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Saving Toby Toby Claudia #1 kindle ✓ eBook Free é Suzanne McKenna Link ✓ [EPUB] ✰ Saving Toby Toby Claudia #1 By Suzanne McKenna Link – She knows his family history But in her heart she’s convinced he’s no killer Claudia longs to escape the control of her dOmetown in the rearview Reluctantly returning to care for his dying mother the only silver lining is that his old crush Claudia will be nearby But when he’s accused of a despicable hate crime he’s shocked when the policeman’s daughter is the only person in town to stand up for himDespite the evidence against him and her father’s persecution Claudia can’t resist her blossoming feelings But the awful secret Toby refuses to disclose could endanger the only woman he can’t live with Toby has had a crush on Claudia since he could remember but seeing her again in his house taking care of his mom brings all those feelings back to life After moving away to get away from his family and his past Toby is back when his mom's cancer returns again It's all temporary though he'll be leaving again as soon as he can He doesn't want to remember his dad see his brother in prison and certainly not get stuck in this town he wants nothing to do with Claudia is ready to try to be on her own even if it means going behind her sheriff father's back She's applied to USC working her first paying job and somewhere along the away found herself liking Toby Faye the son of her client They aren't from the same world however and when bad things seem to be happening no matter where he goes their short lived relationship doesn't stand a chance Toby doesn't know how to love and Claudia doesn't know how to keep loving someone who doesn't want to try It is hard to believe this book is Suzanne McKenna Link's debut novel; it is incredibly well written and a real page turner Main characters Toby and Claudia come to life on the pages and their mannerisms are very realistic Claudia was exactly who I was in school; good driven determined to succeed but curious I really enjoyed her as a character especially when she did things outside of her norm It's easy as a reader to say her mannerism don't make sense but when I think back to being 18 21 the strange self preservation methods are totally true I love how she wanted so much for Toby yet knew her own self worth as well I understood where she came from when she both wanted to be in Toby's life but couldn't She was a perfectly written character in my opinion Toby on the other hand is well stressful He's the kid who you tell no who does it any way the one who jumps off a rock into the water without knowing how deep it is His emotions are all over the place and as a reader you're left wanting to throw a stop sign in front of him to make him slow down and think I could easily picture him in my mind and felt all the emotions as he went through his life It was so hard to read about his feelings but know he physically had no clue how to express them Both characters as well as the minor characters of friends and family are very well described The physical traits from color of skin and eyes clothing type and even odd little facial expressions were so well detailed It was easy to picture the characters and the scene as the pages turnedThe relationship between Claudia and Toby while tumultuous is beautiful I liked their approach of the unknown I liked that it wasn't perfect and I really liked how it was so very realistic The novel takes place over a long period of time three years to be exact While it felt like a very long read at times it really isn't it's just filled with the kind of relationship that's consuming There's also some very heavy subjects dealt with through out the book from family members in prison overbearing parents sexual relationships cancer and criminal activity It seems like a lot but it's handled very well and written into the book over a length of time I have to commend Link for not smoothing out the hard to handle situations I get so tired of YANA books that have something happen that is okay in just a page or two I like the depth and to feel the heartache with the characters Every moment I read this book I ignored something in my own life I was completely immersed and when I finished the last page I had this feeling in my stomach that something was missing Saving Toby is a complex novel not one you can just pick up and read on any old day but one that will take over your life from the moment you start the first page The character development descriptive writing and amazing plot line are just a few parts of this book that I could go on and on about Suzanne McKenna Link has given a gift to readers in this New Adult Contemporary Romance and if I could have the second book in my hands right now I absolutely would

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OutCan Toby and Claudia trust their hearts clear his name and find their way to passion? Saving Toby is the first standalone novel in the stirring Toby Claudia new adult romance series If you like deeply drawn characters emotional roller coasters and fierce devotion then you’ll adore Suzanne McKenna Link’s story of star crossed lovers Contains strong language and explicit scenes Ages 18 recommended•Great for Colleen Hoover and Tammara Webber fans Alternate cover edition for B00EV6K2A When Claudia accepts a job caring for the frail Mrs Fray she isn't sure what to expect other than her father's disapproval  After all she's got one son in prison for murder a late husband who killed a couple while driving drunk and another son who isn't exactly known for staying out of trouble  But she definitely doesn't expect to fall in love