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Secret Admirer Read & download ï 106 Ý ➺ [Download] ➶ Secret Admirer By Susan Napier ➻ – Grace under pressureRunning into a potential business partner late at night in a broken elevator when one was wearing a glamorous fur with nothing on underneath was awkward but Grace Blair was cool en Grace under pGrace under pressureRunning into a potential business partner late at night in a broken elevator when one was wearing a glamorous fur with nothing on underneath was awkward but Grace Blair was cool enough. Re Secret Admirer Susan Napier does a true unicorn event in HPlandia with a stalkery stalkerific H and a nice but not very knowledgeable widowed h who needs some fast lessons in running her dead hubby's companyThis story starts with one of the most interesting Hh meetings in all of HPlandia The h is wearing nothing but full length mink and some white cotton undies with little rosebuds when she rushes into the elevator that contains the H and his Lady Mucky Muck date for the evening She had accepted an offer of a swimsuit modeling shoot and the photographer whom she knew and trusted tried a very clumsy pass and took her clothes and locked them in the bathroom While he was getting drinks the h grabbed the closest covering she could find the fur coat and ran for itThe lift gets stuck and Lady Mucky Muck who is in head to toe designer couture and dripping with diamonds proceeds to give a loud and long lecture to the h about the horridness of wearing ranch raised fur Now I laughed a bit here at the irony Here is a woman probably wearing clothes made in some third world sweat shop and dripping in diamonds that were probably sold as bloodconflict diamonds or that some rampaging ancestor looted and she is going on very shrilly and extensively about ranch raised mink fur I vote for organic hand woven cotton lace HP fashionistas lovingly gathered by self sustaining farmers and blended with hand raised silk bought in an organized co op that is true eco supportive clothing perfect for all HP high society occasions Anyhows it gets really hot in the lift and the h is feeling a bit woozy but won't release the death grip she has on the fastenings of the coat The H who is pretty much a contemptuous sneering mysogynist gets exasperated and remarks how women can't do anything sensible and tries to take the coat off He gets a great view of what the h isn't wearing tho the rosebuds are adorable and then the lights go out as the H is refastening the coat The lift starts working when the lights come back on and the mortified h rushes off into the nightThe h is 26 and used to be a model with a domineering show business mother She married her older husband when he was around 34 and it was a big love match Her first hubby owns an electronics firm and did not want the h to work they were in love they wanted kids and the first hubby was very much about taking care of his little lady h Then when first hubby hit 40 he died from a heart issue The h has now been widowed eight months and has gotten thrown into the deep end on salvaging first hubby's firmIt is good the h has a lot of practice posing cause the well dressed haughty bored look works a treat when coupled with non verbal accountant side kick cues when the h has to ward off other business threats to the company from various competitors and corporate raiders Then news comes that a big corporate raider shark has the h's company in his sightsThe h is trying to learn the basics of business as fast as she can but she has never been in control of her own finances in her life first her mother scooped her modeling earnings and first hubby did not want the h to worry her pretty head about things The h only recently learned to balance her own checkbook but she is taking evening classes and the helpful company accountant is doing his best to punt her through It is very frustrating and hard for the h tho because her stage mother yanked her out of school early to start earning in a modeling career and some days the h's only sense of hope comes from a weekly mysterious flower delivery from a seekrit admirer These aren't romantic rose type deliveries either they are cheery little poseys like violets and chrysanthemums and little bouuets designed to give weary spirits a lift The h's secretary wants to discover the source of the weekly blooms of delight but the h is pretty happy just getting them and feeling the happy bouuet joy so she isn't too serious about pursuing it So the big corporate raider makes an appointment to come see the h but first he sends a news clipping of the couple that the h got stuck in the lift with in her unfortunate fur coat incident The h is shocked because she knows that the misogynist who got an eyeful of rosebuds is also the 29 yr old raider that holds the keys to a necessary component contract reuired for the h's business The accountant warns that this could be a hostile takeover attempt or a test of the h to try her business mettle and maybe get a share of her privately held company Either way the h needs to be on guard and ready for anything So enters the H and he is pretty pushy when he hands the h a tape and claims it is he and