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Music and the madness between the dollars and the deals Candy belongs to Hurricane–body and soul–and must endure his sadistic bedroom desires while keeping his sexual secrets hidden from the world But Candy has some strong desires of her own that simply cannot be denied especially when she finds herself turned on by a brilliant investment baller who just happens to be Hurricane’s right hand man Candy longs for her freedom but if Hurricane gets wind of her betrayal the blowback will be lethal–and not only will she risk losing her recording contract she just might lose her lif. I was not very happy with the depiction of black people in general; the stereotype of drug pushing pedophile gang bangers gets old very uickly That said this book was an emotional roller coaster The characters are clearly defined; the villains are villains and the heroes are heroes Noire does a very good job in presenting characters that are easy to cheer for and to hate and the story got my emotions going as I cussed out and was disgusted by the villain Hurricane and felt sorry for the heroine Candy Raye While I am not certain that I will be rushing out to get another of these Urban books this was certainly a page turner with a satisfying ending

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Candy Licker An Urban Erotic TaleAn Urban MOBI #242 SHE WANTED TO BE A HIP HOP STAR BUT THE STREETS GOT IN THE WAYHave you ever laid down with a man and wasn’t sure if you’d ever get back up Tossed the sheets with a bone knocking fear that only a hard core hustler could produce Sexed him like your life depended on it because in reality it did You still with me Then let’s roll over to my house Harlem th Street Grab a seat and brace yourself as I show you the kind of pain that street Candy Licker MOBI #234 life and so called success can bring Nineteen year old Candy Raye Montana an ex drug runner for the Gabria. Candy is another diva in distress with big dreams of becoming a famous singer When she thinks her life is about to go from bad to even worse she bumps heads with one of the hottest rappers on the planet Junius Hurricane Jackson He is CEO of the number one urban record label House of Homicide in Harlem Candy finally can live her fairytale so she thinks Going from dead broke to having everything anyone could ever want; she lacks what her heart truly desires Romance Love Instead she enters the most abusive sadistic relationship one could ever imagine Her only safe route The arms of Hurricane's lawyer Knowledge Noire did an amazing job with this GRIMEY in your face tale of the music industry Candy Licker is action packed and will have you on the edge of your seat through the entire novel Noire did an extraordinary job with her vivid descriptions I could smell the sweat dripping off every booty popper rapper in the club I can't get enough of NOIRE

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Read & download ë Candy Licker An Urban Erotic Tale Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ➠ [Epub] ➚ Candy Licker An Urban Erotic Tale By Noire ➪ – SHE WANTED TO BE A HIP HOP STAR BUT THE STREETS GOT IN THE WAYHave you ever laiNo crime family and a former foster child dreams of becoming a hip hop superstar if only someone will discover her talentsSomeone does Mega music producer and king thug of Harlem Junius “Hurricane” Jackson CEO of the House of Homicide recording studio cuts a deal and puts Candy on the stage Suddenly she is a hot new artist on the notorious Homicide Hitz record label Her career takes off and she blazes the Licker An Urban Kindle #216 charts but it’s not long before Candy realizes that the man she thought was her knight is nothing than a cold blooded nightmareCaught between the. Candi was a person determined to survive no matter what life threw at her Her love for singing took her to a place that few could go and stay This book was like no otherthere were several instances where the average person would have probably thrown in the towel but her will to live her love for her sister overpowered her fear of death This book is one that is truly unforgettable