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Ill do anything to be with one of them Even tell him the truth about angels why she never sleeps and the scar on the back of her neck But one of the two has set events into motion what will pull her toward her own judgment and turn her into the object of her greatest fe review by MegslyWarning possible spoilers aheadBranded follows 20 year old Jessica Bailey who is a teenage run away who never sleeps She can usually reach almost 100 hours with no sleep before her body starts caving in on her The reason she doesn't sleep is because she has night terrors extreme night terrors In her dreams she finds herself locked in a room awaiting trial An angel she calls Adam with gray eyes which is apparently indicative of whether or not they are fallen or not? Gray means he's neutral territory retrieves her from her cell and takes her to face a jury of ten; five condemned angels and five exalted angels decide her fate If she passes she is thrown upwards into the heavens and if she fails a hot bar of metal shaped like an X is pressed into the nape of her neck branding her before she is hurled down to the pits of hell by the condemned She's never tried as Jessica Bailey though it's always someone else's name that is called outSometimes she's tried as a man sometimes as a woman Sometimes she's young and sometimes she's old Every once in a while the good list far outweighs the list of bad things the person has done and sometimes she is lifted to the heavens but most of the times she's thrown down Every time however she feels the excruciating agony of wings bursting forth from her back no matter if she's being sent to heaven or hell Funny thing is the nightmares aren't just nightmares Every time she wakes up Jessica finds a fresh brand on the back of her neck and an outline of wings tracing her shoulder blades and down her side raised ever so slightly from the rest of her skin Not surprisingly because of these nightmares Jessica has an intense fear of angels She hates them despises them with a passion that most people reserve for murderers and child abusers at one point she has a melt down over someone making snow angels I did kind of laugh there I love snow angels #randomobservationsAfter finally giving up on a strained relationship with her mother Jessica runs away from home at 16 and makes her way north where she uickly finds a job caring for a house in a small wealthy community in a town in north western Washington state At 20 Jessica savors her alone time She's awkward around others and doesn't want anyone living near her for fear that they'll hear her screaming at night She socializes with only one person Sal her reclusive neighbor who is barely able to live on her own after suffering extensive injuries from an abusive husband years prior So when the owner of the house she cares for randomly shows up in the middle of the night she is less than pleased not but unhappy enough to overlook the fact that her boss is a hottieOne thing leads to another and Jessica is forced to deal with the company of Alex her young employer who enjoys having her around She stays in her apartment but as time progresses the two begin to spend and time together It's a rather cute relationship development especially considering it's near impossible for her to hide her nightmares from him with only thin walls separating her basement apartment from the rest of the house Once he knows the truth she lets it all come tumbling out and surprisingly Alex never uestions her claims of the trails In the meantime a new neighbor has moved into the house next to Sal which has disrupted the woman's way of living At the same time in an attempt to find some form of normalcy to balance her relationship with Alex Jessica has begun attending yoga classes in town which leads her to become friends with Emily and introduces her to Cole who is Sal's new neighborStrangely enough everything seems to tie together very neatly There are literally only 5 characters Jessica Sal Cole Alex and Emily The way these 5 characters wrap up into one another is a little too neat of a package for my liking It seems a little too ideal however I still enjoyed each of the characters Cole is seemingly obsessed with Jessica and shows up at all the right times to help her in times of need when Alex is not around Emily and Jessica find a common connection that I was never anticipating and Emily holds the answer to ending Jessica's nightmares but will she tell her? And then there is Cole who both Jessica and Emily find vaguely familiar but neither can figure out why And then Sal who's so disrupted by Cole's presence that she attempts suicide is a dark shadow of worry in Jessica's mind In the meantime while Jessica's previously uiet life is becoming fulfilled with the presence of others her nightmares are growing worse her scars burning longer and strange perfect feathers are appearing in unexplained places such as Sal's hospital bed and the edge of Jessica's windowsill The way this story unfolds is very enjoyable The author writes very well there are minor errors in the print mainly having to do with tense changes which really annoy me so perhaps that's why I always zone in on tense errors but for the post part