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Blood in the Marsh Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ ➬ Blood in the Marsh Read ➵ Author Ciana Stone – Sometimes things are not what they seem nor are people Lyra Seville is about to find out that little in her life is as she believed it to be She's come home for the summer to St Simon's islaAn present itself in a form that is too appealing so attractive that it's hard to recognize its true nature She'll face the biggest test of her life and make decisions that could cost her life And if she's very lucky she'll find the love she's dreamed of And survi. The story had many interesting twists It was a bit brutal than I normally read but it was hard to put down once I started With the way the story went I would have expected a interesting ending

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Erms with the loss of someone close to her But fate has other plans in mind for Lyra Just as she has returned to the island so has something old and evil Something that once caused much blood to be spilled in the sandy soil and marsh Lyra will discover that evil c. If you like vampire books ones where the vampire ends up being a sexy hunk of a man and lover then this is the book for you Ciana Stone has a wonderful heated way with words and makes you feel like your right there in all the 'action' or at least wish you were This is an ADULT read and should be known as such before reading or leaving around the house for ne of the kiddies to pick upI love many many genres of books and Ciana is one of the reasons I like Erotic Paranormal Romance as well

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Blood in the MarshSometimes things are not what they seem nor are people Lyra Seville is about to find out that little in her life is as she believed it to be She's come home for the summer to St Simon's island where Blood in PDF or she grew up She plans on relaxing and coming to t. I haven't finished this yet but seeing as it is the second time I read this I feel I can give a fair review First I'm going to start of with what really bothers me about the book for kindle and I'm not sure if it is like this in print but I doubt it but every time Lucius' name appears it is followed but his name repeated 6 times There is also a lot of grammar issues but I have learned to read between the lines on those I think the author could have edited this a lot better than she did I will admit that it is a great story though sometimes it is dragged out but I can easily skip those parts if I get really bored I do love how at first Nick was the one she wanted and then when she met Michael they fell in love I honestly think Michael is a much better character personality wise Nick has way to many secrets Lyra with a 'y' is a great character as well She appears to be so timid and shy but underneath that thin layer there is a mature beautiful woman who I believe could kick some real butt Now that I have finished the book for the second time I can add to this review and make it better 1 The typographical errors bother me a lot I believe if the author would have spent time editing this it wouldn't be so bad 2 Nick cocky lying self centered rapist who was trying to own the goddess inside of Lyra3 Chelsea one of your average stuck up back stabbing rich girls I wish they would have killed her in the beginning of the book 4 Lexi a selfish person who seemed to be a major whore and wanted to sleep with everyone in the book5 Leopold creepy guy who turned out to be a good guy who got killed Still not sure why he had to be so creepy 6 Lyra main character of the story who again is a shy timid girl in the beginning I do like the way she became stronger through the book and in the end was able to be with the one she truly loved7 Michael a retired Navy guy who went into the police force His best friend was Nick and at the very end found out that Nick was no ones friend I did like how the book went from present to past But I do believe some could have been left out Also why would May May help Lyra if she was really on the side of the devil