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Free read Drungi AUTHOR Ragnar Jónasson 106 é ➣ [Epub] ➝ Drungi By Ragnar Jónasson ➭ – Elliðaey is an isolated island off the coast of Iceland It is has a beautiful unforgiving terrain and is an easy place to vanishThe Island is the second thrilling book in Ragnar Jonasson's Hidden Ice Elliðaey is anElliðaey is an isolated island off the coast of Iceland It is has a beautiful unforgiving terrain and is an easy place to vanishThe Island is the second thrilling book in Ragnar Jonasson's Hidden Iceland trilogy This time Huld. This series has an interesting format in that it’s written in reverse order Book #1 The Darkness gave us Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdóttir at the end of her career with the Reykjavík police In this outing we go back a bit to 1997 as she investigates a suspicious death on the island of ElliðaeyTen years ago Dagur’s family was ripped apart when his sister was murdered in a rural cabin Thanks to a brief prologue we know what happenedsort of They used to hang with Benni Alexandra Klara 3 other school mates who have since become estranged So when Benni gets in touch it’s a bit of a surprise He want to get the gang together spend the weekend on an island to honour the anniversary of the death Hmmmremote island just the four of them no way to leave Sure sounds good It’s not long before Reykjavík police get a call Seems a young woman has fallen to her death on Elliðaey Hulda has been going through a tough spell jumps at the chance to leave the city behind Her subseuent interviews with the remaining friends only lead to uestions the sneaking suspicion she’s not getting the whole story from any of themThis is not a flashy fast paced thriller It’s a uiet reflective mystery that is almost about the characters than the crimes Not to say there aren’t any twists in the plot because there are Secrets from the past present are revealed But it’s the background relationships of these people that form the bulk of the story help us understand how they ended up where they are At the centre of it all is Hulda Her mother recently died the death of the young woman has reminded her of the loss of her own daughter 10 years ago She’s never known who her father was other than he was an American GI stationed in Reykjavík during the war One side story deals with her search for him I really enjoyed this part You desperately want her to find some happiness in her small colourless life I love it when a book opens with a creepy prologue It’s always tucked in the back of my mind as I read keeping an eye out for howwho it’s related to in the story Here we get 2 that occur in the late 1980’s you’ll have to pay attention as there are shifting time lines Because of the pace content this one didn’t grab me as much as The Darkness But I do enjoy spending time with Hulda Books that feature a mature female detective are rare Her life experience dedication give her a different take on events enable her to think outside the box unlike Lýdur her lazy pompous bossThis hushed atmospheric read perfectly mirrors the Icelandic landscape serves as a reminder that wherever you go your past travels with you 35 stars

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E Westfjords Is there a killer stalking these barren outpostsWritten with Ragnar's haunting and suspenseful prose The Island follows Hulda's journey to uncover the island's secrets and find the truth hidden in its darkest shado. rounded up to 45 StarsLast fall I read The Darkness book one in Ragnar Jónasson’s Hidden Iceland trilogy and I loved it so I knew I had to get my hands on The Island as soon as I could Not only is Jónasson’s writing simply superb but he’s masterfully created a character in Detective Inspector Hulda Hermansdóttir who I thought after reading book one and believe even now after reading The Island is one of the best fictional detectives I’ve encountered; she’s high spirited gruff driven to succeed and we find out of why she is that way The Island like his previous book is hauntingly atmospheric and bone chillingly suspenseful The novel starts out slowly but is perfectly paced It’s obvious that Jónasson is a master at pacing atmosphere plots and his characters as he writes this storyThe novel begins in 1987 in the past when a romantic getaway goes horribly wrong leaving a young woman murdered Ten years later in the present day four old friends travel together on the anniversary of her death to a cabin on a remote island off the coast of Iceland called Ellidaey It can only be reached by boat—no phones no escapeNothing about the trip seems like a good idea as the desolate scene provides the setting for a tragedy—of the four friends only three come home alive Was it an accident Was it murder How is the death ten years ago tied to the one in the present dayJónasson expertly ties together the plot from the past and the present with Hulda investigating both the tragedy that happened on Ellidaey and what happened a decade ago The story is multilayered rich and complex and any lover of mysteries suspense and nordic noir will be sure to love this one The reveal is slow teasing and not given away early; in fact I was shocked pleasantly since I always figure out early the whodunitAs far as nordic noir goes Jonasson is a master of the genre; if you haven’t dipped into nordic noir yet then I highly recommend starting with this series Although you can read The Island first I would recommend reading them in order as they are extraordinarily and brilliantly structured in reverse chronological order The Darkness takes place at Hulda’s retirement while The Island picks up 15 years earlier in the middle of her careerIt seems like a challenging structure for a trilogy but Jonasson has pulled it off fabulously I can’t wait to read book 3 in the series and learn about Hulda and finally know all the missing pieces of her life The Island was unputdownable It is cleverly written and original without being overly dramatic like some thrillers which I LOVEDThank you Joseph Brosnan at Minotaur Books for my gifted review copy to read in exchange for my fair and honest review

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Drungi AUTHOR Ragnar JónassA is at the peak of her career and is sent to investigate what happened on Elliðaey after a group of friends visited but one failed to returnCould this have links to the disappearance of a couple ten years previously out on th. This was my chosen Christmas Eve read an Icelandic tradition and I read it cover to cover in just over two hours an utterly compelling and beautifully descriptive story that is impossible to put downThis is the second in the Hidden Iceland series the story of Hulga but in reverse order so in The Island not only do we get a new and intriguing mystery but also hints about what leads Hulga to her ultimate fate in The DarknessIt’s an interesting way of telling a story and in this case it is working brilliantly Knowing what happens to Hulga in the future really informs how you read about her pastThe mystery element is clever and as usual the author layers his characters beautifully This is one of those books you sink into and was the perfect chilly winter read on the night before Christmas Or at any timeHighly Recommended