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The Savage Summary Ï 2 å [Read] ➯ The Savage By Frank Bill – In the raucous and action packed follow up to Donnybrook mayhem is still the order of the day only soFrank Bill's America has always been stark and violent In his new novel he takes things one step fu In the raucous and action packed follow up to Donnybrook mayhem is sE rings in his head as Van Dorn sets his sights not just on survival but also on an old fashioned sense of justice Meanwhile a leader has risen among the gangs and around him swirls the cast of brawlers from Donnybrook with their own brutal sense of right and wrong of loyalty and justice through strength So this is not the distant postapocalyptic future this is tomorrow in a world Bill has already int. THE SAVAGE by Frank Bill is the third book by the author of “Donnybrook” and “Crimes in Southern Indiana” with all three taking place in rural southern Indiana that represent the dark side of life in rural settings with the prevalence of crimes and violence involving people raised without hope or ability to see a way out of their current existence; although this one differs as it has a new character who is a young man struggling to survive in the violent aftermath of an economic collapse in the United StatesSeveral factions exist at odds with each other and Van Dorn is the young man who has to defend himself after killing a deer for much needed meat having been discovered by a group led by a man with a tattoo of a thorny crown going by the name of CottoCotto is impressed by the way Van Dorn acuits himself in the confrontation and develops a plan to capture him with intent to teach him to train the young men he’s kidnapped from local families to be an armyDorn is the son of Horace and the two lived previously with a woman only known as “The Widow” but is now on his own and in search of a young woman known as “the Sheldon girl” whom he had known from the past after seeing that she’d been previously captured by Cotto during his confrontation with himApocalyptic conditions present Dorn is confronted with several horrific exchanges involving locals affected by the breakdown of society and ensuing madness he finds running rampantSome of the surviving characters from the author’s previous books become part of the story and Dorn crosses paths with them and others from his own past and is learning to accept the teachings of his late father; especially to trust no one in his journey to survive and rescue the young womanWell written with detailed descriptions of the conditions present and what is brought out of both the desperate and opportunistic; it is violent at all times as befitting the brutality present in a lawless rural environment such as exists in this novel yet if the reader can withstand extreme violence there is a solid action packed story contained and it might be of interest to readers of the “Thuglit” and “Blood and Tacos” books as well as novels by authors such as Adam Howe Johnny Shaw and the like5 stars

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Roduced us to Now he raises the stakes and turns his shotgun prose on our addiction to technology the values and skills we've lost in the process and what happens when the last systems of morality and society collapse The Savage presents a bone chilling vision of America where power is the only currency and nothing guarantees survival And it presents Bill at his most ambitious most elouent most powerf. This book is nuts A crazy ultra violent cross between Mad Max Cormac McCarthy's The Road and yes Shogun Assassin it's definitely one for fans of blood soaked 80s action movies I hadn't read part 1 Donnybrook but it rarely impacted my enjoyment

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The SavageIn the raucous and action packed follow up to Donnybrook mayhem is still the order of the day only soFrank Bill's America has always been stark and violent In his new novel he takes things one step further the dollar has failed the grid is wiped out Van Dorn is eighteen and running solo dodging the bloodthirsty hordes and militias that have emerged since the country went haywire His dead father's voic. Whatever you do please read before reading this which is basically a seuelSeveral of the main characters from that novel are featured prominently in thisThis one is even violent than DONNYBROOK yet author Frank Bill has swapped the knee slapping redneck whooping humor for nigh club footed poetic epistles to what's been lost in our headlong dive into the first uarter of the 21st century Our moving away from our rural roots the family farms the earth itself and for our urban cousins the loss of factory work and manufacturing leaving us dependent upon an indifferent government with its give away programs built on an imaginary non existent dollar Cotto said Tell me of these clans They's the Aryan clan The Chicken Foot Tharp clan The Methodists and many They're a mixed mass of men and beliefs who once fueled the counties with weed whores guns and old time religion until the dark came and crippled the rules and laws Now they've regrouped and are creating their own clans that are about their own devices tossing men into pits forcing them to do harm to each other or be shot face first the man who wins is the man who can eat and bring his owner territory It's savage Bill halted his words sweat taffied his frame he'd a deep hurt an ache that pulled him in and out of reality and he told Cotto Some say this chaos it is the result of the Donnybrook fallout New game New rules Similar to those in the cities who start fires in abandoned houses Hide and watch them burn from a distance cheap entertainment Others preach this new system is an offshoot of the Disgruntled Americans as these people are looking for a new outlet a new decree a man to follow Bill waited let his sayings curve his tongue swim about Cotto's intellect and he told But it shall not be you This dystopian vision of an America gone crazy over the devaluation of the U S dollar with cities wiped out from urban gang warfare panic setting in and chaotic pandemonium spreading into America's rural outback where Americans have set up warring militias redistricting regions according to how many weapons they can acuire how much man power Meanwhile in between fighting one another Americans engage in a futile war with drug gangs from Mexico Guatemala and El Salvador These gangs have invaded as far into the Midwest as Indiana enslaving women and children after murdering the menfolkIt reads like a White Nationalist's fever dream caught between coversIt was all fantasy to me Good guys bad guys indifferent guys Tough as nails women warriorsMuch gun play Much goreGrim stuff Serious businessI'm leaving my own political leanings at the door and giving this radical right wing shindig 5 stars WhyI guess I just like Frank Bill's writing style politics be damned