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characters Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Josanne La Valley Mehrigul must brave terrible storms torn up hands from working the fields and her father’s scorn to get the baskets done The stakes are high and time is passing A powerful intergenerational story of a strong creative young artist in a cruelly oppressive society. Combining cultural geography and themes of resistance female empowerment and so much this text by Joanne la Valley is a treasure because it conuers the culture geography and customs completely unfamiliar to me and brings them to become recognized Educating and keeping you on the edge of your seat while introducing a partnership of business between the United States and Uyghur pronounced WEEgur who occupy East Turkestan is amazing The conflicts between this area and the Chinese becomes familiar instantly after finishing this text A little slow in places but only a few this makes you proud upon completion with the new understanding you have when you finish this text I remember receiving a student from Tajikistan and never knowing anything about that country After a year I knew so much and you will feel the same way after this text This also is a lesson in how all books should be written and they would impact students on a personal level while becoming informed That is to say in the least and this opens your eyes to what education should be I am drawn to multicultural texts anyway and this without a doubt is one

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Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award Nominee 2015 Download ç 104 Ü ❰Read❯ ➲ Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award Nominee 2015 Author Josanne La Valley – Things aren’t looking good for fourteen year old Mehrigul She yearns to be in school but she Fisher Children's Epub #217 Things aren’t looking good for fourteen year old Mehrigul She yearns to be in school Dorothy Canfield Epubbut she’s needed on the family farm The longer she’s out of school the likely it Canfield Fisher Children's eBook #184 is t. The Vine Basket by Josanne LaValley is definitely worthy of five stars It is beautifully written and gives you an inside look into what it is like to be a Uyghur pronounced as Wee ghur girl They are a Turkish ethnic group but live mostly in an area now considered as a part of China My husband and I think he is descended from this group so I have a special interest in this cultureThe star of this little book is Mehigul a little girl who is forced to stop her education by her father Her brother has run off to join a political movement Her father who is a compulsive drinker and gambler thinks that she should do her older brother's work Her mother is afraid to speak up against the father and lets her husband dictate what Mehigul has to do The father's poor opinion of Mehigul makes her think that she is worthlessBut Mehigul's grandfather Chong Ata the most respected member of the family notices that Mehigul is learning his talent and skills at basket weaving She watches him weave and picks it up by herself What is is that she has a great spark of creativity It is this creativity that changes her life Even though the customs of this culture are very different the lessons are the same Parents must learn how to respect their childrenI really enjoyed this little book I learned about the foods that they ate the way that the Uyghur decorate their mud houses with beautiful floral clothes the hard lives demanded in order to keep their children fed and the sand out of their faces But most important I learned about ways that children can find to escape forced child labor get the education that they need and get the respect that they badly need from their parentsI highly recommend this book for middle grade children and above I selected this book to review from the Vine program but that in no way influenced the thoughts in my review

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Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award Nominee 2015Hat she’ll be sent off to a Chinese factory perhaps never to return Her only Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award PDFEPUB or hope is an American woman who buys one of her decorative vine baskets for a staggering sum and says she will return in three weeks for. 35 starsThis takes place in modern time but because it is about the Uyghur people who are dying out and still live in a way that is traditional for their people it seems at first as if it were from an older timeMehrigul is no longer in school Her older brother is gone Her father Ata is always gambling and drinking Her mother Ana is weak and stays in bed most days She also has a younger sister who is in school and a grandfather who weaves baskets beautifully the way his father taught himWhen Mehrigul tries to sell suash treats on the old silk road she comes across an American woman who takes a liking to her basket She is asked to make The struggle for Mehrigul is that her father doesn't seem to want her to make any baskets at all She does all the work at home with little help She lives a hard life for a fourteen year oldAlthough I think some of this book struggles to hold up at times the plot is really nice What I liked about this is that it shows that slave labor happens there Girls are sold to work in factories Other girls are dancers and sent to sell their bodies They don't explicitly indicate this but she does make a notion in a round about way at one point that girls do thisThe American woman tries to bring about providing for struggling families and sees their artisan capabilities to make a profit for themselves as she sells products in the US This is totally really neat to read about in a fictional story about a people group we barely hear about ever It was really neat