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Download Hot in Hellcat Canyon Epub Á 384 pages ä ❮Reading❯ ➳ Hot in Hellcat Canyon ➬ Author Julie Anne Long – A broken truck a broken career and a breakup heard around the world land superstar John Tennessee McCord in Hellcat Canyon Legend has it that hearts come in two colors therKs might cause whiplash and Hot in ePUB #199 weak knees but Britt sees past JT’s rough edge and sexy drawl to a person a lot like her in need of the kind of comfort best given hot and uick with clothes off and the lights out  Her wit is sharp but her eyes and heart not to mention the rest of her are soft and JT is falling B R with the lovely Sam25 starsHot in Hellcat Canyon is one of those books that I'll remember reading in a year but will only be barely able to recount especially any truly memorable moments Those moments that make me smile long after I finished It's not crap Not the main characters JT and Britt though Britt got on my nerves towards the end not the secondary characters not the small town stereotypes not the plot That said I have no clue why JAL felt the need to incorporate The Bitchy Ex trope How to explain this I believe JAL to be one of the 'classier' authors and that trope was a cheap shot in my opinion Why do we still need the bitchy ex to outline the heroine's brilliance Why are we women still doing that to ourselves I don't mind it when one of the main characters still has some sort of unresolved issues with hishers former partner but why does the woman have to be so clichéed Moving onThe Hellcat Canyon series will be a contemporary Pennyroyal Green series with many other characters already introduced and sadly Hot in Hellcat Canyon suffers from the 'first in a series ' syndrome in which a lot of time is spent on introducing us to the various secondary characters a little of their backgrounds the town the atmosphere the legends etc That's also why it reminded me so much of the Pennyroyal Green seriesThat and the language I'll will read the next as I already have it but there were uite a few times where I thought 'Yep JAL needs to learn to speak Contemporary' But now she suspected the man who had once blithely partaken of women as if they were a bowl of peanuts and probably would have blithely partaken of her too before last night    was being careful with her Who speaks or thinks that way I mean it as a non native speaker and someone who had to go through various torturous linguistics seminars I keep trying to figure out how the language adepts to different areas of life socially culturally economically After living in the UK for over 10 years I have yet to hear someone say 'partaken' I know the word obviously but I've never heard anyone say it To use it in this context sounds very HR to me Anyway I'll stop whining now It wasn't as bad as I make it out to be It was still solid writing and the banter actually between all characters was really good Hello JAL Thank you Sam for the wonderful b r and sorry if it was a little chaotic with my RL shizzle getting in between

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A broken truck a broken career and a breakup heard around the world land superstar John Tennessee McCord in Hellcat Canyon Legend has it that hearts come in two colors there gold or black And that you can find whatever you’re looking for whether it’s love or trouble JT may have found both in waitress Britt LangleyHis loo Reread w my friends Gaufre Joanna Nov 2018For my second read of this book I just sunk in a bit to JAL's prose right away JT was charming as expected and Britt wasn't as offensive initially I can't remember warming to her I couldn't remember why And I thought I will think on this Maybe only this while I read this bookOh She didn't show much vulnerability Ever Her grand gesture was sorta putting herself out there in what felt like the safest way possible after it's confirmed how he feels Ultimately that makes it his grand gesture twice in a sense view spoiler I'll forever wonder if they'd end up together if she hadn't seen that wedding video Thoughts hide spoiler

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Hot in Hellcat CanyonHard But Britt has a secret as dark as the hills and JT’s past is poised to invade their present It’s up to the people of Hellcat Canyon to help make sure their future includes a happily ever after “Julie Anne Long’s writing glows with emotional intensity and strong passionate characterization” JAYNE ANN KRENTZ  3 StarsThis book suffered from FBISSFirst Book in the Series Syndrome It was an ok read nothing phenomenal but I enjoyed it and I forgot how real Long’s characters are Looking forward to the next books in the series I'm always messaging Julie on twitter asking her when she's going to write another historical her answer is always not right now And I keep asking and she gives me the same answerI'm surprised she still answers me lol Sooooo since I can't get my hands on a new JAL historical I'll cozy up with her new contemporary series I really hope it's a goodie