the plot carried me past that I enjoyed the resolution to the story I thoroughly enjoyed the twist on angelic lore and the way Taylor depicts angels as nothing purely innocent or purely evil I also found it fascinating the way she handles the judgment of sins against humans It's a war between good and evil until the very last second before an individual is casts up to heaven or down to hell The character development is believable and it's easy to understand why Jessica ran away from home and why she chooses to live in solitude The changes she makes in herself after meeting Alex are also believable because of the way the author presents them to the reader Over all though I probably won't be going out to add this book to my physical bookshelf I'll enjoy it on my Kindle and will be looking to add the second book in the series to my Kindle soon as wellBelow is my rating of Branded Fall of Angels by Keary Taylor These are reflective strictly of my opinion of the novels I've read and reviewed and are not necessarily reflective of the other staff members of MVF Story Elements plot – 7 Character Development 7 Grammar Punctuation 8 Prose – 7 Paranormal Element 8 Total Score 7410 total score is derived from the average of the 5 individuals scores

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Branded Fall of Angels #1Alternate editions for this ISBN can be found here ebook here pbk and here ebookJessica's had the nightmares for as long as she can remember Nightmares of being judged for people who have died of being branded by the angels Her friends and family think she's a crazy bec Well I had to give my own work 5 stars right? Keep an eye out for Forsaken the second book in the Fall of Angels coming this fall

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kindle ☆ Branded Fall of Angels #1 Ù 374 pages Ó Keary Taylor Ó ❰Read❯ ➭ Branded Fall of Angels #1 Author Keary Taylor – Alternate editions for this ISBN can be found here ebook here pbk and here ebookJessica's had the nightmares for as long as she can rAuse of it all Yet she carries the mark of the condemned seared into the back of her neck and hides it and herself away from the worldBut when two men she can't ignore enter her life everything changes including the nightmares The two of them couldn't be different She w First of all negative stars a shelf created especially for this book because it left such a bad taste in my mouth that the only stars I can possibly give are those below zero As you might have guessed Branded made me angry and therefore it will be impossible to review this without spoilers However many of the plot is so obvious and unoriginal that the spoilers aren't that substantial Also some explicit language will be used because sometimes there is just no better way to express your opinion Note as well that this is a rant disguised as a review so it's long You have been warnedI considered several times to just DNF this one but a part of me hoped it would get better It did notI originally had this one classified as high hopes but after re reading the blurb I honestly have no idea what gave me that impression I blame the cover because angst love triangle and insta love were already pretty much announced It's probably my soft spot for fallen angels retellings although the only decent ones I have read this far are Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Angelfall Edit I can't believe I forgot Unearthly How did that happen? I blame you BrandedThe basic set upJessica is a 20 year old runaway who is a housekeeper for an elderly couple She lives next door to Sally Thomas a woman who has been the victim of spousal abuse and spends her days shopping groceries for the two of them When she's not playing the good Samaritan she's a general recluse who only sleeps one night every four days or so In her dreams she's a proxy for a recently deceased person who is now being judged by angels and almost always branded the sign that she's condemned to an afterlife in hell She has the scars to prove it They include the branded X in her neck which always throbs after her nightly adventures and then there is something with her having protruding shoulder wings Some random flashbacks break up the narrative even and then one night yes middle of the night a guy bursts in and takes up residence in the house she's a caretaker for Turns out he's the owners' out of this world hotgorgeousdelicious grandson and the owners have died He's completely random travelling the world to seem interesting and stuff When he conveniently needs to go meet with his lawyer for a week because something is wrong with the will let me think maybe the fact that the grandparents left loads of money to a girl that doesn't even work for them now but can still live in the house because logic convenience and vicinity we're introduced to the second love interest who has dark features and of course a British accent Legitimately evil that one is It's practically a given with him being European and allOn to the part that gave me so much rage that I almost started kindle throwing It's uite sad really because my kindle was a Christmas present and I wanted to inaugurate it with an angel story hoping it would be decent and enjoyable but lol no the universe