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R centuries have disappearedAlexa King is a covert agent for the Crovir First Council Cold deadly unrivaled on the battlefield she is the perfect warrior When her godfather Dimitri approaches her for a mission that could elucidate the enigma of her lost past Alexa is drawn into the dangerous and shadowy world of secret religious societies along with Zachary Jackson a gifted human and Harvard archaeology professor assigned to help herIn their hunt for the missing artifacts Alexa and Zachary cross path with a sinister. I got a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review35 stars I had read and reviewed the first installment a couple of months ago and I liked this one a little better The action to revelations ratio seemed better paced to me and didn't leave me with the same dizzying sensation as Soul Meaning did There is a lot of action—the characters are after all up against a sect that doesn't hesitate to shoot whoever gets in the way and whose arm reaches several countries—but I thought it felt compact and put to better use It might be confusing sometimes in that the author describes various kinds of moves so if a reader doesn't know those terms picturing said moves could be difficult; fortunately it wasn't a problem for me at least those Body Combat classes taught me the names of various kinds of kicks I keep thinking that just like Book #1 King's Crusade would make a good action movieAt first I wasn't sure about what to think of the conspiracyarchaeology side because it's been played a lot in so many stories already On the other hand though it's a bit cliché I do enjoy my dose of sexy looking archaeology geek professors who find themselves embroiled in secret societies warsSpeaking of which I liked Jackson as a character In the beginning I was afraid he'd turned some kind of womanizer when Alexa recruits him he's in bed with a woman but it uickly appeared that once on the job he'd do it seriously and involve himself even though things were clearly dangerous He's in in for the money the mystery the scientifichistorical interest not for the nookie Neither he nor Alexa let themselves get distracted by feelings in the middle of a fight and proved to be competent in their respective fields As for Alexa she knew what she had to do she did it well and she was the no nonsense kind of character I likeWhat dampened my enthusiasm We don't get to know Alexa that well What I mean is that she's got a bit of an amnesia thing going although it's only when it comes to her early childhood; and I would've liked to find out what happened to her what led to the events of the prologue before Dimitri found her I don't really agree with the ending view spoilerPart of me is glad that Alexa and Jackson managed to remain together However another part thinks that it seemed a little too easy I could sense that kind of HEA coming from ten miles knowing what happened to Reid at the end of book 1 hide spoiler

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King's Crusade Seventeen #2Sect whose origins are as mystifying as the relics they are searching for and unveil a centuries old plan that aims to shatter the very structure of civilized societyFrom North Africa to the doors of Vatican City and beyond Alexa and Zachary must outwit the enemy and uncover the astonishing truth behind the missing artifacts and Alexa's own unearthly origins before all is lostThe exciting action packed follow up to Hunted and the second installment in AD Starrling's bestselling supernatural thriller series Seventee. Review Originaly posted at’s Crusade is the second installment in Seventeen Series and although I haven’t read the first one Soul Meaning I didn’t feel left outIn these books AD Starling has crafted a uniue world where immortals live amongst ordinary men and in some ways craft the turn of whole civilizationsOur story begins when the Crovir immortat Dimitri Reznak is trying to discover a cave that holds some precious artifacts only to find them stolen He then contacts his god daughter Alexa King and he entrusts her to recover them Alexa is a highly trained warrior with a mysterious past but that’s the only thing we learn about her her cryptic nature puts her in a distance with the reader we hear her thoughts but we scarcely hear her voice up until the last page Even her interactions with Reznak who actually is her only living family are made with nods and few Spartan wordsWith the help of a Harvard professor Zachary Jackson chosen for this job for his exceptional intelligence Alexa is starting an adventure that will take them all across the world Hidden artifacts secret sects freemasons Buddhist monks and catholic archbishops’ they all play an important part in this storyIn this book we get to know many interesting characters Dimitri Reznak is one of them as is the mysterious Hasley and Lucas and Anna Soul who make an appearance like “deus ex machina” to save the dayThe only thing that troubled me is that the action scenes take far too long to finish it’s not possible to follow all those complicated moves that Alexa pulls off and seem almost surrealKing’s crusade is fast passed world wide thriller with unexpected twists that will keep you at the edge of you seat and I enjoyed it greatly

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ King's Crusade Seventeen #2 Í [Reading] ➿ King's Crusade Seventeen #2 ➶ A.D. Starrling – The perfect immortal warrior A set of stolen priceless artifacts An ancient sect determined to bring about the downfall of human civilizationWhen a team of scientists unearth scriptures older thThe perfect immortal warrior A set of stolen priceless artifacts An ancient sect determined to bring about the downfall of human civilizationWhen a team of scientists unearth scriptures older than the Dead Sea Scrolls in a cave in Egypt a mystery lost to the tides of time is uncovered Heading the expedition is Dimitri Reznak the Head of the Crovir Immortal Culture History King's Crusade PDFEPUBSection But the monumental discovery is spoiled by evidence of looting and half the priceless artifacts Reznak has sought fo. 375Short review Holy shit 2 the seuelLonger review Parts of this book were fabulous At times couldn’t read fast enough or put it downThe problemThe writingSo after my initial disappointment over this book not revolving around Lucas and Reid I found I liked it Having fresh characters kept it exciting and several pages in I was so glad it featured Alexa and JacksonSo far so goodYes butBack to the writing my only problemJackson is one of the main two characters So referring to him constantly and by constantly I mean 73 times as The Harvard professor is crazy It put distance between me and the story every single time And 73 is a lot of times I know I can be picky at times but this just doesn’t work Surely this can’t just bother me I mean why Seriously whyThis book is full of great characters It has a story that kept me glued to my kindle Any other time this would have been a 4 or 5 review But I can’t give that rating to a book that made me cringe about 70 timesAnd it’s not just the Harvard professor We also had The Immortal 91 times etcThis book like the previous one is crazy OTT There’s far too much fighting and action for me But somehow it worked I found I liked it than the last one It felt balanced and worked well story wiseIt’s just the executionBut The Harvard professor aside I’m moving straight onto the next one