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I Bittersweet Always PDFEPUB or should’ve known better than to think that was enoughWarning This book contains sensitive subject matter Each book in the Gray Springs world can be read as a standalon. I was so excited for Toby's book when it was announced I knew he had a story and a half to tell and did he ever Ella Fields sure took on a difficult subject with mental illness and she did it with sensitivity and respect without trying to lighten or downplay Toby's issues or miraculously healing himPippa's a fabulous heroine and just what Toby needed I've read so many NA books where the characters irritate the hell out of me with the juvenile drama not so in Bittersweet Always Not even the seperation bothered me it was essential and pivotal to the story for Toby to be able to heal and growAlthough Bittersweet Always is a lot heavier than Suddenly Forbidden I really liked it way than I thought I would when I first started it45 stars

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Bittersweet Always Gray Springs University #2Toby Hawthorne was an enigmaOne I Gray Springs MOBI #243 didn’t factor into my college plansI wasn’t looking for loveI wasn’t not looking for it eitherAnd in that state of in between he found me. MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS ’BITTERSWEET ALWAYS’ Is the second book in Ella Field’s ‘Gray Springs University’ series This is Pippa James and Toby Hawthorne’s story I for one was ecstatic when Ella announced that she was going to take us back to Gray Springs University to get to know Pippa and Toby and hopefully to spend time with Daisy and uinn which we did do and I loved every minute of my time with these past characters Pippa is Daisy’s best friend and roomie that we all met and fell in love with in ‘Suddenly Forbidden Book#1’What you see is what you get with Pippa she tellS it how she sees it she doesn’t mince her words or beat around the bush and every now and then she’ll even swear like a sailor she’s strong fierce and dependable When Toby set his sights on Pippa he was relentless he moved in swiftly and swept her off her feet You invaded something inside me the minute I saw you and you haven't left since Toby isn’t perfect his thoughts are ugly and downright messy he’s imperfectly broken and unpredictable and unstable when he’s high on life you’ll swoon like the rest of us his one liners his love he has for Pippa is undeniable but when he hits his lows along with Pippa your heart just breaks into the smallest smithereens of imperfectly broken pieces I couldn't fix him I could only love him I think Ella handled this subject with the upmost sensitivity and with as much respect as possible so beautifully written as some of us know living with or being raised by a person with a mental illness can be downright scary it can leave everlasting scars on you but with the right medication and help that is offered like we read with Toby they can live a normal healthy fulfilling life I want to be with you always I want to crawl underneath your skin live inside the life that runs through your every vein and consume your every thought I want you to breathe me to inhale the thoughts of me and for you to exhale anything that stops me from overtaking every part of you I wantTo do to you exactly what you've done to me I can honestly say that I’ve never read a book like ‘Bittersweet Always’ before it’s uniue it’s raw it's real and beautiful in it’s entirety All the feels in the world a slow burn that took over my heart swooning moments giggling moments sad moments ugly moments and all the moments in between      

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DOWNLOAD µ Bittersweet Always Gray Springs University #2 Í ❁ Bittersweet Always Gray Springs University #2 kindle Epub ❅ Author Ella Fields – Toby Hawthorne was an enigmaOne I didn’t factor into my college plansI wasn’t looking for loveI wasn’t not looking for it eitherAnd in that stUnaware of the battle he fought everyday I fell fast By the time I found out it was too lateBecause I wanted everythingEvery broken lost part of himI knew I couldn’t fix himI could only love himBut. It’s not easy writing about a sensitive subject as mental illness is because it varies from person to person Ella Fields handles it with respect and care I have to applaud her for how she chose to write about and incorporate it into the story She succeeded beautifully thanks to the two characters Pippa and Toby Their story resonated with me thanks to their authenticity They felt real and so did their friendships with Daisy uinn Pippa’s family and Toby’s father The emotion was palpable throughout the entire story It was an emotional and at times heartbreaking ride Toby’s struggle with anxiety and his thoughts was depicted flawlessly and with an honesty that made the scenes even powerful Pippa is the kind of heroine I love She’s so strong and also admits when she’s weak and scared She has witnessed mental illness first hand because of her father It’s different this time around cause she loves Toby and is left powerless to watch him spiral out of control It was excruciating to watch her struggle with what to do and the right thing to do I rooted for Toby and loved him so much His pain was real and ugly I felt it and I sympathize with him His and Pippa’s love is new and intoxicating They’re young and enjoying each other at the same time struggling with navigating through Toby’s behavior and severe mood swings just waiting for him to finally break and hit rock bottom One thing that was never an issue was their love for one anotherSupport is so damn important Toby and Pippa have an abundance of that and I love how that came across from start to finish I loved their friendships with Daisy uinn and the football team Pippa’s relationship with her mother and Toby with his father were highlights too I felt their love and support unconditionally from them allThe epilogue was superb and ended the story spectacularly I’m on a high and again in awe of Ella Fields So different from her previous book Suddenly Forbidden and I couldn’t be happier Bittersweet Always is riveting raw and truly beautiful Ella Fields masters any genre effortlessly and Bittersweet Always is proof of that 5 BadAssDirtyMyHomeStarsI received an arc