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It's taken five years for Cassie Warner to come to termswith the violent act that shattered her life and resultedin the end of her marriage to Van Haddon Now forthe What do i sayi completed reading in the night but i m so conflicted with the story and decisions that the heroin tookThe story is that the heroin Cassie was raped in the houseshe had left the bathroom window a little open for fresh airthat monster came through the window held the knife at Casie's breast and raped herher husband could'nt deal with it and became distant whenever he tried to make love with Cassie he always had images of that monster taking Cassie and he is then unable to make love to Cassiewhich Cassie took as rejection she thought he was shamed and cannot touch her but he repeatedly said that he was never shamed but he is unable to remove the images from his mind and he wants to kill that monster who did it but Cassie chose not to believe him and went ahead with what she thought does the distance widened between themHer father was another storyLeo never looked into her eyes and blamed her for keeping the window open indierectly blaming her for the rape and was cruel to her unintentionallyall Cassie wanted was her father's support and assurance everything will be fine and the town was another storythey constantly kept talking about the incidentsome blamed her some pitied her some laughed at her and even went ahead saying she deserved iti was so angry when i read this line cause my firm belief is no matter how bad the woman may be but no woman deserves this cruelty done to heranyways the monster was caught and sent to jail but still the talks as always continuedso when Cassie found out she was pregnantshe asked for divorce and left the townnever informed her husband she was pregnant and made a life for herselfshe started a shelter Kind Heartswhere the woman who were raped were given lovecarenurturing and counselling and then as the pregnancy continued she also decided to discard all bitter feelings cause without making peace with the bitterness she won't be able to love the child and also went to counselling for 3 years and named the child hopeNow her father is sick and she is called back that is how the story starts and how she deals with coming back to the town and facing the past and the love of her lifethe story was very interesting cause here the author has not only picked up a sensitive issue such as rape but also another difficult issue rape childwhich how Cassie deals with it and when she has finally decided to give birth she makes peace with it and never ever makes her daughter feel unwantedi applaud Cassie for this cause its so difficult to be pregnant with rape child and it is so difficult to face the situation but Cassie made the most difficult decision of her lifesomewhere down she also knew seeing the child's face she will remember the incident but Cassie handles and deals with it so bravely But the things i disliked were Cassie never gave time to her fatherhusband to come to terms with the incidentwhen her hubby told her he never blamed her so many times but she choose not to believe himeven in current time she keeps pushing him awaybut if he is seen with another woman she is angry and so jealous Cassie was so confused when it came to her love and mariage but she handled motherhood so well It is not a easy read but the book takes a hard look at the issues that affect families as well as deep emotional traumas

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The Man from Her PastHer the object of scandalized whispers but she still hopesto avoid Van Because even though their marriage hasended it doesn't mean their feelings for each other have It's ok it tries to be realistic but she changes her mind so often it's a bit annoying

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READER × DOC The Man from Her Past ´ 9780373714353 À ANNA ADAMS À ➳ [Read] ➮ The Man from Her Past By Anna Adams ➾ – It's taken five years for Cassie Warner to come to termswith the violent act that shattered her life and resultedin the end of her marriaSake of her ailing father she's returned toHonestybringing with her the secret that resultedfrom the fateful nightCassie knows showing up with her daughter will make GoodThis was a good book dealing with a tough issue The way this family dealt with tragedy was not good and it takes 5 years for them to deal with it