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read A Duke in Shining Armor epub ß Kindle Edition Ñ ❮PDF❯ ✈ A Duke in Shining Armor Author Macy Barnes – When her family was slaughtered and she was forced into a life of servitude by her aunt and uncle Emily Moncrief had given up all hopes of having a family of her own When the handsomWhen her family was slaughtered and she was forced into a life of servitude by her aunt and uncle Emily Moncrief had given up all hopes of having I have Nothing good to say about this book Nothing Zilch Nada Not one damn word And I always make it a point to give praise where praise is due Now let's get into the list of things I do have to say1 Run on sentences 2 Use of wrong words as3 Bad grammar4 Bad writing with no imagination5 Plot that could have been good but isn't6 Zero character development7 Dialogues that are too on the nose too cliche too much like the dialogues you'd find in a historical romance spoof8 You can not relate to or connect with anyone9 Flat emotional tone10 What feels like writing11 No exploration of relationship dynamics or it's development 12 No apparent reason for the mcs feeling the way they do a trope in a lot of books but apparent and unenjoyable here cause bad writing13 Sexual tension between them reads false or forced or just sudden out of the blue14 None of the witty banter and sweet romantic dialogues for which one picks up a historical romance novel15 Female Mc is a toe tag a proper maiden in distress I don't blame her for her parent's death or her mistreatment by her relatives But lady Show some spine I've read books with that go along the Cinderella lines step parents blah blah But the MCs still showed a lot agency which made them a lot real16 Almost all other characters seem to be throw away characters With no real importance to the plot or it's progression17 The interactions between the characters are too short to give the reader a read wink wink on their relationship dynamics so you can't get emotionally invested or in anyway interested in the book###### THIS BIT IS SPOILERY####18 Everyone becomes the best of friends with everyone at a glance No literally They do Juliet the male mc's sister who is vaguely interesting discusses her wish that Jon should pay her attention in front of Mc on their first meeting She then says who are you first sentence to Emily that's the female Mc then well apparently you know how it's done if you have already stolen my brother's heart tell me how on earth do you get a man to notice you? with just that one comma in that entire run on###### SPOILER OVER#######19 Missed commas20 How Emily and the male protagonist's first meeting and second meeting and every interaction go21 How instantly Emily trusted a random dude male Mc with her life story and life How she then also obeys him from that point on22 Fact that the book and it's characters are so forgettable that I've forgotten the male mc's name despite the fact that I am reading the book while writing the review See I realized the book was shit and decided to finish just so I could write a full review I am now switching back and fourth between my good reads app and the reader app The short length of the book is good for this and for my sanity Hey I found something good to say about the book now on to the next problemProblem 23 Time just flies by The book keeps making time jumps during which the relationship dynamics of characters change the reader never gets to experience that gradual change that we see in most books We read these books to vicariously experience those relationships and how they change and flow it's what keeps us wanting to read what let's us connect And what is glaringly missing here 24 Badly written foreplay that seems to be sloppily and half heartedly put in by a virgin with no imagination25 I love you that comes out of the blue cause you're not expecting it You're not expecting it cause there was no buildup to it except some badly written nipple pinching There was no buildup to it cause time jump I love the I love you moment in books it's kinda the semi climax before the actual climax in romance novels It's the POINT OF the ROMANCE NOVEL hello It's a ROMANCE NOVEL Give us the romance Don't just time jump it###### THE REST IS ALL SPOILERY ######BUT THE ENTIRE BOOK IS ALREADY SPOILED SO REALLY DON'T BOTHER CARING 26 This whole fucked up scene ####Premise At some point in the book male Mc I know I must have read his name a few times But fuck it I have forgotten it again Anyway male mc my mom is annoying she's meddlesome she says I can't marry a girl without her approval And she wants me to marry Elisabeth#####The sceneMale mc I will talk to my mom get her approval Me ooh The book will have conflict now and maybe just maybe become interesting Male mc mama I wanna marry EmilyMama OK Go for itMe should have known lazy writing at it's laziest27 Badly written sex Oh gosh So so so so so badly written sex With the corniest most cringe worthy pillow talk28 Plot points that aren't sufficiently exploredExample this sceneEmily I overheard my uncle and aunt say I'm a bastard My pop isn't my popMe conflict of emotionsMale mc don't careEmily OK great28 The scene where she finds out her parent's death was her uncle and aunt's fault cause they made shady business deals She then grows a spine and says I will deal with this Male Mc then says nah don't bother your pretty self you just look after the wedding preparations I'll take care of this She says oh you handsome man OK Here take my agency again and here's a knife cut off the balls I just grew29 just wait till Jon sees you in that dress Juliet I bet he will think of you as a child no Emily says to the tomboy Juliet Translation don't be yourself Just dress pretty30 Suddenly Emily becomes an expert in the affairs of the heart and gives advice Again Out of the blue lines preceded by time jump This is literally the second scene after the cut the balls I just grew scene FYI the scene after that is her wedding and the book endsI've changed my mind there's one flaw here 31 the book was too long32 This read like a sloppily written Cinderella book for adultsHave no spunk and have no spine?Oh oh lady that is just fineFor a man will find you by pure chanceAnd ask you wed him with or without a dance He will make all your problems go away You just look pretty and I love you he'll saySounds familiar?

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A future together?This is the first book of the Regency Heroes Series about gentleman who are noble and rescue their lady loves no matter the cos Good story but someone needs to proofread it

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A Duke in Shining ArmorA family of her own When the handsome Duke of Norchess arrives he vows to honor and protect Emily but will secrets from her past keep them from 35 really A sweet short read A few editing mistakes that weren't numerous enough to pull me from the story but were frustrating because it is something that could be so easily fixed