doesn't allow some reading relaxation when you're in the middle of exams because obviously you just need stress and exasperation in those times Anyway the rage inducing factorAs I already said in my very objective synopsis Jessica's neighbour used to be married to an abusive piece of shit Jessica tells us so repeatedly but the causality within these passages is just off At times it is used as a ploy to illustrate how good of a person Jessica is for helping out Sally who is by the way so traumatised that she can't leave the house and lives in perpetual fear of human contact I'm sorry being nice to a victim of abuse shouldn't be used as character development it's fucking basic human decency Worse however is the passage that introduces Sally's abuse and its conclusion The conclusion is that the husband was reported good had to pay even better and that's why Sally Thomas is so disgustingly rich that she can afford to just throw one hundred bills at Jessica WHUT? It gets better Before we know how Jessica earns an income this is given as the explanation why she can go shopping for groceries every single chapter before da boyz show upAnd this is where I drop dead because I choked on my disgustEXCUSE ME? You know what I'm willing to chalk this fucking disturbing plotline up to a case of bad causality in the sense of Milton wrote Paradise Lost His wife died He wrote Paradise Regained or my personal version I used to believe in God My sister was born I lost my faith but let me just add that it is things like these that prove why self publishing doesn't work for everyone I'm not saying self publishing should be banned because I'm actually very much in favour of new ways for people getting out the stories they feel the need to tell but this wasn't the only reason Branded could have benefited from editing More on that later The bottom line here is that you don't exploit a trauma such as domestic abuse to justify why a character has money and in extension how the MC can provide without a decent income Again it wasn't yet stated that Jessica made her money by housesitting The only thing such a connection makes me think is how convenient and that is the absolute last opinion I want to have when it comes to abuse The rest of it was just plain annoying I have never read Twilight but seen and read enough to or less come to the conclusion that Jessica is a Bella Swan rewrite Also absolutely nothing happens except for pretty creepy and disturbing stuff that I'm sure was not meant to be read that way It had potential with the living on borrowed time arc but the only thing that was used for was to say who was to blame for Jessica's nightmares Surprisingly it was everyone but her I'm not saying this needed a thorough philosophical examination of what time means to the human being to have merit but this was just ridiculousSo Jessica This girl is one big chunk of interior monologue and it never ends She has no sympathy whatsoever Take Emily for example She considers Jessica to be her friend and confides in her So guess what Jessica's reaction is when Emily tells her that her stepfather used to abuse her and that that is why she has run away from home? Jessica actually gets angry because Emily doesn't want to tell her how she made the dreams stop It's also so fucking annoying that Emily's condemnation was supposed to be a suspenseful revelation while it was so very obvious what the one thing that guarantees you a front row seat to eternal condemnation is I don't even know my Bible that well and it was still easy to guess Hint it's not blasphemy because apparently angels are free agents in this world which is something I can get behind but it's used to such ridiculous ends that it all feels so derivativeThere's not even an instinct that tells Jessica to for one moment think of someone besides herself This also shows in her dealing with Sally So Alex creepily shows up and follows Jessica around because apparently the twenty something gorgeous guy doesn't have a social life Jessica has a movie night with Sally which she conveniently forgot because damn Alex and his delicious exterior He then tags along and both of them think it will be no problem for an unfamiliar man to show up on the doorstep of a person who is so traumatised she can't even do her own shopping No probs because blonde and blue eyed Alex is such a good guy that Sally instantly trusts him and her status as the local guy o meter will be used when the second love interest shows up Indeed it's fucking genius to put an abused woman in that roleThe love interests are not all that great either It's obvious Alex is supposed to be every good girl's wet dream but I'm sorry the moment a boy I barely know bursts into the bathroom when I'm showering only to ask if I'd like to have dinner with him that evening I'd pack up my stuff after said shower and run Not so Jessica who already knows she will have BIG FEELS for Alex after literally five minutes Cole is even worse and his relevance to the story is so nonsensical that the only things you need to know is that he admits that he's been in love with Jessica since the first moment he saw her Besides the general yawn it has been done to death factor the first time this despicable specimen saw our highly