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doc Û Night Broken ✓ Patricia Briggs About to step down without a fight but there’s a dangerous threat circling Christy’s stalker is than a bad man in fact he may not be human at all As the bodies start piling up Mercy must put her personal troubles aside to face a creature with the power to tear her whole world apa Re read for the 3rd time June 7th 2020Yep Mercy still deserves a medal for not strangling Christy The fight scenes were pretty exciting The parts with Coyote and Gary Laughingdog were interesting and enlightening Mercy is definitely than just a half human who can turn in to a coyote Powers and advantages still being revealed Re read March 30th 2017I think I hated Christy even the 2nd time around Mercy deserves a medal for not killing herAs usual with the Mercy Thompson series I was glued to the pages I detested Christy Adam's ex wife and master manipulator and I dreaded her bit in the story The saving grace was that Adam staunchly supported Mercy and they were a united front I do wonder why the heck he let Christy answer his phone so many times though The action and plot were fast paced and distracted me from Christy enough to enjoy the story Mercy shined the whole way through but I wouldn't have minded if she was a tad petty and mean to the ex bitch but that would've given power to Christy's attempts to undermine Mercy's standing with both Adam and the pack I marvel at Mercy's people skills and ability to think things through Love that she's a total badass tooThis series is just pure awesomesauce

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read Night Broken doc Ý Hardcover × patricia briggs à [Read] ➪ Night Broken By Patricia Briggs – An unexpected phone call heralds a new challenge for Mercy Her mate Adam’s ex wife is in trouble on the run from a stalker Adam isn’t the kind of man to turn away a person in need—and Mer An unexpected phone call heralds a new challenge for Mercy Her mate Adam’s ex wife is in trouble on the run from a stalker Adam isn’t the kind of man to turn away a person in need and Mercy knows it But with Christy holed up in Adam’s house Mercy can’t shake the feeling that I forgot to update this reread This is one of the many covers that I love I loved this one as much as the others with one exceptionCHRISTY Yes the stupid ex wife to Adam I can't stand her I would not be able to be as nice as Mercy I would knock her arse out I hope before this series ever ends that she does just that SPOILER ISHThis time the stupid woman meets some man while she is out gambling and sleeps with him because he takes notice of her It ends up he's some fire god that she awakens and has to come crawling back to the pack and live with Mercy and Adam until they can help her Of course she tries to take over I'm sorry I would not be the good little coyote I would take her down and let her know how it is we will help you but you will do as I say PERIOD Ok I'm done ranting about Christy So they have to figure out how to fight this demon jerk Also they pick up a new wolf traveling through he's a submissive so he's not much trouble A Gray Lord wants Mercy to get the staff back from Coyote You have to read the books to know about the staff It's a bunch of crazy going on as usual I don't like what happened to the dogs They should have loaded them up and taken all of them with them Just saying We also get a cameo with Stefen I love him A new character is introduced although I don't think he is coming back Anyway I loved the book as usual ❤️

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Night BrokenSomething about the situation isn’t rightSoon her suspicions are confirmed when she learns that Christy has the furthest thing from good intentions She wants Adam back and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get him including turning Adam’s pack against MercyMercy isn’t This is an example of urban fantasy at it's finest I hate to say it but I've given up on a lot of the series in the adult UF genre that I used to love WhyWell it seems that after a few kick ass books they turn into paranormal romanceor worse Take the Anita Blake series for instance The first few books had a badass heroine that rocked and then the series transitioned into shitty eroticaThat's not what I signed up forI wanted magic and mayhem Not elongated nipples and ten foot werewolf erections On a side note why does every PNR seem to include at least one scene with a vampire biting his lover down there Call me crazy but that one always makes me cringe How does someone gnawing on your nether regions constitute anything other than a serious ouchieSorry I'm veering way off track hereI've been reading these books for about 6 years now and I still get all giggly when a new one comes out Briggs doesn't churn 'em out like a machine and it shows in her writing Mercy is still Mercy She doesn't suddenly develop supernatural orgasm powers or need to sleep with the entire pack in order to maintain some sort of cosmic balanceShe doesn't overestimate herself she doesn't doesn't get angsty and overdramatic and she doesn't overreact to situations that are out of anyone's controlShe's still cool still tough and still goodShe's hands down one of the best UF characters out there todayAnd then there's the rest of the charactersEach of them have a distinct personality and each of them react to situations accordingly It's really an amazing world that Briggs has created And if you haven't given it a chance yet I'd highly recommend that you remedy that 'cause you honestly can't do better than the Mercy Thompson seriesSoIn Night Broken you get an introduction to the ex wife and a lava monsterYou'd think the volcano god would be the scariest but you'd be wrong And while one of them might me able to melt your skin the other one will make you want to peel your own skin off In fact Christy might turn out to be the best nemesis of the entire series Forget the bloodthirsty vampires or scary powerful fae This chick will bake you into a corner and then cry prettily while the pack tears you apart on her behalfShe's like the mega evil version of Martha Stewart shudderYou also get to meet Mercy's newold half brother and find out a few secrets about Mercy's mysterious heritage Her elusive father Coyote pops up just in time to wreak a little havocOr maybe he saves the day The jury is still out on that oneZee is only mentioned off page but his son Tad certainly has a few surprises up his sleeve I wouldn't be shocked if the next book centers around him in some wayStefan also makes a short appearance but it counts for uite an interesting twist in Mercy's story He's definitely not going anywhere anytime soonIn the end it comes down to Mercy's natural coyote instinct to survive and her willingness to think outside of the box that saves the dayBut I really wouldn't expect anything less of her PSThe last line of the book Brilliant It's not a cliffhanger but it leaves you desperate for Highly Recommended