her dead husband discussing a partnership project The h does her best but the H is pretty bullying and since he has studied a lot of business psychology is a recognized ruthless alpha raider and the h is a minnow in the deep ocean he pretty much walks all over her and her rosebud undies Technically the h isn't obligated to the H for anything the company is private the shares are all hers and yes there is a tape discussing a potential partnership project but ultimately the h doesn't have to follow through on a discussion However this H is relentless in his business goals and relentless in his pursuit of the h He hounds her all around showing up as a guest lecturer at her night class threatening to reveal the lift incident unless she dines with him and lets him tutor her and then moving next door after he buys her older apartment building which was kinda strange as he has a very nice pricey estate of his own He forces his way into her home and her life and then after a really weird pelvic grinding session when he has the h backed against the wall and she torn between terror and lust he changes tactics and tries to woo her He also freaks out and has a major fit when the h tells him about her seekrit admirer flowers and it doesn't take a whole lot brain power to see that the H's overreaction about stalkers and obsession is really him revealing his feelings about the h hence the wall almost banging experienceAs this is a romance in HPlandia we can take SN's word for it that this guy isn't a serial killer with ritualistic stalking behavior and the h eventually succumbs to the H's home cooked food and business tutorials interspersed with a lot of personal charm Tho the h has some uneasy moments with the way the H goes around just arranging things for her maneuvering and manipulating her and always seeming to link them together publicly Then the H drops the bombshell that all his business goals are directed at one thing revenge on his now deceased father When the H's mother refused to be manipulated by the H's electronic magnate father or marry him when he deliberately got her preggers the sewer slurper became enraged that a mere woman was denying him his legacy He walked out of the H's mother's life and refused to pay any kind of support unless the H's mother bowed to his dictates The mother refused and brought up the H herself until she couldn't afford a lifesaving operation and asked the H's father for help and he refused and let the H's mother die He tried taking over the H but the H has keen sense of revenge and changed his name back to his mum's and walked out Now the H makes all his moves based on the fact that he wants to topple his father's empire that was left in the care of the man's wife and recently he has a side focus of obsessing about the h The h reveals that her own mother was an unwed single parent too She wasn't able to become a model as she wished so when the h turned into such a beauty the h's mother commandeered her into a full fledged career and then berated and taunted the h when she met her hubby and fled that life The h's mother was incredibly bitter about men and even bitter that her own legacy via the h was being denied and she could not longer vicariously live the life she always wanted The h isn't bitter about things tho she has the great good sense to understand that people just do things and really the only thing you can do is either react or move on The h is great at moving on and yet she misses the normal things she never got to have The h also warns the H that revenge is a double edged sword and that the H should proceed in his grand plan o'vengance with extreme caution After all look at what happened to Oedipus who was destroyed and blinded and exiled by his own unwitting hand when he struck out in fury and killed his father The h is also concerned that the H is putting major mojo moves on her she wants a child desperately had longed for one for her entire marriage and it was big disappointment to herself and her first hubby that she couldn't seem to get preggers The she knew her first hubby felt really badly that he couldn't seem to get her up the duff so she spent a large part of her marriage hiding her deep sadness over the lack The H even offers himself up as a stud if the h wants a baby so badly The h is attracted to the H and reconsidering what she really wants out of life but the H's continual manipulations to the point where he is sneakily trying to control what she drinks at social occasions is really starting to grate The h is tried of people manipulating and trying to control her so she takes matters into her own hands and pretends to get royally intoxicated at a business dinner with the H The h makes smart snarky comments to the women who continually approach her about the H and his unattainable heart and fortune and then does a full blown femme fatale act on the H that spectacularly misfires The H drags her out of the dinner and takes her to his scarcely furnished palatial home and then chase her around like a deranged stalker in the darkIt all ends in a big purple passion lurve mojo force moment and the h is ravished almost as much as the H is Then the next morning the H casually