CHARACTERS The Legendary Mizners 107

CHARACTERS The Legendary Mizners

CHARACTERS The Legendary Mizners 107 ✓ [EPUB] ✺ The Legendary Mizners By Alva Johnston – The real life adventures of Addison and Wilson Mizner the subjects of a new Stephen Sondheim musical GoldAlva Johnston's joint biography of Addison and Wilson Mizner is a delightful portrait of two of The real life adventures of AddisonEnce during the various booms The Legendary Kindle of the sAddison the elder was a self made architect and real estate dealer who designed many of the fantastic homes of the fantastically rich in Palm Beach He could age a house and its furnishings to any period his client desired and would pay for Wilson's adventures were. I love the illustrations by Reginald Marsh almost as much as reading Alva Johnston's witty prose that probably does great justice to this pair of unforgettable brothers They remind me of Jimmy in Better Call Saul smart fellows each in his own way who dared defy regulations and showed what they could do Addison Mizner was the genius architect and reproduction furniture maker who was determined to craft furniture that would look 150 years old by virtue of beating it with chains I liked the way he strived for authenticity if he was making a reproduction medieval building for a client one side had to look as if it had been attacked by arrows and whatever else Wilson was a complete character if you thought Addison didn't sound like one and what a LIFE What a reprobate He was the wit of whatever place he lived in coined the phrase the real McCoy while training a prizefighter and could not be counted on for anything He was a con artist Edward De Vere 17th Earl of Oxford would have loved the man and invited him to his writing court I made sure to snag this book from my ex husband's bookshelf since he would never miss it

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The real life adventures of Addison and Wilson Mizner the subjects of a new Stephen Sondheim musical GoldAlva Johnston's joint biography of Addison and Wilson Mizner is a delightful portrait of two of the early twentieth century's most clever and infamous rascals Born in the s in California the brothers uickly rose to promin. Many architects have imagination Frank Lloyd Wright once remarked but only Mizner had the courage to let it out of its cage I had completely forgotten this book until this afternoon when a photo I'd taken in Florida of Mizner Park came up on my screen saver Although I'm not sure this is the most accurate biography of Addison Mizner and his brother Wilson it certainly is the most entertaining Addison is best known for creating the faux Spanish baroue style that has become the hallmark of toney Florida cities such as West Palm Beach and Boca Raton His brother Wilson was a bit of a scoundrel but a superb racconteur playwright and all around character During his long and cheuered career he was a prospector a boxer manager screenwriter and hotelier In his hotel he was known for posting signs that read Guests must carry out their own dead or No opium smoking in the elevators and such things He was a bit of a opium addict himself actuallyWhile it was Addison that I'd bought the book to read about I found it was Wilson and his bon mots who was the most appealing However the material on Addison has been useful on our occasional treks down to Florida where my husband was raised I hate the beach but he adores it I console myself by setting up camp somewhere like Boca Raton and visiting the nearby lovely Japanese Gardens or driving about on Mizner pilgrimages that is checking all the outlandishly overdone palatial homes in the area Whether they were really designed by Mizner or not is not crucial as he was undoubtedly the one that got all those over the top extravaganzas started These and similar frivolous pastimes while away the hours as my husband gradually turns lobster red on the white sands of the Florida coast So one could say Mizner has provided a happy solution for what might otherwise have become a spot of marital discord

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The Legendary MiznersEven daring and varied and his uick wit was legendary In addition to getting rich on the Alaskan gold rush he had careers as a singer playwright prizefight promoter con man real estate salesman and shady hotel owner Perhaps his most famous uip was one he delivered on being told that President Coolidge had died How do they kn. Wilson Mizner is the original reality starroguish opportunistic and wildly funny In this case Mizner isn't a dolt he intends to be funny and his uips are on par with Oscar Wilde This bio follows primarily Wilson and brother Addison from California to Alaska to Florida There are stops in LA and NY but it's the section on Boca Raton that truly explains the Sunshine State Anyone who's been to Florida will instantly recognize why that state is in the state that it's in