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FREE READ ↠ uintessentiallyMonsters in the Dark #2 ¶ ➮ [Read] ➪ uintessentiallyMonsters in the Dark #2 By Pepper Winters ➺ – “All my life I battled with the knowledge I was twisted screwed up to want something so deliciously dark—wrong on so many levels But then slave fifty eight en“All my life I battled the Dark Kindle #211 with the knowledge I was twisted screwed up to want something so deliciously dark wrong on so many levels But then slave fifty eight entered my world Hissing fighting with a core of iron she showed me uintessentiallyMo. 5 Stars You’re my obsession I’m your possession You own the deepest part of me If you are in the mood for a deliciously dark book thats passionate sexy gripping and emotional this is the one for you Tess is back She has come back to the man she is falling for The man she can’t see her life without is so happy yet very conflicted with Tess’s return He’s afraid She makes him feel different than anyone else One thing he isn’t used to is loss of control She is the only person thats ever made him lose control He tries to control the monster in him but she only seems to bring it out I love I get his struggle and I love him for it but I loved the moments he brought out the monster even I ache to see your flesh bleed scream for me give me what I need let the rivers run the monster inside has won 
What fails to see is how much he really means to Tess How much she loves the way they are craves him sexually and most importantly sees the good in him 
 “Let yourself feel Let yourself accept You’re human than you want to believe” Things are starting to get there with and Tess they are starting to work out how they fit with one another Just when you start getting into what is happening the plot takes a huge turn The beginning was great I loved the direction it was going Then all of a sudden BAM I was shocked There were some things that happened well I can’t even talk about them I was biting my nails nervous as hell waiting to see how this would turn out I love twists like that They make a book for me Just know your emotions will be ALL OVER THE PLACE I don’t want to spoil any element of the plot from here on out it’s really worth reading for yourself Just be prepared It’s insane is a mess Tess is a bigger mess it’s an uphill battle One thing was for sure Tess had changed And I feared I’d never get her back Healing Coming to terms with you you are and what you are capable of Both Tess and have to do this is strong destructive devoted to Tess and there are so many scenes that probably should have made me cringe that just made me fall even in love with him Tess had incredible strength and courage Though some would disagree I think being in that situation would destroy the normal person She only did what she had to do to protect herself I loved and Tess together Their relationship is beautiful will stop at nothing to help Tess to bring her back Things he never thought possible happen And he accepts it All for her Dark Intense Sexy Thrilling Those are just a few words best used to describe this incredible book I thought Tears of Tess was a wonderful debut novel but I have to say this was much better for me It was darker than the first It made me feel made me think and kept me on the edge the entire time I was reading It was amazing to get both Tess and ’s perspective I loved the writing the dark and gritty story line and the deliciousness and sexiness of and Tess together The internal struggle facing both of the main characters This is really a great read that captivated me from the start I highly recommend this series “You’ll never be free of me I’ll never be free of you It’s fate who decides and fate gave us each other” ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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Nsters in eBook #8608 an existence where two wrongs do make a rightTess is ’s completely is Tess’s irrevocably But now they must learn the boundaries of their unconventional relationship while Tess seeks vengeance on the men who sold her made a blood oath to d. “I can’t stop you leaving but I won’t stay to see you go” “The moment Tess walked into my life she owned me I would never be free again I never wanted to be free again If Tess thought she'd leave me by killing herself she'd hate me for eternity when I kept her alive”

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uintessentiallyMonsters in the Dark #2Eliver in the Dark PDF #8608 their corpses at Tess’s feet and that’s just what he’ll do He may be a monster but he’s Tess’s monster This is a story of eroticism horror and sweet tragedy It contains graphic scenes but there’s always light in the darknes. 4 BRILLIANT STARS “Because you’re my monster in the dark and I’m yours” Wow this book was amazingDarkemotionalcrazyheartbreakingMy heart ached for Tess and in this crazy journeyThis book is much better than the first bookIt was completely unpredictable and this is what make me loved it so muchAnd also the difference with first book is that finally I connected with the characters You’d think that Tess and would live a happy life after all they have been through but notheir lives kept getting crazierIn this book the characters struggle to find a place for each other in their livesTheir relationship is testedMany parts of this book are dark So be prepared before you read this bookI liked Tess from the beginningShe is strong fighter and a loverIn this book her limits will be tested and she has to give a battle was really interesting as characterHe isn't perfect and he know it has a dark side but he cares so much for Tess and he tries a lotHe changed a lot He is done fighting his darkness and he isn't putting limits on what he is capable of I can say that I fell in love with him in this book I'm sure to break other parts of you but I don't want the curse of breaking your heart Tess and are perfect for each otherTheir need for each other is so powerfulAnd believe me when they are together in their room they are so hotThey are so passionate You're worth every fight Every argument and bump in the road I'll fight because I'm falling for you uintessentially will make you feel Be brave and read it now