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Book í The Good Muslim Í 304 pages È Tahmima anam È ➺ The Good Muslim Free ➰ Author Tahmima Anam – From prizewinning Bangladeshi novelist Tahmima Anam comes her deeply moving second novel about the rise of Islamic radicalism in Bangladesh seen through the intimate lens of a G absence to find her beloved brother transformed While Maya has stuck to her revolutionary ideals Sohail has shunned his old life to become a charismatic religious leader And when Sohail decides to send his son to a madrasa the conflict between brother and sister comes to a devastating climax Set in Bangladesh at a time when religious fundamentalism is on the rise The Good Muslim is an epic story about faith family and the long shadow of w This compelling novel is a follow up to A Golden Age While The Good Muslim is a story on to itself it definitely would be much better appreciated having read The Golden Age First It has been over 10 years since Bangladesh won independence however there is still no real democracy The two young Golden Age protagonists brother and sister Maya and Souhail are now in their early 30s and have gone different ways Maya is a medical doctor secular and still holds her revolutionary beliefs that she had as a student On the other hand Souhail has renounced his past and become a religious fundamentalist Their mother Rehanna does what she always has devote herself to her family I love Tahmima Anam writing because she enables you to live with her characters You feel like they are real people and you know them even when you don't always understand them or even agree with themHonestly I did not know much about the history of Bangladesh until I read these two novels Reading these types of books is a window into learning about and understanding new cultures I can only recommend it

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From prizewinning Bangladeshi novelist Tahmima Anam comes her deeply moving second novel about the rise of Islamic radicalism in Bangladesh seen through the intimate lens of a familyPankaj Mishra praised A Golden Age Tahmima Anam's debut novel as a startlingly accomplished and gripping novel that describes not only the tumult of a great historical event but also the small but heroic struggles of individuals living in the shadow of revolutio This is the second in a trilogy the first being “A Golden Age” and continues the story of the Haue family and is again set in Bangladesh It can be read as a stand alone but it does help to have read the first one This part of the trilogy focusses on Rehanna’s two children Maya and Sohail It switches from just after the war and independence to ten years later It charts the very different directions the siblings take as a result of their experiences during the war Maya becomes a doctor and helps women traumatised during the war performing abortions for many who were raped; she then spends time in a village as a medic having left her home She returns at the death of her brother’s wife and the switching backwards and forwards gradually fills the gaps Sohail has become religious; Islam is now his focus and he is a charismatic teacher and preacher He has followers and sometimes travels to spread the message Their very different takes on life creates tension between the two and their mother Rehana is oftencaught between the two Sohail has a son Zaid who also plays a significant role The story is told from Maya’s perspective She is essentially a non believer There are no purely good characters and some difficult topics are covered including child abuse torture and cancer Anam is not afraid to chart her way through chaos and crisis I think this is a complex work than the first in the trilogy During the civil war there was a goal and those with differing opinions could work together Now the war is over there are different directions that can be taken upholding the old maxim that war is easier than peace Maya has learnt a good deal about her country’s patriarchal mind set in her work as a village doctor and so she finds her brother’s solace in religion very difficult Anam manages to be fair to both siblings and resists the temptation to go for easy answers and solutions; although her heart clearly lies with Maya The whole is well written and I will certainly look out for the third in the series

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The Good MuslimN and war In her new novel The Good Muslim Anam again deftly weaves the personal and the political evoking with great skill and urgency the lasting ravages of war and the competing loyalties of love and beliefIn the dying days of a brutal civil war Sohail Haue stumbles upon an abandoned building Inside he finds a young woman whose story will haunt him for a lifetime to come Almost a decade later Sohail's sister Maya returns home after a lon I had high expectations from Tahmima Anam when I very randomly came across her second book tucked away in the corners of a bookstore in the Bangladesh airport I thoroughly enjoyed Golden Age and had recommended it to many non Bangladeshi friends Imagine my surprise at finding out a uarter of the way through that this book is a seuel to Golden Age I kept my frustrations at check about the glacial pace and the jumpy narrative and breezed through the pages At the end as much as it pains me I have to say this is not a good book With 'Golden Age' you got the sense that Anam was able to look inside the mind of Ammoo But with this one I never got a sense of why Maya does what she does and I don't think Anam did either I wonder if that is why she unsuccessfully shifts her narrative voice in the middle Other than a few sounds bites about the dichotomy of culture and religion among Bangladeshis it falls short in writing editing and finally saddens with a climax that could be foreseen a mile away