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review Billionaires Baby Promise Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï [Epub] ➟ Billionaires Baby Promise Author Sarah M. Anderson – For the baby's sake Secretive billionaire Daniel Lee is known for being ruthless But he's discovered his conscience when it comes to Christine Murray Once he'd smeared her name tHe'll do anything to earn Christine's trustand to have her in his bed But now that the sexy single mom and her adorable daughter are on his turf Billionaires Baby Kindle he can't seem to let them go. Very sweet surprisingly tender and introspective billionaire romance with unexpected twists First Daniel is hot part Asian diversity ftw and his ethnicity is than just a gimmick Second the dude is secretly a billionaire while working with his bastard half siblings at their family brewery Third I had no idea this was another of Sarah M Anderson's Beaumont Bastards Fourth a hot guy bonding with a baby Yes please

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For the baby's sake Secretive billionaire Daniel Lee is known for being ruthless But he's discovered his conscience when it comes to Christine Murray Once he'd smeared her name to win a campaign Now. The cover of this romance novel has a man with a distinctly Asian cast to his features This was interesting enough for me to take a look You can’t always guess a model’s nationality by his appearance that hot Italian guy on the cover may be from Minnesota for all you know but this was unusual enough for me to wonder what bearing it had on the storyAs it turns out Daniel Lee is hiding a bit than his Asian ancestry He’s a billionaire well we the readers could guess that by the title but he’s got his fingers in uite a few different pies He’s responsible for ruining a woman’s happiness by leaking her identity as well as that of her illegitimate child to the public Illegitimacy plays a crucial part in this story As it turns out Daniel Lee is one of the Beaumont bastards yet another child born of a woman infatuated by the sluttish Hardwick But in this novel bearing the bar sinister has an even greater stigma than it does for the other Beaumonts born out of wedlock In Korea his mother’s homeland his bastard status as well as his American father were a double shame to his traditionalist grandfather who felt the only ways for Lee Dae Hyun to redeem himself were to marry a good Korean woman and take over the family business Both Daniel and Christine suffer at the hands of hidebound males men who live by a rigid code of what is right and proper for people to behave Far from being polar opposites they are tied by similar backgrounds and histories They both suffer from low self esteem although to others they seem to be strong capable of bearing up under whatever life throws at themAs in many romances Daniel abandons protocol and proper handling of Christine’s difficult situation Once again she’s about to become the focus of negative media attention when her dad hits the campaign trail again The right procedure would be to whisk her away to a hotel or safe house to wait out the coming media storm But Daniel brings her and her toddler daughter Marie to his penthouse where his mother is living He’s never brought a women home to Mother much less one with a baby so the older woman is over the moon at what she sees as an instant made family for her lonely son He’s also pampering Christine with expensive clothes and getting cozy with her when he should be attending to his job and keeping a sharp eye out for any stalkers house breakers or media houndsWell a lot of romances start with men and women making bone headed moves contrary to common sense or protocol and this is no exception What makes for a slightly better than average story about breaking the rules is Daniel’s engaging behavior with the darling Marie There is no awkwardness as he crawls after her on his hands and knees responds appropriately while she’s “telling” him a story or holding her after she demands to be picked upChristine learns to trust again just as Daniel learns to open up his heart both to this enchanting woman and his own relatives including a Beaumont I’ve read about in another romance It raises the story above its awkward rule breaking trope into a subtle maxim about self discovery and the importance of family That as much as romance is what truly keeps characters into the world

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Billionaires Baby PromiseThat she's back in the spotlight with a precious baby to protect Daniel's determined to make amends Even if rescuing Christine and her daughter means sweeping them away to a life he shares with no one. It was okay as entertainment but I probably won't remember much of it in a few days The political and ethical aspects of the story were interestingUnfortunately the Swedish translation was bad I had to find the original in English on Google books to dubble check some incomprehensible sentences For example the word “morals” was translated with “al” a kind of tree three times and the word “grandfather” was translated with “fader” father once When I checked the original I also realized some lines and paragraphs had been cut out The Swedish edition has obviously been shortened from the original which I find weirdNote I read the Swedish translation but couldn't find that edition on Goodreads