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Bad Company Review ✓ 102 º [Epub] ➞ Bad Company By K.A. Mitchell – Some things are sweeter than revenge “I need a boyfriend”Hearing those words from the mouth of his very straight ex friend is enough to make columnist and editor Nate Gray choke on his Corona It Some things are sweeter than revenge “I need a boyfrieHumiliate him to their entire high school The last thing Nate expects is Kellan begging for his helpBreaking off his engagement to a senator’s daughter was the last straw for Kellan’s CEO father Frustrated at being cut off his father’s stinging words that he wishes Kellan had never been born still ringing in his ears Kellan turns to Nate In a move worthy of a corporate raider Kellan plans the ultimate revenge Come out. Kellan needs a boyfriend because he wants to stick it to his overbearing homophobic father He looks up his childhood bestfriend in the hopes that Nathan will be a pal and fake being in love with him Kellan and Nathan aren't really likeable men so this really affected my enjoyment here Kellan spent most of this story being sexually confused and in his own words an internalized homophobic It was just an odd read because of it Once the relationship got past all the posturing it really could have worked for me as Nathan's edges began to smooth out but Kellan's attitude towards his own sexuality didn't seem to want to cross the line where he could be honest with his emotions and feelings for Nathan There was too much back and forth with Kellan for me to really settle down and enjoy the read which is too bad because there was a lot of potential there and I love a good GFY and friends to lovers storyI love Nathan's employee Eli uite a bit I'm looking forward to his book

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As the boyfriend of the man his homophobic father betrayedConvincing Nate to play along isn’t easy It’s even harder to figure out why the lie feels so close to the truth Warning Contains old friends old enemies a dramatic cat rescue soft drink references and a lot of teasing before the steamy sex Readers are cautioned against drinking any beverage while reading to avoid accidental snorting or spraying of said beverages. 35 starsSo I did this weird thing  I was told that the Bad in Balti series could be read as standalones confirmed and I read book 2 Bad Boyfriend first  I really adored Eli and uinn's relationship but to be honest in their tiny supporting roles Nate Kellan were insignificant  Nate was way too intense and Kellan was a bit boring  And thus I decided to just skip book 1 altogetherHasty hasty decision  Months later I jumped into a buddy read spearheaded by Heidi Cullinan who almost never steers be wrong  And so I bought downloaded and read Bad Companyin a dayending with a smileI've said it before but I just really like KA Mitchell's broken MC's  They're imperfect easy to dislike they have issuesand they entertain like no other  By the end I've never NOT rooted for the happy ending even with her most pain in the ass characters This holds true for Nate Kellan  Nate is well he has a stick up his ass  He's uptight And he's hurt And he doesn't trust  And then there's Kellan his childhood best friend who betrayed him grew up to be a playboy and oh yea isn't gay  Circumstances with Kellan's gajillionaire dad make it such that Kellan is looking for a boyfriend and he comes back to NateTrue this story's been done in het books forever and probably even some MM GFY books RJ Scott's Texas series  But KA Mitchell just is my cup o' tea so I liked her take  The journeythe escalation from former friends back to acuaintances then to lovers was fairly believable and I was curious how the final 'aha' moment would play out  I was surprised to find that Kellan a bit of an arrogant douchebag in the beginning  started to grow on me as he matured through it all  Nate wellI still have some warming up to do for some reasonI'm actually kinda addicted to Mitchell's books and charactersand so looking forward to book 4 of the Bad in Balti series Bad Influence  Book 1 was an entertaining enough read not the best of her books nor the best of the series Bad Boyfriend in my opinion but still a recommended

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Bad CompanySome things are sweeter than revenge “I need a boyfriend”Hearing those words from the mouth of his very straight ex friend is enough to make columnist and editor Nate Gray choke on his Corona It’s been thirteen years since Kellan Brooks’s father crushed Nate’s family on his climb to wealth and power Even longer since he entrusted Kellan with the confession that he might be gay only to have his best friend out and. KA Mitchell is one of my auto buys but this was a strange read for me I don't want to rank this book because an arbitrary number will be both meaningless and misleadingThere are some basic disconnects in the plotting which make these characters hard to like and impossible to believe Much of the writing here deserves a 5 The sexy hook of straight guy pretends to be gay to punish bigoted dad has solid legs in theory But some of the illogical events and character arcs literally cripple the narrative almost from page one on this belowFrom the first moment Nate and Kellan reconnect they prove so mutually unlikeable