drops the bombshell explosion that the h was his very first lurve club experience ever and the h is completely stunned tho honestly she wasn't very far off unicorn petting status herself and now she just ran into a real one As an aside this H is NOT the first virginal H in HPlandia that honor belongs to the H in Daphne Clair's Take Hold of Tomorrow which this book strongly resembles in many ways outside the stalkerfic H and the second honor goes to Waking Up by Amanda Carpenter But this H is pretty much the most notorious heart breaker Alpha Male H in HPlandia who never got a mojo moment until he met the h Definitely a unicorn in camouflage So the h doesn't really believe she was the H's very first but she likes him and loves the passion and feels alive after some considerable grief so she is fine with a bonnet over the windmill fling Then we meet the H's dead father's wife who is clubbing with a 16 year old boy and the H reveals that his father's wife is a teen boy predator and a pedophile She tried it on with the H at fifteen and his father walked in and the disgusting slag lied and said the H was trying to rape her pregger self and later she miscarried The H's father beat him and then sent him to wealthy student version of reform school The H stuck it out like purgatory focused on getting revenge and shunned all forms of physical contact The women he met reminded him of his father's wife and he despised them tho he took a lot of them out until he met the h The h is horrified and does her best to reassure him and put the blame firmly where it belongs However when the H confesses that he loves her the h panics She thinks it is just because she is his first lover and she is caught between not wanting to ruin his first physical affair but also not really wanting to be in a committed relationship again either For the first time in her life the h has some independence and she likes it However she is also aware that the H is sorta vulnerable and she can't in good conscience use his confessions or his fragile new awakening against him and the H pushes hard for the h to commit to himThings take a serious nose dive when the h believes that the H was the one sending her the weekly flowers and the H doesn't deny it The h is softening her stance on commitment to the H when the company accountant tells her that it was actually a secret codicil to the h's dead hubby's will that the h get a weekly delivery of flowers to help find some cheering moments in the aftermath of griefThe h is furious and goes to the H's apartment to wait for him for a big confrontation The H gets home a little tipsy from his male club dinner and the h explodes Then the H has big ranty moment back and calls the h's first hubby's flower delivering a creepy way to control her from the grave when he left her near penniless and that the h's first relationship was nothing than an older man's obsession and that it was all designed to keep the h permanently on ice So the H knew about the will codicil and used it to win over the h and now he wants it allThe h agrees to give him her company and move in with him She believes him about the dead hubby bit and after some back and forth at the company share sign over the H tells the h that they will split everything fiftyfifty from now on he and the h will marry and have that baby as he figures living well is the best revenge The h is overwhelmed and tries to explain that she only wants him but the H is all share and share alike partners forever as he whisks her off to the company's private lift to reenact their first meeting for the big HEAThis is a well written book with a ton of drama But this H kinda freaked me out a bit and the whole abuse thing while incredibly sad and horrible only served to convince me that had this not been HPlandia we would be looking at an h in a well and passing notes up in a bucket I also did not like the H's take on the flower delivery from the first husband I thought the H was the obsessed one he certainly tends to run that way and that whole H melt down ranty moment after the h confronts him was the H describing himself If the flowers had been the romantic bouuet that lovers send I would have rethought that but really the types of flowers are just exactly what a caring friend would send to perk up someone's day when they are going through a rough time Since the h had no idea who was responsible it certainly did not seem like some older man's obsession an act of kindness from a man who really loved his wife knew her likes well and wanted to see her happy even in her solitude Yes the first hubby did leave her in a financial mess but it was made clear that the first hubby's death was very unexpected and that he had been actively working to resolve the situation It was actually the H who really needed the h's company for his plans to topple his father's empire and so his motives are much suspect and since he manipulates the h for his own ends anyways he certainly did not lose by winning his key revenge tool without having to do much for it Overall this book gets really high marks and it is on the HP reuired reading list I have many reservations about it mostly with the manner and the motivations of the H but it is a very engrossing read and I recommend it for a most unusual HPlandia outing

