with Scott and allow that relationship to help him healThe mysteries in this one were scary in how dangerous they were to our favorite people Nothing crazy complicated but dangerous all the same I enjoyed the Dee and Chai side storyline as well Chai's reactions to Roan were a lot of fun It's been awhile since we've had a main character being new to the crazy that is Roan All in all I enjoyed this book but I'm really looking forward to character development in Holden He's in a scary place He needs to find a healthier mental place to be

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Infected ThrowawaysUtion beyond the confines of the law When one of their associates is shot and Holden realizes far too late that he’s in over his head with this case Chai is left to pick up the pieces and hopefully save their lives He resorts to the only solution he can find and calls Roan who is lethal than ever Will it be their saving grace or a fatal mistak I am a huge huge huge fan of Andrea Speed and of Roan and of Holden I was sad to give this a 3 star rating but the story was very jumpy and the author continued to put her political views inside the story She also threw in white privileged opinions numerous times and i'm so tired of hearing about that I read to escape not to hear political opinions and race bait