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The first winners of the Carnegie Medal and was awarded an OBE in Noel Streatfeild lived in London She died in Also by Noel Streatfield Ballet Shoes Tennis Shoes The Circus is Coming The House in Cornwall The Children of Primrose Lane CUrtain Up Party Frock The Painted Garden White Boots The Fearless Treasure The Bell Family Wintle's Wonders New Town Apple Bough A Vicarage Family The First Book of the Ballet The Children on the Top Floor Away from the Vicarage The Growing Summer Caldicott Place Thursday's Child Beyond the Vicarage Ballet Shoes for Anna When the Siren Wailed Far To G. I first came across this author when Noel Streatfeild was mentioned in one of my all time favourite movies You've Got Mail It prompted me to get at least two books this one and the one I read last year Then I discovered that I had actually already known this story as I had seen a movie adaptation with a young Emma Watson some years ago Now I'm correcting the error of not having read the source material yetThe story is that of three young girls a few years apart who have been taken in by Mr Matthew Brown Uncle GUM Pauline is the oldest and was lost at sea after her and Uncle Gum's ship sank Nobody knows what's happened to her parents Petrova the second oldest is the daughter of Russian high borns that fell on hard times after the Revolution and died Posy the youngest is the daughter of a dancer who couldn't take care of herWhile Uncle Matthew is on a years long voyage the girls and Sylvia Uncle Matthew's niece and Nana fall on hard times financially until even turning their home into a boarding house hardly is enough to keep the little family going But even children can help in such situations In this case they enter the Children's Academy of Dancing and Stage TrainingPauline is a talented actress Posy a magnificent dancer only Petrova is too practical and would rather fly a plane than perform in any sort of wayThis is the story of how they found their place in the worldThe book was written in or around 1936 and the age shows in some opinions especially with Nana But it's still a charming little book full of very likeable characters unlike some in the other I've read and the days and months and years fly by while we follow the girls as they practice and try to make a name for themselvesFrom fossils filled houses to magnificent stages in theatres and even Hollywood this reading journey was fantastic and made me feel all warm and cozy inside

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Ballet ShoesBallet Shoes is the much loved classic by Noel Streatfield 'I wonder if other girls had to be one of us which of us they'd choose to be' Pauline longs to be an actress Petrova is happiest playing with cars and engines And if she could Posy would dance all day But when their benefactor Great Uncle Matthew disappears the Fossil girls share a future of a dazzling life on stage where their dreams and fears will soon come true Noel Streatfeild once said that Ballet Shoes was 'really a fairy story with its feet half way on the ground' a magical description for a magical book Noel was born. 5 Words Classic Christmas talent family danceThis is one of my FAVOURITE books ever I read it year on year often than once and I never get bored How could IBallet Shoes follows the Fossil sisters and their journey through life as they try to get their name into the history books because of who they areIt's a book that always makes me smile that could cheer me up on the most miserable of days And it has this kick ass thread of girl power throughout a discreet hint of feminism that makes you root for PetrovaAnd this edition It's gorgeous I think I have about 5 copies of this book and this one is by far the most beautiful And Christmas sy

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Ballet Shoes Summary Ø 109 ☆ [Read] ➼ Ballet Shoes ➹ Noel Streatfeild – Ballet Shoes is the much loved classic by Noel Streatfield 'I wonder if other girls had to be one of us which of us they'd choose to be' Pauline longs to be an actress Petrova is happiest playing with Ballet Shoes is the much loved classic by NoIn Sussex in and was one of three sisters Although she was considered the plain one she ended up leading the most glamorous and exciting life After working in munitions factories and canteens for the armed forces when WWI broke out Noel followed her dream of being on stage and went to RADA where she became a professional actress She began writing children's books in and Ballet Shoes was published in She uickly became one of the most popular authors of her day When she visited Puffin exhibitions there were ueues right out of the building and all the way down The Mall She was one of. Professor Mathew Brown or Great Uncle Mathew or Gum lives with his niece Sylvia and her nurse Nana and from time to time takes off on expeditions from where he brings back fossils adding to a huge collection which has to be thinned down from time to time One day he decides to travel by sea rather than land and from three of these voyages brings back three little babies either orphaned or whose parents are unable to take care of them and these three little girls are Pauline Petrova and Posy who comes with a pair of ballet shoes her mother gave her They take on the surname Fossil for that is what ties them together But while Pauline dreams of being an actress and Posy can be nothing but a dancer she is one Petrova is happiest with cars and engines Gum hasn’t returned from his latest expedition for long nor has been heard from and money is tight so Sylvia decides to take in boarders and this leads not only to the children making new friends but also entering the Children’s Academy of Dancing where Pauline and Posy are happy and Petrova simply does all that is reuired of her so that she can begin earning and support the house as soon as possible that is at age 12 when no other option would be available to them We join them on their journey at the academy as their train to hone their different talents begin their careers on the stage and try to get their names into history booksWhat a charming and lovely story this was I loved all the characters—the three girls are all very likeable and even when they have their difficult moments or sulks they essentially remain nice girls; Nana is sensible yet not too strict; Sylvia is also very young and must struggle to keep things going The boarders—the Simpsons a couple back home from Malaysia Theo who teaches at the Academy and the two doctors of literature and mathematics respectively—are very likeable too and one loves how all of them begin to become a big family though each of them lead their own lives The girls’ time and experiences at the Academy reminded me very much of the other series from the 1940s that I’ve been reading The Blue Door series by Pamela Brown The hard work that goes into training and into the roles themselves the fact that success can go to one’s head very easily and fall from it can be truly hard and of course the joys that little successes and opportunities can bring This was a really gentle and sweet story which I truly enjoyed reading The lovely illustrations by Ruth Gervis add a lot to its charm Loved it