desirable MC was WHEN SHE WAS FIVE or around that age I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but it was young enough to earn you a one way prison ticket So yes in addition to being physically too perfect for this world and constantly having to remind everyone he speaks in a British accent and always staring at Jessica he is a legitimate pedophile Not gonna lie that's kind of a turn on for meMoving on There is absolutely no reason for Jessica to be living in that house after the owners have died I also find it strange that no one bothered to inform her they are dead and that Alex thought it was okay to burst in there in the middle of the night and be like lol yeah they're dead but they left me a shitload of money and I'll pay you and we can both live here because I'm the prettiest boy you've ever seen so my plan can't possibly be creepy and I can't be a psychopath Of course it's too far fetched to call ahead with that information but who cares about such details when we need to get the love story going And that element is shocking problematic When Alex and Jessica lock lips it's all very orgasmic and pornographic but they don't go further because they don't know each other that longwell and it's still a bit too serious I can genuinely respect that However when Alex gives her an expensive bracelet or buys her a fucking wedding ring this is seen as normal behaviour for a new couple Hey I know my brain works in weird and mysterious ways but I've always thought marriage to be a pretty serious ordeal and frankly if you don't feel you're ready for sex I don't know how much diamonds will help your personal comfort with the issue Finally I don't like Jessica's relationships with women First of all the girl barely gets out and the only time she uses the internet is to look up the people she had to play proxy for the past night Nevertheless she regularly mentions that she hears from women that boys like this or don't do that or want you to whatever I have a hard time identifying who exactly these women are because Sally Thomas will definitely tell her to just stay the hell away from men Also Jessica ran away from home because of her mother she has no friends and I find it hard to believe she'd just speak to random women she encounters in the grocery store Somewhere in the story she decides to take a yoga class and she feels it is necessary to repeatedly tell the reader that it's her big outing to society and why that is so It's annoying Then she gets mad at Emily for allegedly not wanting to help her when the girl obviously has a hard time telling Jessica what she needs to know in the first place and I completely understand Emily for wanting to suppress such a trauma certainly when you know you have eternity to pay for it Jessica hates her mother because she thought her daughter was crazy and hysterical which in a realistic setting doesn't seem that weird I don't know Jessica but if you so desperately wanted to prove to your mother that something is going on why not show her your scars? You can't use the excuse that you don't want people to think that you're in some kind of extreme body art because I think that as a minor you still need parental permission for that and let me just tell you with your outlook on life you need all the help you can get Anyway who needs that when you have a father who is so awesome that he contacts you five years after you've run away from home telling you that he's always been on your side while he conveniently dismisses the fact that he never stood up for you or tried to reason with that dictator of a mother of yours The fact that he tells you just to ignore your mother is even better because there's nothing I want from my father than such a show of respect for the women in my family Oh he wants you to write him letters and keep in touch? Do it he obviously deserved it after years of doing nothing and taking the cheap route in blaming your mother for it Such a nice guy He would make a perfect family picture with that admiring pedophile you've got living a few doors down ZOMG I wish I had your lifeI read reviews of the next books and it seems that it gets even worse And apparently Cole will be redeemed because if there's one thing we need it's that the creepy and psychotic bad guy will be shown to be inherently good Obvies ftw Plus that we get angst and melodrama and from what I assume the language will still be riddled with factual errors typos and unfinished sentences and generally make no sense whatsoever I mean when you have a first person narrator you can't just go around writing that she didn't notice the opened window or something because the fact that she didn't notice it when it happened and doesn't have her attention drawn to it at a later moment means that she can't possibly have any recollection of it So how is she still able to talk about it? Because Jessica just fails at life big time that's whyOh and I wish I had enjoyed the privilege of buying this for free but because I'm an evil European Branded standards this was not the case and that makes one reason why I feel justified writing this angry rant Needless to say I can't recommend this to anyone but luckily most of it is so mind numbing that I won't be scarred for life by this