with himToby hasn't had it easy  The father his mother adored is the one he remembers as drunk and violent and the older brother who should have protected him wasn't much better  In fact if his mother wasn't sick he'd probably still be a thousand miles away far from the memories of a broken upbringing and the judgmental looks from everyone in town  But for all his problems he can't leave his mother alone  And he can't take his eyes off the beautiful girl taking care of her even if she's way too good for someone like himWith our book review schedule so filled up it took me a while to get to this one and within the first chapter I was kicking myself for waiting  On the surface the characters and setting are so unfamiliar to me that I shouldn't have been able to fall into the story so easily  Life north of the Red River is a foreign concept for me with characters whose lives are altogether different than anything I've known  Their usual way of speaking is like another language and there's a culture there that I simply don't understand  These characters definitely aren't on a farm in Texas  But damned if I didn't get so hooked that it was impossible to put the book downClaudia is good and responsible planning out every step of her life and beginning to push back against the overprotective father who's reluctant to let her make her own decisions  She's got her career plans mapped out her application in to USC and a new job to carry her over until she packs up to get her degree in CaliforniaToby is the kind of boy her father always warned her about  More than just your romance novel bad boy he's got an ugly past and a future that doesn't look much better  He's not just a heart of gold wrapped up in bad decisions  Toby has a mean streak an itch to brawl and the kind of friends that make enemies look pleasant  But Claudia piues his interest in a way no other girl has and he finds himself doing everything he can to make her give him a chanceThere were so many times Saving Toby could have easily turned into just another star crossed lovers story  Toby could have uickly become a better man for Claudia  She could have given him a chance too soon  They could have worked through everything too easily and their problems could have simply been erased with some perfectly timed twist of fate  Instead they took the realistic route the one that had him screwing up and her holding him off and them both dealing with the kind of angst that makes people say awful things  It honestly had me wondering if they were ever going to get through it and find some kind of happily ever after and that's what I loved about it  There was no way of easily guessing what would happen next even if I was hoping for it I couldn't even bring myself to skip to the end for fear of ruining the journeySaving Toby is a heartfelt coming of age story about two very different people finding a relationship they never expected and trying to hold onto it through everything life at that age brings  It's sweet and angsty and frustrating and believable and I can't wait to get my hands on the next bookFicCentral received this book from the author for free in exchange for an honest review Even so we're far too opinionated to let a freebie influence our thoughts or the contents of the reviews we post here

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Saving Toby Toby Claudia #1She knows his family history But in her heart she’s convinced he’s no killer Claudia longs to escape the control of her dad the lawman To prove she’s independent enough to leave for college she becomes a caregiver for the widow of an infamous local family But when the sickly woman’s bad boy son moves back in Claudia is unprepared for his transformation from moody high school loser to drop dead gorgeous hunkToby thought he’d left his notorious family’s reputation and his small h Claudia goes to college and she also has a job She helps sick or old people in their daily life She will help a sick woman who’s the mother of Toby Claudia and Toby know each other from high school but Claudia changed high school a few years ago and they haven’t seen each other since Toby had a crush on Claudia but she never returned those feelings Toby still has that crush and he really wants a chance with her Claudia is hesitant but the time she spends with him the she likes him Claudia and Toby’s relationship won’t always be easy but they want to be togetherClaudia is kindhearted caring innocent friendly and insecure She is a people pleaser She hates to disappoint her father and she loves to take care of people Claudia loves her job and she wants to do anything for the people she works for helps She works hard and she studies hard to graduate at the college of her dreams Claudia isn’t sure what to do with her feelings for Toby but the attraction is very strong She’ll love him very much and she can’t imagine a future without himToby is the kind of a man Claudia’s father always warned her to stay away from He’s a bad boy His family and his friends are far from perfect Toby is lost not happy with his life and not sure what his future will bring He will change for Claudia and he’ll become a better man Toby is over the moon when Claudia gives him a chance He really likes being with her and he would do anything for herI struggled with Saving Toby sometimes Some things didn’t make sense to me and the dialogue was immature sometimes I’ll try the next book in the series I just hope that less things will happen that could ruin Claudia and Toby’s relationship in that novel There was a lot happening in Saving Toby from Toby’s racist friends to an unexpected death My honest review is based on a copy provided by the author