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Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow Book Book ¹ 166 pages ✓ [Read] ➳ Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow Book By James N. Powell – Just as you see of Nature when you are uiet you discover of your own sexual emotional depths when you become still In Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow Book you will discover a pacifPenned two volumes on South Seas sensuality Also Kunio Kitamura Head of Japan's Family Planning Association enthusiastically promotes Powell's thoughts on Polynesian style passion as a way for couples to deepen sexual sensitivity and fulfillment He writes Polynesian sexinvolves taking a long timeandallows energy in the form of weak electromagnetic waves similar to the concept of ki to flow building up to create large wave Slow LoveA Polynesian Pillow Book is a beautiful book of love that transported me to a tropical paradise To silence oneself and be still enough to be present in the moment of love for love’s sake and not just for the climax seems like common sense How can one find true pleasure with their partner if you rush and treat your lover like a task to complete? We spend a lot of money on spiritual and self help books not once considering sexuality can be spritiual too If only the western world could take from the Polynesian culture the natural flow of sexual awakening and not make sexuality so clinical cold instilling an unnatural fear in the young there would be less sexually confused stunted people roaming around The western world tends to see sex as something dirty and spends most of their time teaching it in scientific terms It is important to understand the science of sexuality but it doesn’t reuire killing off the spirituality and beauty of it as wellPowell's writing is than a stop and smell the roses approach to lovemaking; it is a guide to opening your heart knowing your desires and connecting with your partner on a deeper level In Western Culture we are bombarded with ideals of what is sexy what beauty should look like that sex should be hard fast and raw if Hollywood is to be believedand those very ideals are what damages the chance for loving freely Slowing down and immersing yourself in the smells the feel the warmth of your partner getting inside of their beingas close to the core of their soul is the way to genuine love The path to pleasure cannot be met with fear nor can it be found by rushing and missing all the beauty on the journey We would all meet with wonder if we could slow down and experience the journey and not focus just on arrival and self Love making for two is about pleasure for two and not just focusing on what you will get out of it to the detriment of your partner It takes courage to open your heart and this pillow book is a key to pleasure of the senses and the soul Lovely

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S that encompass the entire body and bring enormous pleasure and happinessFor several years James N Powell has been changing the way the Japanese make love as part of a government effort to boost Japan's declining population His secret? Slow Sex Here he suggests that just as you see of nature when you are uiet you'll discover of your own sexualemotional depths when you become still Spirituality Health Magazine MayJune 2009 Earlier I wrote I'm on page 107Love what the author says about the ocean and breathing TidesHelloit is now April 2011 and I confess I am starting overfrom the beginningthis book is intenseI feel so shy about my feelings about this bookBut now I confess I am going to start over Too much time has passed for there to be flow and this book is very oceanic with tides I want to begin again with the next new moon Unless I cheat

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Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow BookJust as you see of Nature when you are uiet you discover of your own sexual emotional depths when you become still In Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow Book you will discover a pacific unifying approach to passion James N Powell's writings on Polynesian lovemaking have been warmly embraced in Japan where they sparked the Polynesian sex vogue Inspired by Powell's writings Hiroyuki Itsuki Japan's uber author and Buddhist thinker We can all learn something elouent and beautiful about love making from this book Truly knowing and understanding your partner can make for a wonderful experience and the best way to know your partner is to first know yourself and only then can you be true with anotherI really appreciate that Powell speaks of slowing everything down and really enjoying not only the motions but the emotions and to enjoy them means to go slowly This is a beautiful book about love understanding and loving not only the one you are with but yourself as well