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Her pretenses Especially since the handsome New Zealander had made it clear from their first inauspicious meeting that in business knowledge was power and that he knew exactly what he wantedA YEAR DOWN UND. Where has this book been all this timeI was a bit leery reading something from so far back given the trend of cloyingly dominating men and rape y romances but this is as far from the convention as you get Our heroine Grace boards an elevator in a fur coat and nothing else underneath it Unfortunately the lift breaks down and it gets warm and suffocating Just as she's feeling a bit faint a handsome stranger tries to help her outThe hero was pretty much the typical 90s alpha and dominant type; but he knew to respect Grace's intelligence and opinions I really really want to list the suee points of this but there are TONS of pleasant surprises in store Definitely recommended to everyone

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Secret AdmirerTo handle a hot situationHer poised controlled demeanor belied the insecurity she felt taking over her late husband's business empire but Scott Gregory was able with one caressing glance to strip away all. Review Secret Admirer by Susan NapierEx model and recent widow Grace gets stuck in a lift with Scott and Scott's old lady date Grace is wearing a long mink coat and Scott's lady is making comments about fur and Grace wishes that she would just shut up She's really feeling very warm wrapped in the coat and it's not hers and she doesn't care about animal skins at the moment she's got bigger problemsAnd Scott's about to find out what one of those bigger problems is He gets insistent that Grace take the coat off before she falls over with heat exhaustion and then discovers that she's not wearing much underneath Rosebud panties She's wearing rosebud panties He's hookedReally embarrassed Grace manages to get away but a few months later she gets advanced warning that Scott's found her See Grace has already been through one Mills Boon just not a published one She was a model and at 18 she married a rich older man He died from a heart attack at 40 I'm always surprised that this doesn't happen often in the romance world given the age gaps and the stressful lives the men have been living I'm sure keeping it up for such a young thing also contributes some strain Ok I'm not surprised because obviously everyone is happy and lovely after the end of their books and live into their eighties and have a thousand grandchildren But I do occasionally think just wait ten years missy and you could be doing all this falling in love stuff again It's mean but I can't help itGrace has been left struggling to hold her husband's company together while corporate sharks like Scott circle and snap at her businessGrace has perfected the art of smizing Smizing is a modelling techniue that means looking smart and smiling and then getting signals from your accountant so that you don't say anything dumb in meetings If you have a different definition of what smizing is that's okay but this is the New Zealand versionScott is a young businessman he's not even thirty yet What is it with these young New Zealand heroes He's got some evidence that he was working with Grace's husband so Grace is going to have to work with him And Grace is going to work intimately with him because he's also signing up to be her business mentorI thought Grace was awesome She was strong and was making a go at managing a business and committing to learn what she needed to know to be successful She was clearly used to hard work and she was smart She was obviously beautiful and pampered and a little spoiled There's a scene when she comes home a little frazzled because her car broke down on the highway and she had to wait ages for someone to come along and fix it for her and when he did the car had the unmitigated gall not to be broken It's a small scene but Grace had this unconscious thing where she expected people to do things for her and I liked that because she was confident and a bitch and she owned it without being made to suffer for itScott falls hard and he's lovely in being strong and while he'll take care of her they had this perfect relationship set up where they would challenge each other and but heads because they would not take any crapThis was a reread for me And from a long time ago because I read a lot of Susan Napier in my teens and Robyn Donald and Daphne Clair I could never really get into Australian settings but I loved New Zealand The only thing this was missing was the heroine retreating to a bach to hide out and being caught in a terrible storm There was however plenty of other entertaining stuffI knew this book from the naked under the mink scene and I had an interesting time because I remembered one pivotal plot point very well but not the other And without giving it away there are other spoiler reviews it's not the obvious one but it's the one that has the most emotional resonance I really look this book and still think Susan Napier writes some wonderfully strong characters