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De glazen stolp is het pijnlijke verslag van een ambitieuze jonge vrouw die niet serieus genomen wordt door de maatschappijSylvia Plath trekt de lezer meesterlijk mee in de toenemende waanzin van Esther Greenwood in de jaren vijftig van de vorige eeuw Na een stage wordt Esther afgewezen voor haar eerste baan en trekt ze weer bij haar moeder in Daar verzinkt ze gaandeweg in een diepe depressie totdat opname in een psychiatrische kliniek de enige uitweg lijkt In januari 2019 verscheen bij Faber Faber in London voor het eerst het korte verhaal Mary Ventura en het negende koninkrijk' Sylvia Plath schreef dit verhaal toen ze studeerde maar het werd pas zeer recentelijk teruggevonden De Bezige Bij There are many who have read The Bell Jar and absolutely loved it I am gladly considering myself one of them I was a little caught of guard when I read a few reviews of The Bell Jar comparing it to The Catcher in the Rye stating how it's the female version of it I liked Catcher but I know there are many people who didn't and upon hearing that may be similar to Catcher not have the desire to read it I assure you The Bell Jar is a book all on it's own and should not be compared to any other book even as a complimentWhen I first started reading the book I was a little put off feeling it was an extremely pretensious novel Her descriptions were crisp and precise often using words that one rarely hears spoken or even read I went into the novel knowing that Plath was a poet and felt that at first the book was just another form of her poetry and her showing off her writing abilities But that only remained within the first two pages because after that I became absorbed The writing that I was a little sketchy about at first helped me visualize the setting and get to know the characters And though Plath never really described many characters as to their personality I began to feel I knew them all intimatelyStrangely enough if you remember in my last review what bothered me most about The Good Earth did not bother me in The Bell Jar Because the Esther the character we are following is slowly descending into madness time no longer matters There are a few times I was confused about the timeline but it did not upset me The book really spoke to me because of my own personal experiences with depression and suicide It spoke to me as a woman and my views on sex and the confusion I'm sure most other girls out there face It's amazing that this book was written and published over 30 years ago really when a new woman was coming out into the world I have a feeling that this book helped women realize that they're not alone and brought things to light that most people have commonly shoved aside; women and men But what else is amazing is how relevant these topics still are today Specifically with suicide and specifically about the virtue and pureness of women compared to menSo I guess that is why The Bell Jar is often compared to The Catcher in the Rye with it's discussions and writings of often controversial titles Setting off a new generation of writers styles and people Another book also came to mind as I was reading and that was The Perks of Being a Wallflower There are moments when I could make a few direct comparisons between the two With Esther slowly seperating herself from socialization and sinking deeper into her own thoughts and depression Analyzing things that go on around her and her surroundings Very reminscent of PerksIf you feel you're suffering from depression madness confusion about topics pertaining to society and sex or just looking for a good read The Bell Jar is definetly the book for you I also advise if you're seriously suffering from depression to get help for yourself There is no shame in it and getting help is better than ending your life Even if you need to go on medication DO NOT feel ashamed especially if it's going to help you even

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The Bell JarVoegt het verhaal toe aan de nieuwe uitgave van De glazen stolpDe glazen stolp The bell jar verscheen voor het eerst in 1963 vlak daarna pleegde Plath zelfmoord Het werd in het Nederlands vertaald door René Kurpershoek in 1981 dit is ondertussen al de 7de druk Speciaal voor deze versie werd ook het kortverhaal ‘Mary Ventura en het negende koninkrijk’ toegevoegd Een goede reden om ook deze druk in huis te halen En de fans van de poëzie van Sylvia ik moeten ook zeker dit boek kopenDe glazen stolp is een klassieker die alom geheel terecht geroemd wordt Plath schrijft hyperrealistisch het voelt ook nog steeds hedendaags aan én bevreemdend Ze schrijft pijnlijk trefzeker ontziet niets of n there once was a girl from the bay statewho tried to read finnegan's wakeit made her so illshe took loads of pillsjames joyce has that knack to frustratecome to my blog

