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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ GWAIRSOFT.CO.UK ↠ Marjane Satrapi A New York Times Notable BookA Time Magazine “Best Comix of the Year”A San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times Best sellerWise funny and heartbreaking Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi’s memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution In powerful black and white comic strip images Satrapi tells the story of her life in Tehran from ages six to fourteen years that saw the overthrow of the Shah’s regime the triumph of the Islamic Revolution and the. I knew a little about Iran Not much but a little I knew it had been through a lot of changes and that most of those changes had been steps backward when it came to personal freedomHere's a cool little 1 minute video that gives you a visual look at some of the changes in style if you're interestedAlright What I didn't know was the hows and whys And to be honest it never occurred to me to delve much deeper There was a revolution some religious nutters took over and then everyone started dressing like they were back in the stone agesPeople in my country choose to wear burkas so I just assumed most of the people in Iran thought it was a good thing Now maybe my original views sound sort of stupid but in my defense I honestly don't understand why anyone does anything when it comes to religion So covering yourself head to toe doesn't sounds any weirder than not using birth control avoiding certain foods or refusing medical treatment And don't get me started on that My Husband is the Head of the House shitMy point is if people willing do those things because of religious beliefs why not clothing stuff Hello Amish much But really this story is about much than just clothes It's about the slow and methodical war waged on freedom of any kind in Iran and it's told through the eyes of a woman who lived through it as a child Since she comes from a wealthy and educated household you get a different perspective than maybe you would otherwise Her parents are actively protesting the changes while also trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in their home Growing up in a home like that made an impression on her and you can see how she bucks and rebels as she approaches her teenage years She wasn't raised to be uiet and docile so she chafes under her country's regime My son and I read this one right around the same time and he thought it was an incredibly enlightening story as wellActually he said something like this Hey that was pretty cool I didn't know any of that stuff happened in Iran High praise from the teenagerAnyway I'm looking forward to reading the second part of this story becauseThat Ending

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READ Á Persepolis ✓ ❴Read❵ ➪ Persepolis Author Marjane Satrapi – A New York Times Notable BookA Time Magazine “Best Comix of the Year”A San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times Best sellerWise funny and heartbreaking Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi’s memoi A New York Times Notable BookA Time Magazine “Best Oes of the revolution allows us to learn as she does the history of this fascinating country and of her own extraordinary family Intensely personal profoundly political and wholly original Persepolis is at once a story of growing up and a reminder of the human cost of war and political repression It shows how we carry on with laughter and tears in the face of absurdity And finally it introduces us to an irresistible little girl with whom we cannot help but fall in lo. 45 starsI went into Persepolis with all the ignorance of an European girl born in the '90s With all the ignorance of someone who sees war and conflict from afar who is been used to being safe her whole life because war just doesn't happen around here Because we may send our soldiers to fight but it's always somewhere else Things are changing I don't feel that safe any And in a time of fear and escalating paranoia when people all around me murmur and whisper that they're all terrorists they're all fundamentalists they're all the same blinded by ignorance and hatred I feel the need to do something for my own ignorance To educate myself on all the things I still don't know about the world I didn't know a lot about the Islamic Revolution in Iran The history books I read at school and university do not seem to care about it very much; it's always about the West Students barely have any idea of what the past was like in the rest of the world because the general opinion is that they do not really care The few things I knew about it were just from the news and the newspapers a book here and there a fleeting mention by my parents; but still a very faraway reality I am a fairly political person if you can call it that but I'm not trying to turn this into a political debate Terrorism has always been real Strangely enough though we hardly ever hear of all the people that are killed in the Middle East because their lives seem somehow to be less important than ours Because until something hurts us the ones with the money the power the technology and the weapons it remains invisible Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi's autobiography set in Iran in the late 1970s and early 1980s The art style is simple in black and white almost childlike and its simplicity manages to make the narrated events even impactful Satrapi tells the story of the Islamic Revolution with the innocent voice of a young girl and yet it is immediately evident how easily her mind was influenced by the world around her her school her parents the news the things people told her She did not know what to believe Had the Shah truly been chosen by God Did she really have to wear the hijab if she didn't want to Why did she have to go to an all girls school Why couldn't she wear tight jeans or denim jackets or go to parties My impression is that the Western world often wants us to think that it's us against them the oh so civilized West against the Middle East and to forget that the people who are not fundamentalists are in fact the vast majority Satrapi doesn't try to make her childhood in Iran look better than it was but she doesn't try to make Iranians look like pliant puppets either They fight They resist Satrapi's parents are revolutionaries and since childhood she experiences the fear of imprisonment and death sees her classmates go to their fathers' funerals the people around hear flee to Sweden the United States England After a while she starts to rebel too In the middle of Teheran the fighter bombers cross the sky and people are forced to hide because of the bombings and still Marjane speaks up at school listens to Iron Maiden and reads books she's not supposed to read In her own way just like her parents she fights back too I can't recommend this graphic novel enough It does not spare the reader the horrors of war but it also shows things from the naive and yet extremely perceptive perspective of a child It is not an history lesson though it does give a lot of information about the Islamic Revolution in Iran which I really appreciated and it is both moving and educational

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PersepolisDevastating effects of war with Ira The intelligent and outspoken only child of committed Marxists and the great granddaughter of one of Iran’s last emperors Marjane bears witness to a childhood uniuely entwined with the history of her country Persepolis paints an unforgettable portrait of daily life in Iran and of the bewildering contradictions between home life and public life Marjane’s child’s eye view of dethroned emperors state sanctioned whippings and her. They are among the rare books that I give a 5 which meansa they will come with me wherever I gob I will read them again and again until I remember every single sentencec I will not lend them to people pTita introduced me to these books I have been very interested on Iran and was even contemplating to read the autobiography of Farah Pahlavi the Empress of Iran After repeated visits to the bookshop to flip the pages of this autobiography I wasn't sure if I wanted to part with my money for the typical self indulgent autobiographySo Persepolis immediately caught my interest and I wasn't disappointedThe books tell an honest and poignant story of a well to do family during the political turmoil in Iran from the perspective of the little and in book II adult Marjane Satrapi The story is told thru' a stark black and white drawing I marvel at her ability to present only relevant and interesting highlights of her life and Iran and meld them all to one solid flowing story They are sometimes tragic moments but told without self pity In between there are generous doses of light funny moments I laugh and I cry reading this bookOne of the most powerful parts for me is when the parents who love her so much let her go to study in Austria She talks about how horrible goodbyes are and how important it is not to look back after you say your goodbyes You can be scarred with the image you see when looking back How trueI won't say about these books All I can suggest is read them You won't regret it They open mind to what hardship can be when freedom of self is not allowed They are enganging They are entertaining They are sad They are funny They are everything I hope a book can beThanks Tita