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Barba Ensopada de Sangue Free download ´ 6 ¼ [Reading] ➻ Barba Ensopada de Sangue By Daniel Galera – His father shoots himself and all he's left with is the old cattle dog and a vague desire for explanation He loves swimming so he drifts south to Garopaba a uiet little town on the Brazilian coast whe His fatheEt little town on the Brazilian coast where his grandfather disappeared Barba Ensopada Kindle in mysterious possibly brutal circumstances decades beforeThere. I read the German translation Outstanding book

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His father shoots himself and all he's left with is the old cattle dog and a vague desire for explanation He loves swimming so he drifts south to Garopaba a ui. Blood Drenched Beard is – let me say it straight out – an extraordinary book It’s a book about the limitations of memory the inevitability of fate the distinction between myth and legend and the boundaries of forgivenessAnd if all that sounds too heavy let me add that it’s an extremely accessible tale expertly translated with a uniue and original character that earns his place as one of the memorable protagonists in contemporary literatureThe character is unnamed We know that he is somewhat unmoored an excellent ocean swimmer who moves to the Atlantic resort town of Garopaba with his father’s old dog Beta after his father kills himself The town is stingy with its secrets; the man’s grandfather a larger than life old gaucho was supposedly murdered there by fellow villagers Or was heThe young man is not only nameless he also suffers from a rare neurological condition called prosopagnosia; he cannot recall faces even his own While he struggles with his own congenital memory black out the village seems to suffer from its own; no one can uite remember much about the grandfather and how he diedIn many ways the character’s trajectory resembles Joseph Campell’s The Hero’s Journey In this archetypal monomyth the hero receives a call – a call that he at first ignores – to head off into the unknown There his guide or magical helper Beta appears and together they cross the threshold into danger facing a series of tasks and ordeals In the end the hero returns free from the fear of deathwhich in turn gives him the freedom to live authenticallyOur character is given this advice “Don’t invest too much energy in these things Folk tales can bury reality forever You’ll only be able to reconstruct what really happened up to a certain point The rest becomes legend” On his Hero’s Journey our hero discovers the stuff that legends are made of The tale is mythic and yet grounded and in many ways foretold and fatedThe book is also beautifully atmospheric I felt I was right there in Porto Alegre and could smell the salty ocean and hear the resort sounds And any avid dog lover will connect to this core story of a man and his dogOne thing I feel compelled to mention The Guardian’s Justin Cartwright wrote a particularly mean spirited review about the “shameful translation” I’ve read a number of translated books and this translation – by Alison Entrekin – is absolutely luminous drawing me into the novel without hitting a false note The new year isn’t even upon us yet and I think I can safely say that this book will be in my Top Ten for 2015 Bravo

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Barba Ensopada de SangueIn the midst of romantic flings and occasional trips he comes to discover than he could ever have imagined not just about his grandfather but also about himse. I see some of the other reviews and I would have liked to have had their experience reading this book