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PDF Ê BOOK The Bell Jar FREE ê GWAIRSOFT º [Reading] ➺ The Bell Jar Author Sylvia Plath – Gwairsoft.co.uk De glazen stolp is het pijnlijke verslag van een ambitieuze jonge vrouw die niet serieus genomen wordt door de maatschappijSylvia Plath trekt de lezer meesterlijk mee in de toenemende waanzin van Esth De glazen stIemand heeft oog voor het kleinste detail én bezit een geweldig gevoel voor humor Esther Greenwood de hoofdpersoon en haar ambities haar dromen de mallemolen in haar hoofd die draait en draait Plath laat je moeiteloos meevoelen meeleven en bijna begrijpen hoe het voelt om Esther te zijn Wie is er gek en wie niet? Waar ligt de grens wie bepaalt de norm? Meer dan 50 jaar na het verschijnen van dit boek is het voor jonge vrouwen nog steeds niet evident om ongeremd anders te zijn gewoon zichzelf te zijn Een eigen koers varen wars van etiketten en vastgeroeste wegwijzers blijft gevaarlijk Daarom blijft dit boek verplichte kost voor elke vrouw die meer wil zijn dan het zoveelste schaap in de kudd Everything she said was like a secret voice speaking straight out of my own bonesA light at the end of a tunnel? May be A flicker of hope? Perhaps A cloud with a silver lining? Possibly Eventually it’s the doubt that remains a constant companion while one is busy gathering shreds of a life which apparently turns into something unexpected something frail something blurred something sour something like sitting under a Bell Jar There are no promises to keep and no expectations to be fulfilled except a small desire survives somewhere a desire wishing for wings of freedom to gather their strength again to soar high in the sky and letting the old brag of heart to leap out and declare in a booming voice – I am I am I amAnother book another writer and another winner I simply loved The Bell Jar I approached it weighing under the burden of my hollow prejudices and expected a story that won’t surprise me in any remarkable way but Sylvia Plath She gave me a valuable gift in the form of this book I’ll probably come across as heavily drenched in my emotions here but it’s not every day one finds something which perfectly vocalizes the suppressed whispers of one’s past and an immediate present Another case of deep connection? Not exactly Just the right amount of shared feelings and a long awaited consolation that I’m not the only one I felt dreadfully inadeuate The trouble was I had been inadeuate all along I simply hadn't thought about it I felt like a racehorse in a world without racetracks or a champion college footballer suddenly confronted by Wall Street and a business suit his days of glory shrunk to a little gold cup on his mantel with a date engraved on it like the date on a tombstone No self pity or depressing delusions just plain simple confession which born out of the realization after an official entry into the real world The Bell Jar is about Esther Greenwood but I would like to view that name as some sort of anagram which encompasses everyone of us within it maybe not in its entirety but in bits and parts In all likelihood nothing is there in a name and surely I can’t speak for everyone else but I know that there’s something in the writing style of Sylvia which holds the power of drawing readers in her tale and no matter how much one tries to break free from her words because they hurt it’s almost impossible to do so Esther made me laugh with her honest descriptions of the world and the people around her She made me her accomplice in her jokes and in her secrets and she made me empathized with her and her plights but at the same time I was grateful that she was able to share her pain without appearing miserable or demanding any form of solace She is She is She is That’s how I cheered for herI uttered 'nothing new’ many times while reading it but considering it as a book written 50 years ago which still resonated at such an inexplicable level with me is fascinating to think of Should I mourn at the repeated instances of histories which repeat themselves or cheer about the knowledge that there lived a girl who had a talent of telling something on behalf of most of us? I’m still contemplating about those uestions but I guess they’ll lose their significance in time to come and only magical essence of Sylvia’s words shall remain with me Piece by piece I fed my wardrobe to the night wind and flutteringly like a loved one's ashes the gray scraps were ferried off to settle here there exactly where I would never know in the dark heart of New York