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Free read Blade Song ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub  [Download] ➹ Blade Song Author J.C. Daniels – Kit Colbana half breed assassin thief jack of all trades has a new job track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters It should be a piece of cakeSo why is she so nervous It proba Kit ColbaThe way her gut keeps screaming she’s gotten in over her head Or maybe it’s because if she fails she’s deadIf she can stay just one step ahead she should be okay Maybe she’ll even live long enough to collect her fe. 45 StarsOK Urban Fantasy fans listen up I have a premise for you It involves a woman with a magical sword She is part human but has supernatural blood in her veins Though she is not as strong as some of the paranormal beings around her she is than she appears She is often underestimated She's a bit cut off emotionally Her childhood was miserable filled with training and bloodshed She's sort of a gun for hire now well a sword for hire And her life begins to change with the arrival of a sexy powerful cat shifter who can't resist her strength and her spiritSound familiar No I'm not talking about Kate Daniels though it's hard not to see the parallels there Our heroine's name is Kit Colbana She is half human half aneira which is sort of an race Her father was never in her life and her mother died when she was young leaving her in the clutches of an evil grandmother who tortured her for years She ran away as a teenager and has started a new life for herselfThe agency she owns isn't doing well Between that and a vampire who won't stop stalking her Kit is just about ready to pull up stakes again when Damon see sexy powerful cat shifter above walks into her office with a job The nephew of his Alpha is missing and the pack wants Kit to solve the case Despite Damon's cocky and obnoxious behavior and despite the cats' reputation as crazy she takes the case to save the boy She has no idea at the time that her life will depend on her successThe Cat Alpha is as mad as a hatter and when she meets Kit she lets her know in no uncertain terms what failure will mean Damon is assigned as her bodyguard as she investigates the case And of course he ends up being much much I liked this story very much Even though it seems familiar in some places it didn't really feel like a Kate rehash Kit is damaged in a way Kate isn't She perseveres through grim determination She gets beaten down but her survival is her victory I really enjoyed watching the evolution of her relationship with Damon He is such an ass at the beginning but I could see him changing with her She earns his respect and affection by simply being who she is and by never giving up And when we learn about his backstory so much of his behavior makes senseThe world building is solid here and the characters are fleshed out I admire Kit and her fortitude and I commiserate with her inability to keep her mouth shut Damon is sexy and deliciously Alpha though he pushed me close to my limits at the beginning My only small complaint was the speed in which they make a key decision in their relationship It happened awfully fast for something so monumental but at least they weren't tossing around I Love You's uite yetThe action was intense And while the motivation for the kidnappers didn't exactly tread new ground there were enough surprises to keep me engaged The villain reveal was pretty cool And the writing was fast paced and very engaging I will definitely read the seuel Very good

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With the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier moneyOr maybe it’s all the other missing kids that Kit discovers while working the case or. This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicWhen I first sat down to write this review I realized that I had a bit of a problem — how on earth was I going to rein in my inner Fangirl long enough to put together coherent sentences on just how fantastic this book was I’m still not certain that I am able to do it justice but suffice it to say I loved this book It easily ranks right up there with my adoration of Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series and yes even Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series and I will tell you that is no small feat at allWith not only intriguing characters but fascinating world building new twists on old mythologies as well as original creations and an exciting mystery behind the disappearance of many non human children the story never felt rushed even though it was full of action and multi faceted characters that made it easy to become fully immersed in Kit’s worldRecommended for fans of strong heroines with a horrifying past of alpha heroes with hidden depths and of fresh new twists on old mythologiesAn impossibly solid 55 StarsAs of 710 I've read this three times If anyone wonders why I'm behind on my 2012 reading challenge this is why lol and yes it's still 55 A Slightly Off Topic Rant 10192012I've noticed uite a few reviews where people were upset that Kit wasn't a Kate Daniels clone Kit isn't Kate despite the similarity in names and their penchants for sharp pointy things Kit is well Kit She has a completely different past a different skill set different magic and lives in a completely different world with its own set of rules I can't speak for anyone else but when I first read this and went around the internet gushing to anyone who would listen about how this was the best Urban Fantasy I'd read since the Kate Daniels series it wasn't because I thought that Kit and Kate were so similar it's because I recognized in Kit the same vulnerability stubbornness and potential that I saw in Kate in her first book If you look back at Kate in her first novel she was a lot younger and lacked a lot of the experience and maturity that has developed her character into the awesome power that she is Kit's also like that in some ways she's not superwoman she doesn't always make the right choices she occasionally acts impulsively and she's got her own personal demons to battle just like anyone else And I for one can't get enough of her So please don't go into this expecting a heroine just like Kate Daniels or you're probably going to be disappointed And please don't be put off by the reviews expressing disappointment that Kit turned out not to be Kate Instead go into this book with an open mind and I think you'll find that Kit is a character that you're going to want to follow through many books to comeand yes this is STILL a 55 for me

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Blade SongKit Colbana half breed assassin thief jack of all trades has a new job track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters It should be a piece of cakeSo why is she so nervous It probably has something to do. ● BR with Angela Brigid Marta Robin cathepsut Jessica Jo Catherine Lege and the BBB gang ● DNF at 52%Be happy little vultures we have another addition to the DNF graveyard And let me tell you this one is a real winnerBefore I start I would like to point out that I'm in a very lenient mood today so I won't even mention the Kate Daniels similarities here Besides1 The book is bad enough as it is2 I don't have all day► And the Most Boring Book of the Year Award goes to cue drum roll BLADE SONG Most heartfelt congratulations in order ✘ Boring story✘ Boring female lead✘ Boring male lead✘ Boring inner dialogue✘ Boring banter✘ Boring fights✘ Boring sexual tension✘ Boring vampires✘ Boring shapeshifters✘ Boring witches✘✘ BORING EVERYTHING ✘✘► Kit Colbana Listen honey I really should be resentful right now I mean you did put me through one of the dullest most lacklustre most unexciting experiences of my life BUT I'm in a very lenient mood today remember SO I've decided to give you some friendly advice No no really I insist You can thank me later❂ Friendly piece of advice #1► Stop trying so hard to be either funny or snarky It keeps falling flat Have you ever considered joining a circus I'm pretty sure the clowns in residence would be than happy to give you sense of humour classes ❂ Friendly piece of advice #2► TSTL behaviour gets old very fast Please do try to keep the silly at bay And please do try to think sometimes I'm not asking you to think ALL the time I know that would be too much to ask but once in a while would be nice Your grey cells would be grateful And so would I❂ Friendly piece of advice #3► Stop trying so hard to be a badass It's not working I'm very sorry but I'm afraid I'm going to be harsh here we're friends remember I'm doing this for your own good there is no hope for you in the kick ass department May I suggest a Kate Daniels 101 class Or a Sirantha Jax 101 class Or an Elise Kavanagh 101 class Or a Muse 101 class Or a Kate Prospero 101 class Or a Merit 101 class Hey you're such a lame badass I'm thinking even an Aielana Kameron 101 class would do you some good Scary I know► Okay I know it's not very nice of me to be bitching about pathetic little poor Kit here I should actually be thanking her right now Yes I should Because thanks to her I can take three books off my to read list Hallelujah There is a God and He loves me► ► WAIT WAIT Before I go I have a purely rhetorical uestion for you why does this book have a 384 average rating when Grimspace's is only 377 WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MINDS WTH IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD ▧ Breathe Sarah breathe ▧ It's not your fault if people choose pure crap over pure awesomeness You have to be tolerant And compassionate And forgiving Some of these tasteless people are your friends after all view spoilerI ♥ you dear friends hide spoiler