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The competition plunging Bandbox into a newsstand death struggle The magazine's fight for survival will soon involve a sabotaged fiction contest the vice suad Bandbox Harvest MOBI #234 a subscriber's kidnapping and a film actress cover subject who makes the heroines of Chicago loo. It was hard to relate to or empathize with any of the characters in this book there really was no depth or realism in any of the story

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Bandbox Harvest BookK like the girls next door While Harris and his magazine careen from comic crisis to make or break calamity the reader races from skyscraper to speakeasyThomas Mallon has given us a madcap romp of a book that brilliantly portrays Manhattan in the gaudiest American decade of them a. I was surprised by this one I also finished it a while ago and haven't updated in a while so I'm not sure how much I rememberThis started out slowly and is in dire need of a Cast of Characters So many people are introduced at the beginning that it's kind of hard to keep everyone straight Partly because of this I think I found it a bit hard to get into However as I read on I began to really enjoy this Madcap may be a word used in the blurb or it may not be but it surely comes to mind The novel is reminiscent of an old Hollywood comedy and hits most of the right notes It even has an activist vegetarian I love the way Mallon writes This is a very literate novel that manages to capture another era I would say perfectly but I'm not uite that old I have to base it on the old movies and yet manages not to be dated From gangsters to kidnappings and Hollywood drama it's really an enjoyable rompYet somehow it manages to be a little slow hence the three stars It may be that the characters aren't as well developed as I usually like or not uite as relatable I still think this is well worth the read though An enjoyable use of your time particularly if you like the 1920s and old movies please note the majority of this novel takes place in NYC but it is definitely reminiscent of old movies Recommended with slight reservations

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Bandbox Harvest Book Characters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub á [PDF] ✈ Bandbox Harvest Book Author Thomas Mallon – Cuddles Houlihan got clipped by the vodka bottle as it exited the pneumatic tube With that bottle we enter Bandbox a hugely successful magazine of the 1920s run by bombastic JehoshaCuddles Houlihan got clipped by the vodka bottle as it exited the pneumatic tube With that bottle we enter Bandbox a hugely successful magazine of the s run by bombastic Jehoshaphat Joe Harris Harris's most ambitious protégé the bastard son he never had has just defected to run. What a wonderful romp I had picked this book up at least twice before and something always got in the way but I'm glad I stuck with it this time The Bandbox of the title is a men's magazine in roaring 20's New York that has been resurrected and given chest hair by editor Joe Harris who has added crime stories oddball dining features one idea jail food to which the dining critic said I don't know what I'll call it for sure but it'll have 'stir' in the title and arch art photography for the coversOnly one problem One of his top editors has deserted him moved several floors up in the Graybar Building and started a rival magazine Cutaway which is starting to bleed him dryThe struggle over which enterprise will win provides the thread for this ride through the exuberant decade but it's also just a platform for a lot of other characters and situations including a copy editor who loves animals than people and is sickened by the photo editor's love of exotic beasts in cover shoots; a researcher whose mission has been to bed down all the newcomers; a dispirited drunken editor who has given up on his talent and the young writer who wants to save him; and many including a gay restaurant owner Irish cops a Jewish crime boss and his thugs a Tammany Hall judge on the take and as the eventual centerpiece a greenhorn from Indiana who takes off for the big city and ends up disappearing from sight during a liuor fueled party at a publisher's penthouseAlthough it's a plot driven bumper car ride there are also colorful characters excellent pacing and snappy patter It seems obvious to me that Mallon a well known critic and freelance author wanted a movie to come out of this but I don't think one ever didNo mind A film might only suffer next to the mental pictures which is what any book lover might say