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The Senator's Wife Read & Download ¾ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ❴Reading❵ ➽ The Senator's Wife Author Karen Robards – A public scandal A private torment A love that changed everything Ronnie Honneker is the senator's wife  When she fell for the dashing politician the stars in heAtely she is in turmoil and falling passionately in love with Tom  As Ronnie and Tom seek shelter in each other suddenly the unexpected happens  The senator's violent death thrusts Ronnie into the spotlight as the leading suspect in his murder  Now only one thing can prove Ronnie's innocence the whole shocking truth. I liked the book Possibly because i am the age or older than the Senator's Wife and the yung woman is my grand daughter's ageBelievable

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Our of politics can't make up for Ronnie's loneliness or her husband's affairs  Especially the one that explodes into a media sex scandalPursued by reporters Ronnie reluctantly lets handsome political strategist Tom uinlan clean up the mess  She agrees to publicly stand by her man until after the next election  Priv. I really tried to power through this one but alas I failed I couldn't finish it The characters were shallow selfish and immature At first the senator's wife sounded like a driven young woman who pulled herself out of poverty by succeeding in collegebut even though she was capable of building a career for herself she chose to marry up Vain and obsessed with being rich she puts up with her husband's infidelity and step children's hate just for the luxury of living as the senator's wife Instead of the career she probably dreamed of as a kid she attends tea parties and entertains guests for her husband Our male protagonist is introduced to help improve her public image and even though he had a stable romance going for him Mrs Senator decided she was the one for him They fall in lust started have an affair and without the adeuate political intrigue to distract me from the annoying pair I had to put the book down Not even curiosity for the mother daughter duo that were on the run from her room mate's murderer kept me going The plot dragged on too slowly the main characters made my eye twitch and I honestly couldn't go onHopefully I'll be able to come around to finishing this later but for nowThe Senator's Wife is shelved

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The Senator's WifeA public scandal A private torment A love that changed The Senator's Epubeverything Ronnie Honneker is the senator's wife  When she fell for the dashing politician the stars in her eyes kept her from seeing his flaws  And when she discovered his constant need for other women it was already too late  Now all the glam. I'm usually sad when a good book comes to an end mostly because I want to find out what happens next and often because I like the characters In this case I was relieved to be finished with itI didn't like Ronnie the main character at all And I didn't find the love story believable It was lust nothing She and Tom barely knew each other and only mentioned physical attributes when they talked or thought about each other the color of her hair how hot she looked in a dress her white skin etc Nothing was ever said about how interesting fun caring or intelligent either of them were They didn't ever seem to miss just being together or talking to each other It was always always always about sex and nothing else I thought Ronnie was annoying and very entitled especially when she was so angry and hostile because he tried to ignore her advances He apparently had some misgivings but she thought nothing of coming on to an employee and cheating on her husband And then when she fell in love she had to think about whether or not she wanted to walk away from wealth and material possessions I honestly didn't find one redeeming uality in her at all Marla was far interesting and I wish we had heard of her story She seemed real and multi dimensional but her chapters were short and there weren't that many of them The book would have benefited from a better balanceI also thought the writing was often lazy Both times a stun gun is used someone dropped like a stone Really Were there no options other than using a tired old phrase just a few pages apart I also thought the explanation of the murders was rushed and not at all satisfying I generally keep books that I have read but this one is going to a Book Exchange It could have been so much better