that I found myself not particularly interested in their problems or wanting them to reach their HEA It took me a few chapters to figure out why The truth is both of them seem like selfish childish assholes and they don't actually BEHAVE like logical adult males Never does the book explain why pretending to come out reuires a straight man to fuck his estranged best friend Never does the story offer a reason for Nate to even meet with Kellan or hear his offer let alone agree to it Actually Mitchell almost sidesteps this by burying the agreement so deeply that I had to go back and find the moment when the plan was on This vagueness makes sense because Kellan's plan itself makes none That weakness at the core of the book does serious structural damage to the plot and charactersA lot of folks have said that these characters didn't gel for them; for my part I believe that disconnect stems from the unmotivated logic leaps and preplotted actions that the characters enact without connecting The sex here occurs because these are characters in an MM not because the motivation and stakes make it necessary That's a shame That high concept hook didn't actually force these men to BE intimate but rather to SEEM intimate That in itself could have led to becoming intimate if plotted carefully but this book didn't take that time or that approachKellan is straight and selfish; Nate loathes him They are best friends estranged by complicated betrayal As a blurb that intrigues me Fireworks I think But the truth is the book doesn't actually make Kellan straight any than it makes Nate loathe him They're intimate in a matter of pages So many of Nate Kellan's interactions orbit the basic punish homophobic dad by coming out ruse yet the book never explains why the straight Kellan needs to tease and screw his best friend in order to humiliate his fatherOr why honorable Nate caves Moreover Nate's self righteous primness wears thin uickly as his own behavior becomes increasingly destructive and bizarre why force sex on your destitute best friend and why perpetuate something that is obviously a hurtful fraud Very uickly I got the sense that they were having sex because they were protagonists in an MM novel and that was their job Not so appealing or romanticMost troubling though is the fact that although the book tells us that these two guys have chemistry it's not always evident from their interactions Sometimes they sizzle but about midway through the faking gay plot germ gets discarded or at least unravels as the nonsense it was from the start Conseuently there's a narrative looseness to the book Weighed against characters marching through necessary stages of intercourse like drones the intense sensuality and sassy banter don't land as they should Because their behavior is nonsensical and they are so personally self involved I got to where I found them amusing in a detached way but I couldn't be moved by them My sense and this is completely subjective is that the Pretend to be ueer hook may have inspired the writing but that the characters didn't cooperate Because they DON'T cooperate and they don't behave logically at any point Their ruse does not reuire intimacy but the entire book is structured as if the ruse DOES reuire intimacy as if Kellan's father has implanted gay sensors in his son's genitals Even if this book were set in a compressed settingtimeframe family house vacation with dad holidays the only reason for these men to have sex is to flaunt it so Dad would witness it Nope As a result all that smoking sex rings hollow because there's no reason for them to have it and no explanation for their instant willingness to bridge the chasm between them I just never got a grasp on the connection between the characters and their behavior did zero to convince me there was oneThere are also strange dangling plot threads Honorable Nate essentially molests Kellan at the start of the book without sense or conseuence and straight Kellan keeps demanding sex without clear desire or reason By way of indicating growth Kellan gets a couple of jobs complete with memorable minor characters only to lose them in a matter of pages; in a 140 page book these digressions felt unnecessary Nate works at a newspaper but can't seem to navigate the most basic leak of a splashy gossip item Kellan's burgeoning feelings for his friend happen almost immediately and almost without impetus Kellan decides he's gay almost in passing and Nate forgives Kellan ditto; the core of the conflict and two of the most dramatic character shifts in the book played as throwaways The shocking reveal about Nate's father is marvelous but it's tossed in as the book races to finish For a book that is about a revenge built with scandal there actually isn't much scandal or revenge The 2D homophobic father sends lackeys a few times and then has a big final gripe before fading into impotent blankness ExeuntFunny thing The writing is gorgeous All the pieces are here Snappy dialogue Hot sex Interesting minor characters Intriguing details Lovely specificity throughout But the basic structural problem and that central illogic guarantees that Nate and Kellan will seem at best obediant and not memorable This felt like a book that got rushed and these characetrs would have benefitted from a logic overhaulSo all in all A strange read