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SUMMARY ë Beast in Shining Armor A Kinda Fairytale #2 Ï ❮Reading❯ ➿ Beast in Shining Armor A Kinda Fairytale #2 Author Cassandra Gannon – Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00EIAUD0KBeauty vs BeastContestant One Avenant is a handsome prince with a dark side There’s a beast inside of hiE Ultimate Showdown In the farthest corner of the Northlands there is an impenetrable labyrinth Made of ice and stone no one has ever entered it and emerged alive Now Belle Avenant and other storybook contenders for the crown are heading into the maze Whoever solves its riddles gets the kingdom In order to win Belle and Avenant are going to have to work together Considering their lifelong feud that would be challenging enough but they’re also dealing with an angry minotaur an unknown killer miles of twisting corridors and the fact that these two mortal enemies might just make a perfect te. Woah this is now one of my favorite Enemies to lover stories EVER The back forthbanter was so fun to readIn this world there are Good folks Bad folks Bella is Good Avenant was born bad Since he was born he was a disappointment to his parents his kingdom since he was born with a beast Avenant was raised very poorly so it left him having a huge wall around his feelingsheart leaving him protecting it by being cold hearted mean except to belle 👀Avanant belle have this constant war they had going on since they were kids of back fourth taunts Avenant loves doing anything to get belle attention even if it make her mad One day when they are older after belle has sent him to prison stolen his spot on the crown He is back is wanting not only wanting his kingdom back but also belleThis book goes back fourth from the present of them in this content for the sword to see who get the crown of things that happened in the past between them The romance the angst MSNSUSUS i was going crazy Loved this book

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Shining Armor PDFEPUB #189 Alternate cover edition of ASIN BEIAUDKBeauty vs BeastContestant One Avenant is a handsome prince with a dark side There’s a beast inside of him always waiting to get out All his life he’s been labeled a monster and in Shining Armor A Kinda Epubhe’s done his best to live up Beast in ePUB #199 to his Bad reputation His parents hated him his fairytale kingdom fears him and now he’s been dragged into court Again His newest legal troubles are all because Belle Ashman stole his throne The beautiful bookshop owner is the one woman Avenant longs for The two in Sh. This second book in Cassandra Gannon's A Kinda Fairytale series was every bit as fun and enjoyable as the first instalment The characters are likeable the world is a ton of fun the humour is hilarious and even the romance is good With the Westlands saved the Tuesday Share Circle crew turn their attention to the Northlands Prince Avenant wants his kingdom back Scarlet tries for a peaceful solution but Avenant arrogant as always makes things difficult by demanding a contest for the crown The contest pits him directly against his usurping rival Belle and a host of other would be rulers as she seeks to keep the crown for herself The story was a ton of fun Avenant was probably the most distant and arrogant of the group in the first book but he proved surprisingly sympathetic and easy to like once we learned what motivated him to act as he does Belle was also pretty likeable The pair had being competing and bickering against each other all their lives but this time the prize was bigger than ever so both were determined to be the one who came out on top It was great to see another kingdom in this world and it was super easy to get swept up in Avenant and Belle's story as it was a fun twist on the Beauty and the Beast tale I think the best thing in Gannon's books is that despite a bit of bickering and banter her couples always feel like a good match and are super easy to root for She even writes a great pompous arrogant male lead which is a total rarity I hope we get Esmarelda's story one day as she definitely seems like a character with plenty of potential All in all I might even have liked this one a tiny bit than the first book It was light and fun but with enough about the story that I invested emotionally in the characters and was engaged by the crazy happenings Rating 4 stars

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Beast in Shining Armor A Kinda Fairytale #2Ining Armor PDF #8608 of them have been in competition since childhood and the contest just became winner take allContestant Two Tired of Avenant ruining her dates firing Mother Goose and tearing down Humpty Dumpty’s wall Rosabella Aria Ashman decided to depose the tyrant Eight months ago Belle led a in Shining Armor A Kinda Epubrebellion and had Avenant thrown in prison Now the Beast has returned demanding his kingdom back Avenant might be gorgeous but he’s also arrogant selfish and he’s been mean to her since kindergarten This time Belle’s determined vanuish him once and for allTh. I loved the first book in this Kinda Fairytale series but I think I liked this one even Remake of Beauty and the Beast this version had the two knowing each other since Kindergarten which I adored because we got to see them grow up together It made their journey to a happily ever after epicAnd conceited arrogant highbrow jerk that Avenant was he still won me over because he worked through all his issues to be with Belle This story had angst but still some of the humor I adored in book one Belle and Avenant's struggle to come together twisted my guts in a knots a few times And I've come to learn I don't ever want to be stuck in a labyrinth either Onto another Cassandra Gannon book I think I'm addicted