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REVIEW Ô Return to Peyton Place ✓ ➶ [Read] ➲ Return to Peyton Place By Grace Metalious ➾ – In 1956 Grace Metalious published Peyton Place the novel that unbuttoned the straitlaced New England of the popular imagination transformed the publishing industry topped the bestseller lists for than In Grace MetInGrace Metalious published Peyton Place the novel that unbuttoned the straitlaced New England of the popular imagination transformed the publishing industry topped the bestseller lists for than a year and made its young author one of the most talked about people in America In the sizzling seuel Return to Peyton Place picked up where Peyton Return to MOBI #234 Place left. While I do love this old classic Connie Mackenzie's new husbands name in Peyton Place was Tomas Makris and in Return to Peyton Place his name is Michael Rossithis was confusing until I did a little research about the reason for thisapparently the character of Tomas Makris bore the name and description of a resident and co worker of Metalious's school teacher husbandhe sued for libel and won an out of court settlement for 60000Tom Makris was renamed Michael Rossi

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Respectable New England town is revealed as a vividly realistic cauldron of secrets and scandal Peyton Place and its seuel Return to Peyton Place the books that readers used to hide under their mattresses are now recognized by scholars as the Silent Generation's Perfect Storm and predecessors to the women's liberation movement Treat yourself to this rediscovered classic. Whew Finished If not for the Bestseller Puzzle Reading Challenge and my commitment to read this book I would have abandoned it because I remembered not being crazy about the original PEYTON PLACE when my book club read itIn fact that was one of only two things I recalled about the original PEYTON PLACE1 That the teenagers played Spin the Bottle; and2 That is was soap opera y and trashy and I didn't like itRETURN TO PEYTON PLACE picks up where the original left off and I had to read a plot summary to remind me of the characters and their over the top situations Yes I know the first book blew the lid off small New England town life when it was published much in the way the town gets turned upside down in THE HELP another non favorite of mine but I can't help thinking Metalious kept a paper bag full of Horrible Things People Do or Have Done to Them beside her typewriter and she would just reach in when inspiration was reuired RETURN has the added detraction of having character Alison become like Metalious herself a successful bestselling author whose book causes a stir and gets made into a movie Which means we have to trek through all the behind the scenes of the publishing biz and Hollywood and the author's disillusionment Might have been interesting to readers in the '50s but pretty cliche now down to Alison's tiresome love affairs Bleh And if you like '50s witty repartee prepare yourself for a healthy dose All the smart characters speak it like a regional dialect Double blehOn the plus side Metalious is lovely with the setting and seasons of her sorta fictional town and I enjoyed those bits If only the town had been unpopulated

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Return to Peyton PlaceOff Allison MacKenzie now the author of America's bestseller is thrown into the glamorous whirl of the smart set of New York and Hollywood At home the rest of the most controversial characters in s American fiction continue to create a stir in this ongoing expose of sex hypocrisy social ineuity and class privilege in contemporary America Peyton Place the small seemingly. It's not a bad book but it's not Peyton Place The place the characters are the same except for Tom who is became Mike Rossi which is a very greek name if you wanna know but the intentions of the book are completely different For me at leastIt's the story of Allison not of the citybut maybe I was expecting too much because I've just finished to read the first one and I've deeply loved itAs I said it's not a bad book it's enjoyable and funny and gossipfull t's not even a word I think but I prefer to consider Return to Peyton Place a completely differnt story not the seuel of the first one And I'm still annoyed after than two hundred pages because of the name changing from Tom Markis to Mike Rossibecause REALLY You couldn't find nothing better than a italian name for a greek man